Christian Wilkins and Kyle Van Noy now have Covid. Wilkins needs to stop hugging and prancing teammates so much. DISTANCE YOURSELF.


This is a game we always lose.  A scrambling QB that we cannot stop.   Some unknown tight end straight off the injured/practice list catches a TD pass.  Unable to stop an opponent on 4th down.  Our top DB getting hit with 4 separate pass interference penalties, and our 2nd-best DB getting burned on two separate TD passes.  We lost a star WR and then our top kickoff returner for a while too.    It always works against the Dolphins.  We always lose these.

Until now.  Yes, all of the above happened, but we had some of our own!

OUR unknown, 4th string WR (Mack Hollins) caught a TD, instead of giving one up.  OUR 3rd and 4th and even 5th string (Patrick Laird and Salvon Ahmed) RBs played well.    It was a thing of beauty.  Our defense began the first drive with a fumble-TD and ended the day with a huge stuff on 3rd down.  In between, they were horrible.  And yet we won.  We don’t write that much here.  We won a game where the D played lousy.

That is a testament to the offense turning a corner.  A testament to a reliable kicker.  A testament to some strong coaching.  (Actually, let’s say it’s a testament to taking advantage of the opposing coach’s stupid decisions.)

A great win made for a very fun Monday.

Preston Williams might be gone for the year.  If you can, watch this replay.  After his touchdown he got up okay.  He looked fine.  But then Christian Wilkins came over to celebrate, jumped on Williams, and then Williams went down.  That’s a tough way to lose an exciting playmaker.

So much fun this weekend!  Such a great win.

Now the key is to not get cocky.  Justin Herbert is next, and you KNOW he wants to hurt Miami.  You know it’s in the back of his mind.  Brian Flores has to get the men ready.

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  1. You make a great point about Brian Flores. He is by far the best coach we’ve had since Shula. Since Tua is the best QB since Marino…we’re due for a long-term dynasty. I can at least dream, right?

  2. Great team win. Defense made some plays and allowed them to make plays but they were against one of the top offenses in the league right now (how about us being 3-1 against the best division in football)

    A lot of the talk is how good Tua and others have been but how about the unsung heroes.

    Ereck Flowers allowed 0 pressures today. Really impressive, he was seen as a bust for the early part of his career after finally having a decent year last year.

    Bobby McCain has done a great job at safety making great tackles on open space. A late round pick who used to play nickel for us and was close to getting cut, switched over to safety last year and is balling out back there.

    Also shoutout to coaching, 5 assistants being gone due to covid protocol and the TE coach filling in as the QB coach.

  3. Nice post, Admin.

    Yes, I am so used to the Dolphins losing these types of game that I am still somewhat stunned. I liked what i saw with Salvod. I like Mack Hollins hair (from bio pic). Bummer on Preston, I could not tell from TD replay, so I was suspicious that it was self-inflicted celebration injury. :\

  4. Yes, this was a great game in that I really feel it was the first big win against a quality playoff opponent with a mobile (VERY mobile) QB that generally gives us fits on defense. And while we didn’t really have answers for Kyler Murray we were still able to overcome that and grab the win. We needed a little luck to do it but no great team wins every game without some luck on their side.

    I still think our glaring needs in next year’s draft is LB, WR and RB probably in that order. We don’t seem to have an answer for a mobile QB and we’re not going to be able to make that next jump until we have an answer (Micah Parsons maybe?) and I still say we really only have one quality WR (even when Williams is healthy) in DeVante Parker.

    But what’s exciting to me? We can play this well even with glaring deficiencies in those areas. Tua is looking like the real deal, and we have a lot of young talent on both sides of the ball that can grow together and with just a few extra pieces I think we can truly be an elite team in 2021 and beyond.

  5. Great comments! I’ve read in a few places that X actually did well shut down one of the top receivers. Was screwed on a few calls especially when the receiver runs into him he has a right to his space and to catch the ball too.

    It looked like the defender grabbed and twisted Prestons ankle when he was going down. Almost like a python would. That was a tough break. I don’t think he’ll be out the year…

    Murray’s flat out nuts as he can throw and run but at the same time he turned the ball over. Tua didn’t and he should get credit for this. This may end up being his greatest attribute which wins games. Fitzs biggest issue was interceptions which is strange as he’s the vet!

  6. Author

    Christian Wilkins and Kyle Van Noy now have Covid. Wilkins needs to stop hugging and prancing teammates so much. DISTANCE YOURSELF.

  7. Well my family and I tested positive on Tuesday. Im feeling better now. Had symptoms for a few days. I’m in quarantine for 10 days. All of our schools here in Denver are moving back to remote learning now. This virus sucks! Can’t wait till we can go to concerts and games again without worrying about this shit. But unfortunately I think it’s going to keep getting worse before it gets better! Stay safe guys!

    1. Yeah it could be a long winter, glad you and your family are doing better!

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