Dolphins predicted to go to the Super Bowl…by Harvard

Let’s hope the geniuses at Harvard are right.

In a new scientific and mathematical study of the upcoming 2015 NFL season, scientists at Harvard analyzed a mind-numbing amount of data and determined that the Miami Dolphins will be in the Super Bowl.

More than likely, the study did NOT take into account the negative role that Joe Philbin plays.  Our roster has improved greatly, but the man who controls that roster on game day is still the same old Clueless Joe.

The eggheads at Harvard have a ton of confidence in our roster. But do they know who our coach is?

For example, the geeks at Harvard probably know that you do NOT call a defensive time out when the other team is exhausted and running out of time…but Joe Philbin doesn’t know that.

The Harvard boys probably know that it’s better to go for it on 4th-and-inches from inside opponent territory, but Joe Philbin thinks it’s better to try 50-yard field goals with an unreliable kicker.

Harvard’s analysis probably assumes that Philbin will keep his new weapons all year and use them properly.  However, Philbin is known for cutting Pro Bowl players.   And the players he keeps, he doesn’t put them on the field when needed.

All in all, it’s an interesting study to see that computers think we’ll be the AFC Champions.   Lets’ just hope Joey P.  stays out of the way.

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  1. Absolutely comical commentary Admin!

    Of course this is a re-hash of hundreds of posts over the last year or so. There isn’t much more to add to the “Clueless Joe” story.

    Will he stay out of the way?

    Maybe……. Maybe he has learned something from last year to this year. It would be nice to think so because I think Philbin is a really good x and o guy and I think he could be an adequate HC especially if he has quality assistants and position coaches on the staff which at this point I think there not doing to poorly.

    I would be so thrilled with an adequate Philbin then go through another decade of idiot coaches like we had before Philbin.

    Yes Philbin hasn’t show himself to be that good but not quite Dave Wanstat clueless so lets hope he can make the jump because I agree with Admin

    This team has plenty of talent the only question is can philbin get out of the way?

    1. Wannstedt won a coach of the year honor in Chicago, had a winning record in Miami, made multiple playoffs, and had about 90 NFL wins. He was the last decent coach we had. Failbin doesnt come close.

  2. This team has no talent on the offensive side of the ball. No playmakers at all, an accuracy challenged QB, all new injured and unproven receivers, a new TE, and a journeyman type RB. Add in a clueless owner and coaches and its no wonder the team is a joke.

    1. Author

      “This team has no talent on the offensive side of the ball.”
      Now that is just silly.

      “A clueless owner and coaches”
      Now that is accurate.

      1. You don’t have to agree but we have zero proven top playmakers. No top 10 receivers, rb’s, QB’s or te’s. Good teams have 2,, we have none.

          1. Thats not overall . Its one stat. I am talking overall RB’s.

            1. I don’t know about a single stat that gives you “overall”. However, Lamar Miller is:
              #1 (!) in longest rush
              #3 (tied with others) in carries over 20 yards
              #5 in yards per rush
              #8 in rushing 1st downs
              #8 (tied with others) in rushing touchdowns
              #10 in rushing yards.

              All that, and he had only 216 attempts. By comparison, DeMarco Murray of the Cowboys had a whopping 392 attempts, and Le-Veon Bell of the Steelers had 290 attempts.

              If Miller was given the ball more, he probably could have raised this final stat:
              #12 in rushing yards per game. (This is the only stat of his that’s not in the top 10.)

              In ALL of those stats, it should be noted he is #1 in the AFC East; which means the least you can say is last season he was the #1 running back in our division; and certainly a top 10 overall RB in the NFL.

              1. There are many websites like ESPN, CBS sports, Bleacher Report, Rotoworld, CNN, USA today, EA sports, Grantland, etc, etc, that rate the top players at each position. THATS OVERALL!!! You get that? LOL You cant show me ONE that has ANY skill position Dolphin on offense in the top 10 !!!!

                1. Jay, first please calm down. We’re all Dolphins fans here!

                  Second, I looked on ESPN (where I posted all those other stats from) and I honestly don’t see an “overall” stat for the running back position. The only position they have an overall stat for is their Total Quarterback Rating. (Not getting into the QBR when talking about Lamar Miller…)

                  Third, any “overall” running back stat from any website surely is a conglomeration of all of the other stats. (That is to say, the stats I’ve listed above in which Miller is in the top 10 for EACH separate stat.)

                  Since Lamar Miller is in the top 10 in six separate stats, how is it possible he’s not one of the 10 best running backs?

                  I welcome a posted link that shows the best “overall” running backs from any website. I’ll be glad to see where their ranking comes from, and I’ll be surprised if he’s not listed there.

