Dolphins linebacker corps suffers major blows. No Timmons and no Maualuga

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I called it early and often.   And Dolphins Truth was correct as usual…

Because the Dolphins refused to draft a handful of LBs last April, we’re  now in crisis mode.  It’s a disaster.   The sad part is that the disaster was easy to avoid.

Raekwon McMillan tripped on his teammate in a practice game.  Ray Maualuga was signed, but he showed up out-of-shape and remains that way.   And now our star free agent, Lawrence Timmons, went AWOL.   Koa Misi is, well, the same as always.

None of them will play today.

That thrusts Mike Hull and Chase Allen into starting roles, with only one substitute on the bench.

We are in serious trouble this afternoon.

If only the Dolphins management realized that drafting ONE linebacker was going to be our demise.   If only they listened to Dolphins Truth’s analysis.

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  1. And while the Dolphins are out searching for Timmons , the Patriots have two TDs already in two drives !!

      1. Author

        Yeah, and Mike Gillislee has 4 TDs this year for the Pats while the guys Miami sign sit home. Horrible horrible general managers.

        1. Well I thought you were crazy when you said to draft 6 or 7 linebackers. But you were right. Our team is far far LESS talented than 2016.

  2. Timmons played in what 100 straight games for the Steelers and not one for us? A topic for another day. Steve Ross has already selected who owns the Dolphins after he is gone. 7 straight losing seasons , blowout loss to the Steelers in year 8 and now what in year 9? Steve Ross, how can we miss you when you never go away? Still hopeful we win today. I like Cutler and I love Landry.

    1. Author

      I’m sure Mr. Ross will compliment Timmons and praise the front office for signing such a wonderful and faithful player

  3. Let’s be clear,this team will finish 7-9 not matter who was/is QB and no matter what the screwed-up schedule was/is. Yes,7-9.

  4. Good looking first drive. Everyone will talk about our great running back. How about a QB not making mistakes that cost us yards, downs or the ball? I like Cutler in a Dolphin uniform.

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