Dolphins (Maybe) Cut Branden Albert

In a move that has me shaking my head, the Dolphins today cut tackle Branden Albert.

While Laremy Tunsil shows a lot of promise and will undoubtedly move to left tackle (he played left guard last year), it’s uncertain how he will handle the adjustment.   More important, however, is this creates yet another offensive line combination for Ryan Tannehill to get used to.

I don’t blame the offensive line for all of Tannehill’s troubles in the last few years, but it certainly never helped him to have a new lineman in the rotation every other week.   I imagine they plan to use Kraig Urbick at left guard.  But then what happens when Mike Pouncey gets hurt again, and we need Urbick at center.   The lack of line depth was exploited last season, the the Dolphins just made it worse.

I’m sure money played a part in this, but still, there are ways to be financially creative in order to keep steady, consistent players like Branden Albert.    I don’t like this move at all.

Meanwhile, we also cut Mario Williams today.   It was a nice experiment, it didn’t work, and the Dolphins are right end this sooner rather than later.

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  1. The move on Albert is a surprise. Mario not so much. I wonder what the verdict is on Dion Jordan? I don’t know how much we save to release him, but, just his lackluster work ethic makes me wonder why he’s still around.

  2. While I thought he provably would be given another year I can see the need for the move from two aspects. First off he was making too much money to consistently stay on the injured list and frankly all the injuries had led to a slight decline in his play. He’s being paid like a franchise left tackle but he wasn’t even a top ten player at his position the past few seasons. Secondly with a new coaching staff it’s obvious that they want to reshape the roster with their own guys, younger guys. Which means if Tunsil is moving to left tackle expect them to make a run in free agency at a quality guard like Zeitler or Chance Warmack maybe. The cap space created today will come in handy as far as keeping Stills and Andre Branch and acquiring additional talent in free agency. I expect Jordan Cameron and Jelani Jenkins to be next or maybe Koa Misi. I actually think they should keep Koa if the injury will allow him to play again as long as he agrees to a restructured contract.

  3. I’m guessing this means we’re either drafting a few linemen or going after some younger free agents. Albert was productive last year but he is getting older so as long as Miami gets a solid younger replacement I’m ok with this.

  4. Brandon Albert has been a disappointment…..

    1. Author

      I wouldn’t say disappointing myself. Certainly not a game changer, but I think he’s been consistent enough. He gets complacent sometimes and forgets an assignment, but I feel it is better to keep him than to bring in a bunch of question mark replacements.

      1. The problem with Albert is that he sustained a devastating knee injury with required extensive rehabilitation. In no way anyone should have expected him to be the same player after that.

      2. I wouldn’t say a disappointment but I agree with releasing him… he missed so many games and Tunsil can play the position better. He won’t be out of a job long and i wish we could trade him even for a low round round pick but his skill set is diminishing with age and he’s not getting younger there’s no reason to pay a 33 year old LT almost 10 next year to play maybe 10 games. Plus Miami need to cut costs RT17 contract gets huge this year, Stills wants to re up, Landry probably wants big money and we know Jones wants big cash. IMO it’s a good move financially especially when his back up can hopefully play the position better and stay healthier

      3. Well, didn’t we all expect him to be a strong fixture when we signed him?

        I certainly did.

    1. Author

      Thanks for the update, Sean. That’s why i hate breaking any news here until it’s 100% certain. I still remember that tool Jason Cole reporting as 100% fact that Jim Harbaugh had been hired as Dolphins coach and Tony Sparano was fired. Turns out that Cole was just reporting rumors as fact, and I lost all respect for him.

      1. The initial reports were that he was going to be cut, so, it’s all good. Maybe this was a shrewd “testing of the waters” on behalf of Management?

  5. Trading him instead would definitely be a win win. Teams like Seattle, Denver, and Minnesota all need o-line help worse than the Dolphins do.

  6. Don’t really see why any team would want to trade for an expensive old linemen. He’s good but not great, maybe Miami can get a 3rd round pick at best.

  7. A 3rd or 4th round pick would be a steal for a player that was going to be cut anyway. Probably more realistic to expect a 5th rounder though.

    1. Great deal! Ensures he retires a Dolphin hopefully.

      1. I agree. To me, he is the heart and soul of the team. He gives 100% on every play and doesn’t piss and moan when things don’t go exactly as planned. A team leader.

        1. No doubt Wake has been a warrior with a great attitude.

  8. Saw somewhere Miami might trade Albert to the jags for Julius Thomas. I think that would be a great move, he is familiar with gase’s system and is a big upgrade over any tight end currently on the roster.

    1. Author

      Yep, that trade is being discussed. Who knows

      1. @admin

        Wrong again.

        The Miami Dolphins and Jacksonville Jaguars have agreed to a trade that would send left tackle Branden Albert to Jacksonville in exchange for a 2018 late-round draft pick, according to a league source.

        And although the teams have agreed to the compensation, which is most likely a seventh-round pick, this doesn’t mean the deal is complete.

        It’s important that Albert agree to report to Jacksonville for the deal to happen, so the clubs have agreed that Albert’s representation can speak with the Jaguars about his contract status and the player can visit with the Jaguars despite being a member of the Dolphins.

        1. Author

          What did I say was wrong? The teams are indeed discussing a trade.

  9. Author

    Smart and loyal move. Management might have been tempted to let Wake go, given his age. But productivity trumps age every time. Imagine us giving up on him, and then he goes on to star for 5 more years in New England. Oy! Now we don’t have to worry about that for a few years.
    And if he does get hurt or his production drops off, then at least we tried an we rewarded a man who deserved it.

    1. Oh man, just think if Philbin released Wake after he went down with his injury! It would have been the nightmare from hell!

  10. Author

    And now Jared Odrick has been cut. I’d like to see Miami give him another chance. I LOVED how he mouthed off to Joe Philbin when Philbin kept handing free victories to the opponent each week.

    1. Oh man, I think he did more than mouth off. He may have threatened him. But if Ross has anything to do with it, he wont be back. Watch now he’ll get picked up by the patsies.😆

  11. I don’t mind the moves but it will be key to sign at least one good OG. If they do then it’s a win all around as they also filled a need at TE. Fact is as the season wore on BA became worse. Can’t win in the playoffs if your LT fades….

    1. Author

      The talk at the Miami Herald is that the Dolphins feel they can just throw anybody in at guard and be decent. That’s absolutely what New England does every year, and we see their results. Kinda silly to make the Dolphin-Patriot comparisons, but they always do.

      1. Well we that trade deal we are absolutely positively going to draft a Guard most likely in the high rounds (I think first)

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