Dolphins are Back! Tannehill is Back! NFL screwing the Dolphins is Back!

For the second game in a row, the league has changed the time for a Dolphins road game.

It might not be a big deal on paper, but the unfairness of it all compounds when you consider that this stuff never happens to other teams.

Logistics are a vital part of planning your week.  Knowing your set schedule in advance–which allows you to you plan practice and travel times–is hugely vital in the NFL.   Each year I report on the schedule when it’s released, and I always mention how ridiculously long it takes the NFL to schedule 16 games.   (MLB, by comparison, has 162 games to schedule x 30 teams, and they release the schedule soon after the World Series ends).

So…after all that time…after 5 months of planning the schedule, the mighty NFL STILL can’t get it right.

Fine, I understand that there aren’t enough afternoon games this week.  But that brings up 2 points.    First, you knew this 5 months ago!    Schedule the game for 4:25 five months ago.   Second, why oick on the Dolphins?  Again!   Same thing as last week.

Believe me, a home team is NOT inconvenienced by getting to stay home and practice or relax for an additional 3 hours.    But the visiting team has to book all new travel arrangements and the their stadium walk-throughs organized.  This is yet another schedule quirk that the Dolphins have to endure,,,and yet another issue that Stephen Ross won’t even notice, let alone complain to the league about.

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  1. Admin the NFL Front Office has had a hard on for the Dolphins for at lest the last 15 years but with Ross as the owner they have extended the abuse because as you mentioned Ross never says anything. Could you image the hell the NFL would get if they did this to the Cowboys or the Saints? So much easier to pick on Miami!

    1. Adam Gase Is destroying the dolphins with this stupid playcalling. I’ve been a dolphin fan my entire life and I have never seen stupider playcalling that this man is doing. If he does not turn that over to someone else with some sense they will never have a chance to be a Super Bowl team. You don’t have to be a brain surgeon didn’t know that he is a hindrance to this team with his play calling. I just wish she would see it

      1. Author

        David, you are a perfect addition to our little family of commenters. 90% of my blog entries demonstrate Gase’s playcalling mistakes.

  2. They don’t change travel arrangements at all for a 3 hour time change. Ross is nothing but a source or money for this franchise.He couldn’t care less if we win or lose.

    1. Source OF money. But I’m sure Ross was near suicide after Ohio State crushed the only team he cares about.

      1. Author

        Karma, where were you today? We had a lot of commercials to discuss!

    2. Author

      Karma, at the very least, they had a flight booked for 3 hours after the original ending time. That had to be changed. There MUST be more. I’m not saying it’s a major inconvenience, but it’s a change that they had months and months to make. Why announce it only a few days ahead of time?

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