Do The Dolphins Have a Chance to win at New England?

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Yes.   It’s possible to beat the Patriots.

If not for DeVante Parker last week, the Dolphins were set to score 30+ points.   If not for some questionable play calling by Adam Gase (as usual), we could have approached 40.  The offense is getting a bit more creative and a little less vanilla.   That’s bad news for opposing defenses.

Last week, we saw a lot of play action (which worked almost every single time) and several rollouts, which also worked effectively.  I loved seeing it, and we need it to continue.   Unfortunately, in the second half, Adam Gase went back to the same standard 3 or 4 plays he always runs.

3rd and inches he called a long bootleg.   Not a horrible call, but Matt Moore needed to IMMEDIATELY SPRINT like there was no tomorrow.  Instead, he half-assed it, jogging while looking for a receiver.  Note to Gase and Moore:  When you need an inch, run an inch.  Don’t worry about finding a receiver to gain a yard.  Terribly unnecessary drive killer.    Then on 4th and 1, Gase called a handoff to Damien Williams, which was schemed to run up the middle behind All Pro Mike Pouncey.   Can you spell fail?

A simple QB sneak on either of those plays easily gets the first down, but Gase refuses.

So despite the recent success, Gase still goes back to his basic plays.  The man is too arrogant to learn.  Let’s see how it plays out in Foxboro.  The Dolphins just need to put on an offensive show, and Gunslinger Moore is far better qualified to do it than Jay Cutler.

If you thought the refs screwed us at home in Miami, just wait until you see what they do to us in Foxboro.   Jay Cutler got hit in the head by a Buc, causing a concussion, and no call was made.  So that means we can hit Tom Brady in the head and nothing will be called, right?  Uh, be careful with that thinking!

Anyway, now onto the defense.  For over a decade (or two?), the wise experts say that you cannot blitz Tom Brady because he’s too good at getting rid of the ball.  True.  But you know what?  You can’t drop 9, 10, or even 11 men back into coverage, because he’ll take his time and find someone.  He always does.  Given those two poisons, it’s far better to get after him and hope for a mistake.  Unfortunately, the Dolphins have no pass rush with their front four.  No one but no one is excelling.   When they blitz, the Dolphins’ blitzes are extremely predictable.  Because our blitzes are ALWAYS Reshad Jones or Bobby McCain.

The DB blitzes always get picked up by a blocker because they don’t fool anyone.  How many times have we watched McCain or Jones charge up on a blitz, only to run straight into a blocker?  Do the Dolphins even realize that LBs are allowed to blitz?  You just don’t see the Dolphins copy what is successful for other teams.

Rob Gronkowski runs two routes:  If he’s lined up in the standard tight end position, he will run a seam route.   If he’s lined up outside, he’s going to run a spring deep route.  Without fail.   It’s not that hard to figure out.  Please do try to cover him with Cameron Wake.  Give us a chance by covering him.

I predict out defense wil be its usual sel, and I predict that Tom Brady will not play poorly.    That means the Patriots will score about 33 points.  Can the Dolphins hit 34?  Let’s see how it plays out.   If our playmakers decide to have their best game of the season, it’s possible.  But if the typical Dolphins show up instead, it will be over early.

And then Adam Gase will say how great DeVante Parker is during practice.

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  1. If we use 12 players on offense AND defense,we still don’t beat NE. This team is truly bad. And yes,they may play out their ass in a game or 2 in the next 6 games,it doesn’t affect anything except where we draft.

    1. Author

      Ahhh, the draft. Is it too early to start the “Who should we draft” discussion? It’s coming in December. And the answer is: We need help everywhere!

  2. @Admin

    I think we have the talent on the roster to compete with NE. Maybe not beat them but compete. Our problem is our coaches! They don’t have a clue which is why our defense is clueless on every third down, why the qb and recivers still aren’t on the same page, why our Dline can’t get any pressure on the qb and why our OL (even with our overrated pro bowl center) can create running lanes or give our qb time to throw the ball. Are coaches are all armatures and it’s really showing because we’re dead last in almost every meaningful stat

  3. Let’s not get too excited here the teams not that bad they’ve had some bad breaks and most of us predicted that the season was lost at the start. This isn’t shocking. Heck the cowboys were rolling voted top 3 in power rankings and once their LT and RB are out they can’t win a game. I for one realized that they had holes coming into the season without the losses they’ve had so one more offseason with better luck and they could easily be back in the playoffs. Not making excuses just trying to call it as I see it.

    Odds are today they’ll get hammered but who knows with some luck may be close but if so the refs will blow our minds with some biased calls. It’s in NE what else do you expect..

  4. Have been glad to see a little more variety in the play calling over the past 2 games but, as stated above, don’t trust Gase can be consistent with this. Romo commented during the Dallas game that the cowboys don’t get enough “chunk” yardage. Well, we get none due to our screens and run into the pile run plays. I hope there is a game plan that attacks NE weaknesses and not the we’ll overpower them with our run game crap. Anyways Go Phins!

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