Where Is Dion Jordan?

Where’s Dion Been?
Is Dion Jordan Still on the Team?

With a massive need at various offensive line positions and a questionable group of running backs, the genius triumvirate of SIP (Sherman, Ireland, and Philbin) decided to draft defense. Yes defense.

Dion Jordan of the Dolphins

THIRD overall pick is now THIRD-String. Wonderful mathematical correlation from the Genius Joey Philbin.

It might not have been a terrible move if they would have drafted a defender in a position where we sorely needed it, such as in our secondary. Everyone except Philbin knows that Nolan Carroll and Rashad Jones are average at best and we need a MAJOR overhaul in the secondary.

The one stout position? The one area that played well last year and needed no help? The defensive line. Wake. Starks. Odrick. Solai. A brick wall and among the league’s best. The one area where we did not need to draft.

Surprise. (or was it) The Dolphins drafted defensice line. They moved up to draft Dion Jordan. They knew he was injured and maybe too thin for his position, but they drafted him anyway.

His production so far? A facemask penalty. A tipped pass against Joe Flacco in a game that we lost anyway.

His impact overall: zilch.

Meanwhile, the absence of Jake Long and Reggie Bush has proven to be excruciating. But don’t worry. SIP said we needed a #3 overall pick on the bench more than we needed Jake and Reggie on the field.

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