Dolphins at redskins Live blog

Welcome to the 2014 opener.  Not a typo.  2014.    Feels like the same old Dolphins.

Jamar Taylor making mistakes just like last year.

Dolphins stuffed on 3rd and one, just like last year.

Dolphins lining up in a 4-wide passing formation and then trying a handoff on 3rd and short, just like last year.

Opponent misses a field goal, and Joe Philbin thinks his Defense did something great.

Dolphins cannot stop the run, just like last year.

Second and ten, and the Dolphins try a run (got one yard),  just like last year.

Philbin looks lost.  Why isn’t he furious?

Brent Grimes the only defender who bothered to show up.

Tannehill misses and ultra-open Dion Sims.  All year to practice, and Tannehill threw that garbage pass?    I think the offense will start playing better, but why can’t they ever come out of the gate already ready?  How does Sims get hurt when no defender within 50 yards of him?

No substitute tight ends now.  Unwise.

Damien Williams fails to fight for an extra yard we needed.   Not a fan.  Twice.  Williams had the ball I his hands twice needing a yard.  Twice failed.  That Jay Ajayi injury is killing us early.   Miller and Williams just can’t break tackles.

Lazor/Philbin still don’t know that. QB sneak is allowed.

Washington miscues and penalties are the hero today.  Only Grimes decided to come today.

A million dollars worth of new wide receivers, and Philbin thinks Damien Williams is the go-to guy.

Zach Vigil quietly making tackles.   Announcers haven’t noticed him yet.

Reshad Jones made a great tackle out of nowhere.  Glad to see it.

Jamar Taylor is embarrassing himself.   Keep on defending him guys.  He’s an all pro when healthy you say?   Lmao.    He covers no one.  No one.  If we call Cartland Finnegan, right now, could he be in Washington by the 4th quarter and we can cut Taylor now?

We are the first game to hit the 2 minute warning today.   Thanks to Washington running it down our throat all day

Journeyman unknown bum Kirk Cousins is the new Thad Lewis.    Philbin has no answers for mediocre QBs.  Ever.

I take back my kind words about Reshad Jones.  falling down in the end zone.    Thanks Reshad.  Touchdown Redskins

Why can we never cover a tight end?  Ever.    We double teamed him with Jenkins and Jones and still a TD

Tannehill no pocket presence sack.  He is far too good a runner to not tuck the ball and run.   And then missing WIDE OPEN receivers.

Washington penalties is the ONLY thing keeping us alive.

Tannehill CANNOT throw a fade.  Stop trying .  Keep throwing bullets like he’s good at.

Finally.  Finally.   When you leave Damien Williams on the bench and use Miller as a decoy, good things happen.  Keep passing.










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  1. I don’t think i can watch the second half. Just horrible play against a horrible Redskin team.

  2. Author

    Jumbo, I wish I could join you and not watch!,!! But I guess I should keep watching so I can blog.

  3. I do give philbin credit for at least trying on 4th and 1. I think this is the first time I’ve given him credit for anything

  4. Was planning to go to sports bar to watch this game cuz I’m in NJ but why bother watching this mess. Jets and Browns are playing each other pretty tough. If Tannehill does not come out in 2nd half playing like his hair is on fire, he’s not the leader this organization has touted he is. Johnny M. is doing pretty darn good right now for having been put in pretty early in game. And he has has a lot to overcome in off season. What is pour QB’s issue?????????

    Frustrated for years - formerly anonymous
    1. Meant what is our QB problem??? What is this team’s problem? Buffalo is blowing up the Colts right now. Jets are playing hard and we have to face them twice. Fitzpatrick just threw TD like he was a HOF QB! WE DOLPHINS are in deep crap and it’s only game one!!

      Frustrated for years - formerly anonymous
  5. A really nice drive to end the first half. I have to watch the second half now. Hopefully Tannehill gets locked in during the second half.

  6. Why is Philbin smiling in that interview?

    1. Author

      Because he is clueless. He also knows Ross is too gutless to fire him. I’d smile too for 3 million bucks a year no matter how many games I lose.

  7. Author

    The only other defense more overrated than ours is Houston. JJ Watt and Clowney getting killed by lowly Kansas City. Lol

  8. Author

    I am still amazed that Dion Sims concussed himself. Thanks to a horrendous T-hill pass.

  9. Author

    It’s too easy to say, ‘we will correct this half time’. You have to do it, men, not say it.

    Let’s hope Suh shows up today.

    LaMike James, the human heart attack waiting to happen.

  10. Author

    We will have to re-watch that fumble forever. Every highlight and blooper reel ever. I want to vomit,

  11. Author

    Tannehill doesn’t look angry at himself. He looks lost.

  12. Author

    Miami not hitting anyone hard. Glancing arm tackles instead of drilling anyone.

  13. Author

    Remarkable three-and-out after Thill lost 40 yards on a fumble.

  14. Author

    Buffalo killing Indy. Jets easy over Browns. Patriots already showed they’re going no where. We are already in last place.

  15. Author

    Oh God. Not Brandon Albert. Why couldn’t it be someone else?

  16. Author

    Offensive line looks like 2014 now. We are doomed.

  17. Author

    T-hill just threw a pick6, but Wash dropped it. LOL

  18. Author

    Darr and Franks showed up too. That makes 3 Dolphins who want to win: The kickers and Brent Grimes.

  19. Author

    Unsportsmanlike for not running in bounds. How is that not coached? These rookies don’t know the rules of football, and this is on Philbin.

