Dolphins Bye Week

Like the Dolphins, I will be taking a Bye week.     I’m actually away for a week or so, but will leave this post up for comments.   Enjoy!

I’ll be back for the COLTS game day chat.

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  1. Go ahead man, take a break… this Dolphins organization and Gase will cause you to have a mental breakdown if you don’t step away from time to time when it comes to reporting on the BS they do.

  2. I’m actually with you on this admin currently in St. Maarten beautiful Island. Still has hurricane damage so I’m doing my best to support them by purchasing multiple rums! Cheers!

  3. Copper Mountain opens on Friday so my son and I are going up snowboarding on Sunday to start the season! But I’ll still be wearing my Dolphins jersey and beanie! That’s how everyone at Copper knows me… Dolphins Justin! Have fun Admin! Talk to you guys next week!

  4. I just traveled from Naples FL to Atlanta to Bermingham to Memphis to St Louis to Chicago and am now in Minneapolis.

    I start the return trip tomorrow which has about as many stops. I’d like to say it’s a vacation but it’s just work.

    Anyhow the great news is we don’t have to watch our beloved dolphins get embarrassed this weekend so that’s a plus!

  5. A relief from chronic fatigue football-watching the Dolphins play or listening on Sirius bec. I’m in NJ and all we get are the stinkin Jets! Though watching the Jets lose is a wonderful thing!!
    Watching other teams i.e., LA Rams, Saints, Green Bay…you see players that play with a thirst-players that are consistent! The Dolphins don’t play like that, or look like they want to play like that. Why does it seem that this organization’s scouting team can’t find a player that has that sort of potential?

  6. Grant now on IR that’s ten in total. Two came back or it would have been twelve! Does Miami have the worst medical staff in football? They couldn’t even assess Brees when he was available and he could end up being one of the best if not already. If I’m Ross I fire them all…

    1. the problem with you post is that you fail to realize that Ross would just replace them with the jokers with the same skill set or worse.

  7. Tannehill will start at the Colts.

    1. Must win game no need to say more. Hopefully Tanny is ok and inspires them…

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