Xavien Howard Arrested!! Chad O’Shea Fired!!

Thoughts on the win?

Thoughts on 2020 draft?   Seems like we will need a cornerback for the first 4 games next year, or possibly the whole season.

Fellas…if your girlfriend yells at you, just walk away.  Let her spit on you, and cheat on you, and hit you, and steal your money…but just walk away without hitting her.  Jeez!

Very very unsure and not to pleased that Chad O’Shea was just fired.  His offense is responsible for all 5 of our wins.  His defense did not give up 35 to the lowly Bengals.   This makes no sense to me.   We were on the rise with his offense.

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  1. Personally, I thought today’s win was amazing. We beat the Pats, in their place, and knocked them back into the wild card round. Without going on a huge rant, I am very much OK with the #5 pick after how this season went. I think the way Flores finished this season after the dumpster fire that were the first 7 games was HUGE for the future. It showed that the team never gave up, that the players bought in to what he was trying to do, and that he does have the ability to (maybe) be an NFL coach. Considering his complete lack of experience coming into this job, and his assistants complete lack of experience, I am amazed they were this competitive. By no means am I drinking any Kool-aid, I know that there are a TON of improvements to be made everywhere. I’m just not gonna jump all over them for playing hard and not getting the #1 pick. We’ve all seen enough drafts and busts to know that crazy things happen, and the top picks don’t always (very rarely in fact) become franchise changing superstars. There’s a lot to do, and we will see if this Owner/GM/Coach combo has what it takes, but for today I will happily say “Suck it Pats, Go Chiefs, and hopefully tomorrow’s a better day”.

    1. Also, if AJ Epenesa comes out this year, we need to get that guy. Been an Iowa fan my whole life, and I think this guy is gonna be a great pro. He’s not flashy and didn’t get the stats Young did, but I think a lot of that has to do with not having big leads every game and being able to go ham on pass rushing. He’s a beast and I would love to see him in Miami. In the words of busty mcbust Brady Quinn, “Now I’m Done”

      1. Author

        I don’t know Epensa, but I’m all for a stud DE !!

  2. 2020 starts already with a bang as X Howard is in jail.

    1. Don’t want to panic as I believe first time offense. Definitely have to see what happened but at least he didn’t beat her to a pulp like some of the others. Either way no excuse suspend him a few games put him in counseling and it better not happen again. Good advice admin.

  3. Author

    All new offense coming again next year. It never ends.

    1. Very surprising news I guess 27th with no oline isn’t good enough. I like the attitude but come on you can’t get blood from a stone. How about D coordinator then?

  4. Jeez did anyone see this coming? I was worried some team might try to pluck him away from us. There’s some rumors that Jim Caldwell has a clean bill of health and he may be coming back as OC. We’ll see. And Xavien, damn. All I can say is come on man! All just shocking.

  5. Ok I just read a tweet that O’Shea was fired to keep Quarterbacks coach Jerry Schuplinski. And the other end of this rumor is Josh McDaniels, who we all know and love, has been hired by a team and was going to take Schuplinski with him.

    1. The offense improved so much from September tonDecember. We put up a lot of points this month vs. bengals, Philly, and even 24 points IN FOXBORO. That’s impressive to me.

      1. Author

        We were ranked 27th in scoring, but came around at the end. Under Gase–I don’t have the numbers handy–but it seemed we would go 4 or 5 games in a row under 20 points.

        1. Maybe the QB coach is the brains of the bunch that’s why he was kept probably become the new OC. If so offense should remain intact. Who knows OC may be offered a HC job and they would have lost both. I guess we’ll see.

          I don’t think McDaniels is a leader of men unless he learned a lot since last time. Probably going to the brownies.

  6. New rumor- Chan Gailey is coming out of retirement to be Dolphins OC.

  7. Sorry I know I’m a little late on this one but once we lost out on the Burrow sweepstakes I was all for winning out and that game was AWESOME! Never thought I would see Brady perform so poorly against a no-name secondary like that. I feel like he is going to be stubborn but I think we’re starting to FINALLY see his decline.

    The interesting thing now will be what does Miami do with that 5th pick? Do they gamble that high on Tua with his injury? Okudah (if he’s there)? Andrew Thomas? The bad news is we really missed out on two of the most elite prospects to come out in recent memory but there should be a lot of highly graded players still available at positions of need.

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