Dolphins Cut Jordan Howard a Day After a Big Win

The Dolphins today released Jordan Howard.

The front office has made a number of excellent choices the last 2 years, and I hope they know what they’re doing here.  Personally, I would hesitate to cut Howard.   He is the team leader in touchdowns, and the Phins are short on RB depth at the moment.  A couple of undrafted kids like Salvon Ahmed and Myles Gaskin have Patrick Laird arenb’t going to scare opposing teams.  They’ve played well, but I don’t know how they’ll hold up.

As many of you know, I’m not a fan of drafting RBs and WRs high in the draft.  An RB is only as good as his line.  And WRs are only as good as the QB.  But even then… (Randall Thrill Hill and Yatil Green had the greatest QB of all time throwing to them, and they still sucked).  That being said, there are some promising prospects coming available in the 2021 draft, and by cutting Howard, that tells me the Phins have their eye on an RB.


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  1. Honestly don’t think Howard and his 33 yards on 28 carries was really scaring anyone either. Granted there were a lot of goal line carries mixed in there so that will naturally bring down your average but all in all for whatever reason he just wasn’t performing at a level that he has in the past. Was it a scheme fit? Something else? Don’t know but it clearly wasn’t working out in Miami for him so I think it was actually a stand up move to let him move on and find a better situation for him. There’s no question we need to upgrade our backfield but I think they are going to take a long look at the young guys we have and evaluate if the answer is already in the building or we need to draft one preferably with one of our 2nd round picks next year.

    Because I think everyone knows my feelings are that we need a guy like Micah Parsons with that first pick in the first 🙂 (and a playmaking WR with the second one… though I do hear you on WR’s… it is always a bit of a crapshoot…. might even be able to find a great WR in the second… aka Claypool…. or Juju might be a FA next year… would love to see him paired up with DeVante)

    1. Also noticed they signed Zach Sieler to an extension… love that move… the guy has been a waiver wire steal for us. He may never be pro bowl caliber but he is a workhorse on the DL that plays very well consistently for us.

  2. They seem to like the more versatile RB’s. Gaskin, Breida, Laird and Ahmed are all similar. You’d think they’d like one hammer but didn’t work.

    Liked Sieler from day one he works hard. Fits what they’re doing on D.

    Hated to see the patsies win but helped the Fins in seeding. Need to kick the donkeys ass on Sunday!

  3. Coach Flo said it was a mutually parting on both sides with no ill will.

    1. They always say that….and then the bad mouthing begins. Seriously, Howard wasn’t around long enough for us to like him or hate him, so no hard feelings.

  4. RB are only as good as the O-line and WRs are only as good as their QB, true but all are only as good as their coach. Elite talent, whatever position, can only excel if the coach is good. I think we finally have that in Flores. The more elite his talent gets, the more this team will have success. Howard is not elite and neither are our other RBs. If we can get improved talent at the RB and WR positions, sky’s the limit.

  5. I haven’t been impressed with Howard all season. He has the size, but he hasn’t been running like he did at Chicago. It seems like the other backs all kind of have the same style and that’s working ok, but I think a true 3 down back with size, speed, and catching ability will do wonders for the offense and Tua!

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