Dolphins Host Cowboys in a rematch of Super Bowl VI

Many Dolphins Truth readers weren’t even alive when the Cowboys defeated the Dolphins in Super Bowl VI.  That’s VI as in 6.  As in January 16, 1972.

Most of us remember the Leon Lett game, in which big Leon gave us a free victory in a snowstorm.

Thank you Leon!

The Cowboys and Dolphins don’t play often, but they’ve had some fun games over the years.   Let’s hope Sunday is fun as well.

There is a lot of hype surrounding the return of Tony Romo.    I don’t think that will influence the Dolphins’ game plan.  Romo is far more talented than Matt Cassel, but that isn’t important.   The Dolphins can beat good quarterbacks, and (as we know too well) they can lose to shitty quarterbacks.

The difference that Romo brings to the table is his experience with his offense.  He knows his players and the system inside and out.  That experience–more than physical skills– is dangerous to the Dolphins.

The Dallas defense is average and beatable, as has been proven during their current losing streak.  Ryan Tannehill and our offense doesn’t need to shine Sunday.  They just need to move the ball with a mix and pass and run to keep the Cowboys guessing a little.

Usually, I don’t think our home field advantage is much of an advantage, as our stadium is half empty all the time anyway.  But this week is different; the sting of the Pats and Bills losses are a little behind us, and the excitement of playing America’s Team creates a buzz.    I think the place will be good to play in Sunday.   It’s our first home game in a month too.   Our players have forgotten what’s it’s like to have someone cheer for them.

A rusty Romo, a so-so Cowboy defense, and an inspired Dolphins crowd mean this game will be 27-23 for the Miami Dolphins.

The Dolphins will be a .500 team again.

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  1. “The Dolphins will be a .500 team again.”

    Whopee!! Time for a parade? lol

  2. I’ve never seen a football team play an easier schedule then this years Dolphins. The Colts, Eagles, Cowboys, and Ravens looked tough on the schedule but turn out to be patsies. Add the Titans, Jaquars, Redskins, and Texans and it looks like a joke. As it turns out the Pats are the only tough team on the schedule.

    1. Author

      Agreed. Months ago, the Chargers and Ravens seemed like sure losses. Now they are winnable games. Personally, I am not overly worried that Misi and Jenkins might be out. We’ll never know what kind of players Vigil and Hull might become unless they get in there and play. And so far so good. Hull made more plays in one game than Jamar Taylor’s entire career, for example.

    2. Jay,it might be a easy schedule but look at all the away games in a row and that makes it tough, do you see the pats schedule they don’t have 3 road games in a row ,I think we have 2.Yuo would think the Pats would have the toughest schedule but nooooo

      1. Author

        Yes, the NFL tries to give winning teams a harder schedule the next year, but they do it half ass. The Patriots should play the hardest teams, no matter what division. You win a world title? Great, next year you HAVE to play all the division winners like Green Bay and Denver and Seattle. Enough of this nonsense where New England gets to play Washington and Jacksonville and Houston. Miami had a so-so record last year and NE Pats were the world champions. yet we play similar schedules and the NFL calls that parity.

      2. Yeah, I was just talking about the level of competition, only one good team (Pats).

      3. London was a home game. Ross CHOSE to play it in London so he could get a SB and make a lot of money at the expense of the team. He consistently sacrifices advantages to get more money.

      4. The reason the Patriots have an easier schedule than the other AFC East teams is because 6 of their games every season are against the other 3 perpetually crappy AFC East teams while those 3 teams have to play the Patriots twice each year.

        1. Yup. The Pats don’t have to play THEMSELVES!

  3. Remember 2008 when they had a similar end to there schedule? They won out and made the playoffs. Maybe that can happen again

  4. 24-21 Fins win
    Miller/Ajay = 170yrds
    Thill= 290yrds

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