Dion Jordan Replaces Scott Secules as Most Useless Dolphin of All Time

Who the hell gets suspended twice in one season?

It’s really time to let  Dion Jordan go.  There is virtually no trade value left, but we can still save a few bucks.   And 95 is a pretty cool number and should go to a deserving Dolphin.

Before everyone starts blaming Jeff Ireland, we’re still not entirely sure who wanted Dion Jordan so bad in the 2013 draft.   It might have been Philbin who lobbied to pick a defensive end.   Apparently, Cameron Wake was not good enough in Philbin/Ireland’s eyes, so we had to draft another defensive end.

This is the nearest that Dion Jordan has ever come to hitting a QB. Too bad it’s his own teammate at a practice.

What an utter waste.   Dolphins Truth was against this pick from the get go.  It’s sad to see so many Dolfans still defending him.

Move over, Scott Secules.  You are no longer the most useless Dolphin of all time.

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  1. Not sure either why we drafted Jordan so high, maybe the pressure was on to draft another Jason Taylor type. However, to be fair, there was a lot positive hype about Jordan’s” potential” at draft time. Still, he was obviously a work in progress as he needed to bulk up for the NFL.
    But man, he has really let the team down with the substance abuse suspension. He is supposed to be in rehab now and won’t be back till the seventh game of the season.
    Hopefully he is training really, really hard now and will show what he can do when he comes back. Somehow, I don’t think he is or will and he won’t be back next season.

  2. Get rid of this looser. Our team doesnt need another Ricky Williams disaster. Im sick of us drafting the boneheads of the league. Other teams laugh at us year arfter year at all the players who turn out to be idiots. JMart last year Dion this year. WTF!! Shit can this bust before he brings another controversy and more unwanted negative attention our way.

  3. Author

    Dolphins management should have seen this coming LAST year. #3 OVERALL pick last year, and he made absolutely zero contributions. And by some miracle they expected him to get better overnight?

  4. Omg spoiled brat doesnt appreciate the opportunity to be in the NFL. It takes more than physical gifts to make it big. It takes character and dicipline. Hes now shown he has neither and for.all we know he dragged Rashad Joned down with him. The drug allegedl was the same for both suspensions. We gotta shed the crap that keeps killing this teams image and respect amongst the league. BENCH HIS ASS FOR THE SEASON OR PUT HIM ON IR. Dolphins Fans we all need to stop accepting this as normal.

    1. In Denver, all the fans got behind Welker and didn’t believe he did drugs. They blamed the NFL for a bad test. But here in Miami, no one blames the NFL. We all sorta know in our hearts that Dion did the drug. We also know that DJ is a bust. He used drugs (presumably to make him faster and stronger) and he is still a bust. It’s like if Barry Bonds taking steroids and only hitting 5 home runs. If you’re going to cheat, at least get some production for your your team.

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