  20. Author

    I heard a rumor that the Dolphins signed King Suh. Anyone seen him today?

    1. Author

      Lol, yes. This game is depressing. Imagine what a GOOD team will do to us !!!!

  21. Author

    So far, I count a pass interference, a holding, five missed tackles, and zero passes defended by Jamar Taylor.

  22. Author

    Tannehill just cannot throw a soft pass. Stop this and beat the crappy Skins!!!

    1. I don’t recall even hearing his name today.

  23. Author

    Complete to Landry….loss of seven !!!!

  24. Author

    Just like preseason, we have first and goal from the 2. And blow it.

  25. Author

    Miller ran great on that drive, and then Landry ran an outstanding sweep. Just when the run is working, we try passing when we needed two yards. Why why why

  26. Author

    Suh is getting owned by a rookie guard. I am watching this matchup in isolation. No double teams. Rookie making minimum wage beating Suh

  27. Author

    Did I say how the Redskin penalties, and not the Dolphins, are helping the Dolphins?

  28. Author

    Can’t hear the referee microphone. I think the New England technical crew was hired for today’s audio.

  29. Author

    How many of us kept waiting for FLAG DOWN? I can’t believe it !!

  30. Author

    franks, Darr, grimes, and now Landry. Only 4 men have earned their pay so far. Let’s get more

  31. If we were in Foxboro the flag would have been thrown.

  32. Author

    Horrible defense. Let’s not give them a TD right back please

  33. Author

    Brice MCCain just gave Jamar Taylor a football lesson. Now let’s avoid a safety and get some breathing room and a few first downs.

  34. Author

    I’m noticing the Dolphins with some max protection schemes. This is nice. Keep the RB and TE in to block will help avoid sacks. Not enought of that earlier, when 6 guys were running routes.

  35. Author

    Five minutes left. Can we get a stop?

  36. Author

    Lol. Taylor burned by Garçon and got away with it. Phew !!!

  37. Author

    Andre Roberts beats Jamar Taylor

  38. Author

    Can we please get Louis Delmas in there to replace Taylor. He sucks

  39. Author

    4th and 7. Big play coming up. Washington figuring out if they should pass it toward Jamar Taylor or else pass it toward Jamar Taylor.

  40. Author

    Lol. Has Lamar Miller ever broken a tackle? Seriously, I like the guy, but he goes down so easy. Meanwhile, Philbin gets rid of human highlight Reggie Bush.

  41. Author

    Jake Stoneburner, welcome to the active roster next week !!!! Dion concussed hisself.

  42. Author

    We were the only AFC East team with a close, tight game. We will take the win, but this is not a good day.

  43. Author

    One offensive touchdown is not enough. We are still in last place in our division. We lose all the tiebreakers.

  44. Tannehill should be benched for Matt Moore.

    1. Author

      Tannehill had a terrible game, so I can’t fault you for wanting more. But let’s be patient.

  45. I’m about to delete this blog because everyone thinks the world is coming to an end.

    YES…. the entire 1st half sucked in every fashion. We couldn’t get out of 3rd downs, stop the run, or generate any decent offense….

    BUT… we were able to make things happen when it counted. We ran the ball in the 2nd half, played better D, Special Teams was an A+ all game, and we were able to rotate lots of guys in on D to get some good experience.

    On a whole, this game sucked but we will get things right….. especially on offense as things gel with real game experience for the 1st team.

    The defense not being able to get off the field on 3rd down was concerning. 2 nice sacks by Wake & Phillips were nice to see.

    I can’t wait till Devante Parker gets on 1st team. I hope Dion Sims gets back next week. He is hugely important in the run blocking game.

    Jamil Douglas did a great job but I am still not a believer in Dallas Thomas. He lost a lot of battles today when it counted. Billy Turner & he ought to compete for that other G spot opposite Douglas.

    No dumb ass Philbin mistakes other than not going for a FG on that 4th down in the 2nd quarter after the fact. Not his fault we couldn’t get 1 yard.

    Road wins aren’t ever easy and I’m sure next week at Jacksonville won’t be a cake walk. But a W is all we want, although , some nice ass kicking along the way would make things better.


    1. Bryan, you have a point. We won. It’s all good !!

    2. Author

      Bryan, you may be right. If this victory occurred in the middle of a five-game winning streak, then no problem. But there is cause for concern with a lot of it, and mostly the mental aspects. There was no swagger or confidence. I hope that is the first thing Philbin corrects. Luckily, we have another easy team next week, so let hope for another W.

  46. Gotta say I loved the live blog comments.

    Sorry I missed it Live, as I was watching the game on tv.

    Did you do live game blogs last season ? ( I didn’t recall any)

    Instead of throwing things at my tv, and cursing out the OC (same old, same old plays as last year) I think I will try to visit this site during the game and perhaps vent out the zillion things the fins mess up on every game ( guaranteed)

    Hope you continue the live game blogs this season ….

    1. This is the only site that calls it like it is. No fluff, no making excuses. Honest fans who love this team for many years or two years. All have the same desire for the Miami Dolphins. Negative comments are bec we want this team to be better, to be the best team. Dolphin fans have not had a winner for a long, long time. This site is a comfort zone for frustrated Dolphins fans.

      Frustrated for years - formerly anonymous
      1. Author

        Thank you Frustrated. We try. I encourage all Dolfans to come here, but we usually just get the more intelligent ones, which is good. I’d rather read you guys writing that Philbin is awful than all the happy, feel good “Philbin is great” nonsense that they put on other Dolphin sites.

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