                  1. Well, I replied listing 4 DIFFERENT overall rankings showing Miller (ranked 16-19) but the admin deleted it. LOL

                    1. Well can you repost?

                      A Mania Dolphins Mint
                    2. I doubt Admin deleted your post.

                      The blogging website here actually gets buggy when you try to post more than 1 link per post. That’s happened to me before on this blog.

                      Just post one link at a time, and your post won’t get deleted.

                      A Mania Dolphins Mint
                    3. Don’t pick on my baby like that! lol of course….

                      Alright already with this. Let’s put this to rest. Actually I wasn’t even AWARE of all his stats until I looked them up after your post! It’s only been since I looked up his numbers that I realized he his literally a top 10 RB – in terms of the numbers. About that there’s no argument to be made. And for me that’s good enough.

                      But obviously for most everybody else that’s not good enough; which is fine. I get it. I’m not challenging anyone about their opinion.

                      Aight? Now let’s WIN GAMES!!

                      A Mania Dolphins Mint
                  2. Oh, he is listed but his highest ranking was 15th and lowest 21. No where near top 10 in any of the overall rankings.

                    1. Please post a link to any one of these rankings.


                      A Mania Dolphins Mint
                    2. I posted 4 links but they got deleted. Miller is not even average. And he only had one nice year and 2 bad years.

                    3. Author

                      As Mint mentioned, I do do delete posts. If you try posting the links separately, that usually works. I’m not sure causes the issue.

                    4. Author

                      I think it’s accurate to say that Miller and Tannehill are not in the Top 10, and I won’t dispute you. However, Miller is a thousand-yard rusher and Tannehill is a 4,000-yard passer. Not too shabby, even if other guys are ahead of them.

                    5. I concede the point that Tannehill’s not in “the top 10 overall”.

                      But Jay, if you’re talking about peoples;’ opinions about who their top 10 are, then those are their opinions. In other words if a writer/blogger posts their top 10 RB’s, that who they *think* are the best.

                      When you first brought up this top 10 issue, I automatically went to check officially posted stats.

                      As it turns out, by any measure of RB stats that I can find, Miller is absolutely in the top 10.

                      Now, he’s certainly not in the top 10 most popular RB’s, or most talked-about, or whatever.

                      What might be perhaps complicating matters is that I don’t play fantasy football. A lot of those lists are for (or derived from) those purposes.

                      In any case, we can differ in our opinion about any player, but the fact remains that in 2014 Miller was in the top 10 performing RB’s by a number of independent measures.

                      For the record, I look more to performance benchmarks rather than rankings when it comes to evaluating players. For Miller, I’ve beat that horse into the ground at this point. But for Tannehill I agree with Admin that 4,000 yards passing (no matter how he got them) is pretty darn good.

                      I won’t (and can’t) argue with you that in other areas Tannehill needs to grow. Particularly he needs to stop getting sacked, IMHO.

                      And yes, Philbin needs a brain transplant – or at least a personality transplant.

                      A Mania Dolphins Mint
                    6. Its not popularity. Its who the experts deem are the best. Miller isnt near top 10.

                    7. Like I said, that boils down to the experts’ opinions. That’s all well and good; and occasionally it’s useful.

                      But the fact remains that if you look at all the available stats, as I have posted here, you’ll see that the experts are obviously overlooking Miller. The stats don’t lie!

                      Again, for me those top 10 lists can be fun but they really don’t reflect anything factual. Even under the best of circumstances they are rather biased.

                      In the absence of any link to any of these lists your citing, I can’t really respond with anything else but what I’ve been saying. Feel free to post a link if you want a discussion.

                      A Mania Dolphins Mint
                    8. @A Mania Dolphins Mint

                      Sorry but I think I’ll take ALL the experts opinions..(and mine)…over your opinion 8 days a week!! LOL

                    9. If you think Miller is a top 15 back YOU MUST BE HIS MOTHER!! Haha

          1. Tannehill was tied for 27th in yards per pass attempt with Geno Smith who has 1 year less in the league. This is a key measure of QB efficiency, He is just terrible and the only reason he had big yardage is he threw a ton of short passes. Even homer owner Steve Ross admitted he’s not accurate. Not a top 20 QB in my book.

            1. Author

              I’m not often one to talk about intangibles, as I think they are overrated. But Tannehill is among the toughest QBs in the league. He gets drilled all the time, and bounces right back up. I want him to develop a mental toughness too this year. I want him to scream at WRs who blow their routes, for example. I want him furious at himself after INTs. Too many times, T-hill walks off the field sad and confused after a bad play, and I want that turned into rage!

          2. And thats one category not overall!! Puhlease!!

          1. Thats special teams not offense and not RB’s.

        1. As a TEAM stat, Miami offense was tied for #4 (with New England) in the NFL for # of 1st downs (in 2014).

          BTW, I meant Jarvis LANDRY, not “Landy”; sorry.

