Dolphins in Trouble vs. Cardinals


The Dolphins decimated defense got no good news overnight, and it now looks like all 3 linebackers will be 3rd and 4th stringers.    Not that our starters were any good either, but you get the idea.

If the following paragraph looks familiar, it’s because it’s a verbatim repeat of last week.   Adam Gase refused to comply with my common-sense wishes, so let’s hope he learned his lesson.  Sadly, however, he is a stubborn, slow learner.  He has a pass-first mind set that needs to be reset.

I can envision (HOPE) that Jay Ajayi goes off today after several weeks of so-so rushing.   Gase should call more pitchouts and sweeps, because opposing defenses have learned how to stop the traps between the guard and tackle that Ajayi was exploiting earlier.   I also hope Gase has the offense ready to go from the get-go.   We are constantly going three and out on our first possession.

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  1. Hand the ball to Ajayi 40 times=sure win.

  2. I call bs. Ajayi had the ball.

  3. Ok for all the Matt Moore fans, here he comes.

  4. Denver
    tie break over Miami based on best win percentage in common games.

  5. Too bad Cards game wasn’t a conference game.

  6. In all my years watching Dolphins football games, I have never seen officials try as hard as these officials did to cheat for the other team like I saw today. Whatever the owner of the Arizona Cardinals agreed to pay these officials to cheat the Dolphins out of a win at home, those officials definitely earned their pay today, even though the Cardinals didn’t win.

    1. Phil I agree I saw many non penalties called on us phantom holding sticks out in my mind. In slow motion replay I saw almost every time the cardinals offensive line holding yet no call. Penalties kept the 2nd scoring drive alive and while some were legit it seemed like the reffs were trying to help the cardinals even the score. Im still glad we won and hope Tannehill is ok but from his crying on the sideline and the condolences given to him by other players it might be a season ending injury.

      1. We were discussing this in the chat room as well. Some really really bad calls. The inconsistency is what dooms their reputation. How can Jay Ajayi fall on a fumble, wrapo it up with both arms/hands, and have it cleanly tucked under him…all that, and the refs says Cards’ ball? And then Fox’s hack Mike Periera sticking up for his zebras, knowing full well they blew it.

  7. It’s beyond me how NFL officials get away with blatant awful calls every week in almost every game. How is their no accountability? Any other job in the entire world requires some consistency and accountability, but not officiating. It’s fucking 2016 time start adding sensors to the sidelines and ball we need to start phasing out human refs. It sounds crazy but seriously put a microchip in the ball, and on the sidelines that covers catches, fumbles, and out of bounds calls. That at least lets officials focus on other calls which might increase chances they get the calls right.

    1. Another baffling call was the offsides on Suh. It was a standard offsides. But for some reason, remember, they took about 2 full minutes to make the call. Conferences and discussions and all this gabbing. Why?

  8. Refs get game ball in losing cause.

  9. If tannehill completely tore his acl were talking a full year recovery. I’m not trying to compare myself to tannehill but I completely tore my acl at the start of August. I’m still not even able to jog, if this is true that means Miami will have a different starting quaterback week 1 of next year.

  10. I guess that we won’t fully know until tomorrow. Hopefully not that bad but I guess Jay is ecstatic! Hope that he’s right and Moore kicks ass….why does this always have to happen to the Fins???

    1. Moore was riding the Dolphins bench for five years for a reason….. no team wanted him as their starter for obvious reasons. Yes he’s a gunslinger and can play ball but he throws so many picks he obviously can’t figure out NFL defenses or how to use throwin lanes or a combo of both.

      While I’m estatic he is our backup because as far as backups go he’s one of the better ones we aren’t going anywhere with him.

      Oh ya we might almost make it till he tosses a pick but that’s about it.

      Also tannehils acl can not be compleatly torn or they would have never let him walk back out. I’m sure he’s done for the rest of the season but I doubt it’s a one year rehab based on how he was walking and the fact they let him walk at all after the in locker room evaluations

      1. This is what I’m hoping for maybe it’s not as bad as all of the speculation. Moore can definitely win a few games but the teams better at full strength. Need Pouncy back too.

  11. I dont know why but im not worried about matt moore at center. Gase will craft the game plan around his strengths and the team will rally around him. Dare i whisper we got a lil pats style to this team. They play for each other and most importantly they believe. The rest is just details. And watch out folks we just might have an all pro linebacker with Mike Hull. His college coaches showered him with praise and accolades. He lived up today. And hes only going to get better. Zach Thomas 2.0 anyone?

    1. Yes, I can see Hull blossoming, which is why I’ve been wanting him to play since Week One.
      I think the Jets game could be low scoring, but we have better weapons on both sides of the ball. As long as special teams doesn’t blow it, we’ll be fine.
      Although….I saw the Jets were losing 14-0 before the Dolphin game was over. I figured SF would win. But no, the Jets made a great comeback in overtime. THAT gives them a lot of confidence and momentum coming back to their home turf.

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