…but it’s not the one we want.

News broke today that the Dolphins are changing their uniforms again, and I instantly became enthused that it would be back to the aqua and orange, with the mighty dolphin jumping upright through the sun.  But then Stephen Ross dashed  my hopes again.   He is only “tweaking” the existing uniform and logo.

I don’t know what the tweaks will consist of, but it will not be a return to our proud logo and colors.

Armando at the Miami Herald actually said the team CURRENTLY wears aqua and orange.  He is wrong.  Larry Csonka wore aqua.  Dwight Stephenson wore aqua.

Ryan Tannehill and the current boys wear some hybrid sky-blue atrocity that is called viridian.

Ross probably spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on a fancy graphic artist to come up with this ugly sky-blue, and then recently doubled-down on this mistake by tweaking the color yet again.  Instead, why doesn’t he ever hear the loud public outcry from the fans?  When the Dolphins wear the 70s throwback uniforms, Dolphans worldwide comment on how great they look.  The players comment on how proud they feel.   Yet all of this is meaningless to our illustrious owner.

Please please please please please



  1. It’s nothing more than change for the sake of change.

  2. The old logo is the one on my car and my beanie that I wear every day in the winter!!!

  3. It’s funny, when I ordered my beanie last year I ordered the new logo one and they sent the old logo one and I was happier I got it instead! LOL!

  4. The colors don’t bother me as much as when they starting messing with the logo. I like the upright 70s dolphin best

  5. When other teams fans love and get excited about your old uni’s you’d think that the owner would be smart enough to get it… That shit blue is crap and not enough orange accent it’s too blaw…..to add insult to injury they where white the majority of the time and there’s no color at all. Pisses me off.

    1. They wear it for an advantage … darker colors attract more heat … this is common sense

      1. Sorry didn’t mean it that way I understand you make your opponent wear their dark colors but the Fins white jerseys are all white if they had a little more accent color in them they wouldn’t be as blah. Add more orange and teal or aqua and it would have some more character.

        1. Author

          If nothing else, bring back the old logo from the 70s. The upright Dolphin and the sun and the “M” helmet, it’s all majestic compared to the cartoon we have now.

  6. Off topic what would you guys do with Landry? Pay him or move on? I’m hearing some good arguments for both sides. I like his spunk but is 12 M or higher too much? They could upgrade a lot of positions with that cash…

    1. Author

      I don’t balk at the money. I’d rather overpay an overrated player than be cheap and see him excel in Foxboro. All things considered, I’d keep him. However, I’d have a heart to heart with him about the costly penalties. I’d also require him to teach his teammates how to have an edge. Landry truly is the only Dolphin who seems angry when the team fails. He’s not just out there to collect a check; the guy wants to win badly, and I hope some of that rubs off on his teammates. As I pointed out last month, in the Pro Bowl, they let Landry run straightaway sprint routes, and he was open all night. Adam Gase has never once ran that route with Landry. Landry’s lack of production is not his fault when his coach demands that he run 4-yard slant passes all season OR WORSE, when his coach demands that he stand in place and await a bubble screen.

    2. I think we should keep him for sure! The guy produces and plays with a lot of heart and emotion that can be detrimental on occasion, but I’ll take it! I agree admin that Gase should start using Landry in different ways more often. We got rid of Ajayi because of attitude already! The COACH needs to start figuring out how to channel the attitudes in the right way! PAY HIM!

      1. Of course we should keep him. But it’s almost a guarantee he leaves at this point. The front office is so bad that I don’t think this team will ever win with them in charge.

    3. Move on, he is not worth what he is asking for, he is just a slot guy and not even the best at his position, even in his own division. At max, I would pay 8 mill for the numbers he has put up. Aside from this past season, his TD production has been abysmal – mainly because he disappears in the redzone. So this past season we force fed him he ball and he puts up TDs, GREAT, get over 100 rec, GREAT, his YPC are a joke and he didn’t even crack 1k yards?? WTF!!! That is pathetic because running the SAME plays, Grant was able to produce MORE with FAR LESS OPPORTUNITIES. Grant is more than a viable replacement, he has more physical talent than Landry, and we saw it when he was given the chance. Landry has reached his ceiling and and wants an undeserved raise, Grants is far less cheaper and has shown to be a play maker with the limited opportunities and while Landry has made SOME plays with a massive amount of opportunities, he really isn’t what some fans make him out to be – which is elite.

      And please, don’t make me laugh with using the Pro Bowl as a defense for Landry, first of all there is NO defense in the Pro Bowl so guys will run free. Second, if and of you guys remember, Gase was using Landry and differently in preseason, running wheel routes against linebackers and nickle CBs and Landry could not get separation in REAL NFL games because he is slow, it’s laughable watching him try and beat someone down field – Landry runs like a 4.6 or 4.7 in the 40 – that is garbage in the NFL at his age I was MUCH faster than he is, I ran a 4.45. ANd 3rd, remember Marshall’s last rip to the Prob Bowl as a Dolphin, remember how he “dominated” in that game? Same concept, no one gives a damn about defense in the PB – Marshall NEVER had a game like that in his life against lesser talent, ask yourself why – asnwer??? BECAUSE NO ONE CARE ABOUT DEFENSE IN THE PB, and no one cares like they did back in the early 90’s and before because the PB is a joke.