          These may not all be the most important stats (then again, what ARE?), but nonetheless we have offensive players in the top 10. As for Tannehill specifically, IF he continues along his trajectory he will be in the top 10 this year in a number of stats.

          Also BTW, I’m assuming when you said “top 10” you meant some kind of measurable number of some sort. That’s why I went and found all those stats.

          1. We have no offensive players in the top 10.

      1. Author

        Hmmm, gotta wonder why a guy retires BEFORE he even tries to make the team. Maybe his heart wasn’t into it, in which case he did us a favor retiring early. Unlike Jonathan Martin. We all know what he did when his heart was no longer in it.

  3. Yeah, there may be a guy or two thats in a top 10 stat but I am clearly talking overall. If you see a list of the top 10 QB’s or RB’s or WR’s or TE’s there is no Dolphin to be found.

    1. Author

      Yes, but we lead the league in number of times a head coach calls for a pass play when we face third and inches. We are Number One overall in using defensive timeouts. We stand at the top of the pack among head coaches whom Thad Lewis defeated twice. I can’t say Jay is 100% wrong, but I think we have more talent than Jay believes. Coaching is our huge weakness.

      1. The coaching is indeed despicable.

  4. Tannehill is tied for 31st in passing plays of 40+ yds. And that was with arguably the best deep WR in the NFL.

  5. “Admin
    July 25, 2015 at 4:37 pm
    I think it’s accurate to say that Miller and Tannehill are not in the Top 10, ”

    Even the admin says they arent top 10. . If you were halfway objective you would google it yourself and then admit you are very wrong. But I’m not holding my breathe for that! LOL You are very biased.

    1. Look man, as I said, the ONLY reason I even checked anybody’s stats a few days ago was because you said we had nobody in the offense who was top 10.

      As it happens, Lamar Miller was in 2014 (in the literal mathematical sense) a top 10 player across six separate statistics that measure running backs. That is an undeniable fact.

      Now as I’ve said, if you don’t think that’s enough reason to list him in your own personal top 10 list, so be it. That’s your right to your own opinion, and I completely respect that. I haven’t seen any of these lists, and none have been posted here – so I’m can’t really make any kind of comment about them.

      As you have made clear, you put a lot of stock into how writers/bloggers categorize top 10 players in different positions. That’s fine. I respect that, once again. For me I look at the stats first. Do I always rely solely on stats? Nope. But in this case I believe the stats have a lot to say above and beyond what writers/bloggers may have noticed or are taking into account.

      Side note: I came here just to make a non-Miller related post…hopefully we can put this to bed!!

      1. The only stat that really matters is the W’s and L’s. And BTW there arent many other teams Miller would start for. His pass blocking is non existent.

        1. Well that’s something I totally agree with – W’s & L’s as a team.

          Miller’s pass blocking is something that hasn’t been mentioned in this thread, and frankly I don’t know anything about his pass blocking. But hey I take your word for it.

          1. Author

            That video was an interesting discussion. I agree with Omar 100% about the way Philbin uses players. Perkins says that Kong Suh is so good, he is coach-proof, meaning that no matter how bad a coach utilizes him, he will still be great. I disagree, just like Omar disagreed. Philbin has a knack for misusing players, schemes, timeouts…everything. I also liked the discussion about how much impact a new guard will have on the Ws and Ls. Here’s how I see it: Can you name me New England’s starting two guards? I can’t. I bet Patriot fans can’t either unless they are hardcore fans. Brady has ALWAYS played with 2 good linemen and 3 so-so, average linemen. Average linemen are all you need in this league, and Brady proves it year after year. I LOVED how Omar called Philbin “Queasy Joe.” Remember, Philbin himself said he was queasy when he blew the Packer game last year. Can you imagine any other coach in any sport just coming out and admitting that he can’t handle the pressure? Most coaches will tell you they cherish the pressure and brings out the best in them. But Philbin? He gets sick to his stomach. Great hire, Mr. Ross.

            1. Heck, Ross kept Ireland for 7 years!! Haha

  6. Here’s a fun (and heated) discussion between the Sun Sentinel’s Omar Kelly and Chris Perkins. They’re talking about training camp, but really are discussing Joe Philbin. Kelly maintains Philbin is not a good coach, and Perkins puts his losing record on his players. Seeing as how he’s been the most vocal opponent of Philbin, I’m wondering if Omar is reading this blog!

    The article itself is ok, but do yourselves a favor and watch the conversation:

  7. Well they are both right. Philbin stinks and so does the talent level especially on offense. Add an incompetent owner and its no wonder they are irrelevant every year.

    1. Jay, did you see the top ten loser fan stat?

      Ha ha you don’t have to get all mad

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