Dolphins Need to Lose Today

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I’m still depressed about Stephen Ross giving away a home game in 2020, and this nagging fear that we’ll be drafting 10th or worse in the 2020 draft keeps creeping into my head.   Just a sinking feeling to be a Dolphin fan, and the 2020 draft (which a few months ago seemed so exciting) is now at risk of being just another draft with a few extra picks tossed in.

With Parker and Wilson both activated today, it shows Flores is trying to win.   It shows weak leadership from the top, since Ross or Grier can simply step in and decide to rest some key players.   We are hovering on the bring of a 4th win, which will be devastating.

We all know about Cincy, Washington, and the NY Giants.  But don’t forget those teams that are right with us:   Cardinals, Falcons, Lions, Jags, Chargers, Falcons and Panthers.  I’ve been saying for weeks that Ross isn’t stern enough to get a message through to Flores.   The head coach is doing everything he can to win meaningless games in 2019, which will HURT his own chances in 2020.

Flores cannot and will not be blamed for any 2019 losses, but in 2020, he won’t have that impunity any more.   He’s making his own mess, and I think he’s too stubborn to see it.

That’s disturbing, because he seems like a strong coach and he has won me over after some early doubts.

Anyway, I’m hoping for a big Giant win to so they leapfrog us in the draft order.  Go Blue!   Chat will be open.

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  1. Admin you win. We lose. Wait… what? 😀

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