      He just isn’t worth what he is asking for, let him walk if he doesn’t sign his tag or no one is interested in him.

      And NO, he won’t go to the Patriots – stop with that nonsense because the issue here is money and the Patriots NEVER overpay for talent, besides, why would they want to down grade their position – yes, Edelmen is better than Landry at this point in their careers. Keep in mind that Edelmen was always in Bill’s dog house so his numbers aren’t what they could or should be and it wasn’t until Welker left NE that Bill actually was forced to rely on Edelmen and the guy always delivers on 3rd down, can’t say that for Landry – teams put their best guy on Edlemen and even double team him, the same doesn’t happen with Landry because while he does have a great pair of hands (aided by the gloves of course) he lacks other physical talents.

      And it wasn’t just the attitude that got Jay shipped out of town, that was a huge part but his stone hands and poor blocking ability made him expendable and I’m sure with Drakes emergence, no one really gives a damn about Jay anymore because Drake’s numbers were far better playing with the same team in the same amount of games … translation, Jay was nothing special and should be an after thought.

      1. Author

        I hate to see Landry go, but I don’t think it’s the end of the world. Fans will hate management if it happens, however, and that means a lot when trying to get fans to support the team.
        Last season, there are two plays I will remember Landry for, and both are negatives, unfortunately. In the Bills final game, he had that atrocious fight and penalty. And in the KC game, on the first drive of the game I think it was, he struggled to gain an extra, unneeded yard and then fumbled. He set the tone for the rest of the day, and the Dolphins never recovered. Yes, he led the league in catches, but those bone head plays were costly.
        I’d miss his fight and enthusiasm more than his production. I’d still like to keep him, but we’ll see,.

        1. Stills gives the same kind of fight. I wouldn’t miss Landry at all. I think OJ McDuffie was a better Landry than Landry was. Fans tend to be stupid and fall in love with the most asinine things – remember Reagan Mauia? How many dumbass fans were crying when he was cut by the Dolphins? One too many is the answer, just because a video was released when he busted through plaster and proclaimed he is the Juggernaut – STUPID.

          Landry has never been and will never be elite, like you I remember negative things about him, like costing us that game up in NE a couple of years ago when with no one around him he just fumbled the ball and NE players pounced on it. Like when we played Denver a few years ago and Tannehill hit him perfectly in his hands on a crossing route and it deflected off of his hands and ended up in a Broncos defenders hand and that turn the tide and doomed us in that game.

          The same way some dumb fans are still in love with Jay Ajayi, he was a mediocre back with a couple of big games who has hands of stones, a bad attitude, lazy, and mounting health concerns, and he wanted a big contract. Management did the smart thing and actually got great value for him considering where he was drafted and all the negatives that went with him – but fans are too stupid to see that because they fell in love with a couple of big games he had – those same fans probably thought Mark Ingram was a god when Miami beat the Jets in the fake spike game.

          I like Grant a helluva lot more than Landry. True, we don’t know about his hands, but we do know he is waaaaaaay faster than Landry, has a better vertical game, and he is just as tough, and unlike Landry, he can take a 2 yard bubble screen to the house for a TD. And more importantly, he is far cheaper.

          Yes, Landry is a leader but any smart football person knows that he is not elite and is limited by his lack of physical abilities – Landry is not a game changer and doesn’t deserve anything near what he is asking for … straight up, he is being an asshole.

          1. Author

            I’m with you on Landry and Grant, but still disagree about Ajayi’s value. Absolutely no reason to get rid of Ajayi while letting Drake emerge. Keep them both.

            1. Ajayi was going to want a big contract, Miami got value while they still could. You do realize Jay is a mediocre back right? Drake put up far better numbers running behind the same line in the same amount of games. Here is a slight break down for you of how useless Jay was becoming and is for us right now …
              Let’s do a few Ajayi/Drake comparisons:

              1) Career rushing averages: Ajayi stands at 4.5 (476 for 2,153 yards). Drake has a better average with far fewer carries (5.1 average, 98 for 499).

              2) Ajayi/Drake comparison in their Dolphins work this season: Ajayi averaged 3.4 yards per carry for the Dolphins this season behind this offensive line (138 for 465). Drake is averaging 4.9 (65 for 320).

              Drake is better and Williams is better than Jay, no use in keeping a problem child who was losing market value with every passing day.Jay also wanted all the carries – part of his ego and behavioral problems, so if they had kept Jay then Drake still would have been riding the pine. Believe it or not, Jay is a diva, that is part of the reason he was sent packing.

              1. Author

                Perhaps. You are not the only fortuneteller out there. Many many soothsayers are positive that Ajayi’s knees were about to explode. Are positive that he was going to demand a huge contract. Are positive that he had ego an behavioral problems. None of that was known for sure, but it hasn’t stopped the jay-haters from stating those things as fact.

                1. Ah yes, because players all the time say “hey, I want as little money as possible” come contract time. Not to mention, RB has the shortest life expectancy of any of the skill positions, so yeah, Jay definitely would have said I don’t want that much money … this is bleeding sarcasm just in case you weren’t aware.

                  Let’s just forget for a moment that EVERY beat writer in Miami and even ESPN writers all said Jay was a complainer and always made waves if he didn’t get his way, let’s forget all of that and go back to the season opener of against Seattle a couple of years back – do you remember how great Jay played that game? Oh, that’s right, he didn’t because he was left back home because of disciplinary reasons. At first I thought Gase was a dick then time went on and reports came out, turns out Jay was a cry baby because he wasn’t the starter and made a big stink about it … REAL team player there. But hey, if you like that sort of guy that’s all cool I suppose.

                  As for nothing being known for sure …. that is adorable, here is something for you to read and take the blinders off and step into reality because you seem grossly uninformed about who Jay really is …

                  1. Author

                    If some cocky 3rd-year RB told Bill Belichick or Don Shula what to do, I’d side with the head coach. But Adam Gase?
                    Ajayi was 100% correct. He wanted the team to run more, and he wanted himself to get the ball more. BOTH are the keys to success. But Adam Gase decided that throwing the ball 71% of the time (and throwing it a staggering 94% of the time on third-and-short). When a player stands up to such stupidity, he deserves applause, not a trade.

                    1. Then you would be an idiot – I’m sorry to call you an idiot, but there is no other way to say it. Clearly you didn’t read the article or if you did, you didn’t comprehend it, but that is neither here nor there right now.

                      First, Jay was struggling to even hit holes this season, he definitely wasn’t explosive hitting the hole like he was last season, he was dancing around, trying to make a big play – that is a terrible player, run the play as it is drawn up, that is your job. Second, Jay never studied and wasn’t good at picking up blocks or reading where the blitzing LB was coming from because, guess what, he didn’t like to study film or the playbook – how the hell are you going to know what do if you don’t study??

                      Third, if you are a RB and injuries are mounting for you (how many times would Jay’s shoulder injury show up on the weekly injury report – answer, EVERY week – and keep in mind Miami doesn’t operate like the Patriots that they put anyone on the injury report just to keep other teams guessing), and your yards per carry has noticeably dropped which means you aren’t producing as well as you were before which means you better shut your mouth because you clearly don’t have the skill to carry the offense. And that is more or less what happened.

                      A player should stand up to stupidity … I hope you felt as strong as supported Mike Wallace when he was calling out Bill Lazor and being defiant in the season final against the Jets in 2013 (and throughout the season) because that went down exactly how you are describing. Lazor was an idiot who only lined Wallace up at one spot and had him do one thing and one thing only all the time. And during the Jet game finale, Wallace kept telling Lazor throw me the ball, I see a weakness in their defense and Lazor refused, Wallace chewed him out at halftime and was benched the rest of the game – and he (Mike) was totally justified. The Ajayi situation is nothing like that but hey, continue to think Jay is this great back and was a team player who did everything right – I gave you indisputable proof about his character and you still want to drink out of the toilet bowl so I’m not going to waste my time anymore because you are hopeless and delusional when it comes to Jay Ajayi.

  7. Author

    Adam Gase called far too many passes, period. To make matters worse, of those passes, he called for too many to go to DeVante Parker.
    It took Gase about 14 weeks to give Jakeem Grant a fair chance. Leonte Carroo and Rashwam Scott got zero chances.
    Parker scored as many touchdowns as Xavien Howard and David Fales. They had one each. 1. Parker is not worthy of having the ball thrown his way, and yet Gase tries and tries and tries, and then blames it on poor DeVante’s sore foot when DeVante drops pass after pass.
    It all goes to show you how mismanged the passing game is under Adam Gase. Landry is a weapon who Gase has no clue how to use.

    1. Gase uses Landry the only way he can be used, working underneath and the sidelines.

      And you can’t blame Gase for wanting to go to Parker more, Parker is far more gifted and was tearing it up in the preseason on downfield passes. Landry gets zero separation whenever he tries to go deep, and this is against line backers too – he is slow – his only real attribute is hands and quickness. Landry is a pop gun, not a weapon. If Parker would wrap himself in bubble wrap and stop getting hurt he would be far more dominant than Landry could ever hope to be.

  8. Yeah, he better do real makeover because the crap tried to throw out here to us fans just ain’t doing much selling.

  9. Thank the lord they signed Landry! It’s a franchise tag but it gives them more time to work out a long term deal. Landry needs to be a dolphin for life.

    1. Author

      He’s hardly signed, my friend. Franchising him simply means that we have the right to match another team’s offer. We don’t have to match them, and our management could still let him walk.

      1. Yea but at least we would get a first round pick if another team wants to take him. That’s a solid pickup if we can’t keep Landry.

    2. Step in the right direction for sure!!!

  10. This is definitely the right move. Either sign him for a decent amount or take picks if someone loses their mind. It may be two first round picks from what I heard…

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