Dolphins Produce a Win from a thorough team effort

For the second week in a row, the Dolphins competed and completed, enabling them to inch back to respectability as they inch back to .500.

Miami beat two pretty sound teams too, making you scratch your head as to how in the world we got blown up by the Titans at home.   Or how we squeezed by the winless Brownies. But that seems forever ago.  Now we get to go into the bye feeling good, with a lot to write about and discuss over the next few weeks.

Jay Ajayi looked possessed again., and that’s been such a blessing.

The defense is stepping up big as well, which is an even nicer surprise.  I think the Bills did us a lot of favors, though, so it’s not time to pat ourselves on the back or make playoff plans yet.  For example, the Bills ran very very few quick slants, which we can never defend.  If Tyrod Taylor and his speedy WRs ran more basic slants and crossing routes, it would have extended many of their drives.   But they helped us a lot with the plays they called.

The Dolphins continue to take meaningless yet harmful penalties.  Jarvis Landry taunting the opponent is so immature.  Late hits that are well out of bounds.  It’s a real problem.

We got destroyed in special teams again.   Seems like the Bills were always starting around their 30, and we were starting at our 10.  I don’t know how Adam Gase broke Matt Darr, but he seems to have.   Darr couldn’t pin them deep no matter where he was punting from.  Darr’s having a real bad year, and I have to wonder if Gase or that useless Darren Rizzi is messing with his mechanics.


I think Jarvis Landry’s hit on that guy was tough and had unfortunate consequences, but still searching of the precise definition of why it was illegal.   The TV commentators started to say that Landry led with his helmet, then said nope, he led with a shoulder, which is legal.

On Jay Ajayi’s long 50-yarder from from our own 3 yardline, Kenny Stills just sort of stood there and didn’t block the CB who was on him.   Sure enough, that guy was the one who made the tackle, or else Ajayi would have had himself a 97-yarder.

OJ was the first running back to get 200 yards in two straight weeks.
OJ was the first running back to get 200 yards in two straight weeks.   Also some white dude led the NFC that year.  I just thought this was interesting card.

Kenny Stills made up for it by hauling in a TD pass from a brutally underthrown ball from Tannehill, a play that the Bills helped us by having 2 of their guys tackle each other instead of Stills.   I’ll watch that one any time I need a laugh.


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  1. ….and 1 more thing, puleeze, lets keep those throwback unis on for the rest of the season.

    It was not a coincidence that the game plan very much resembled the same one that the fins used in the 70’s to absolutely dominate the bills for that entire decade (Never losing once to them)

    1. Yes keep the throwback unis. And harken back to our glory days.

      1. Why can’t anyone else see this in the Fins organization? Are they retarded? I’ll buy the throwback but never that shitty blue jersey no matter how long they attempt to jam it down our throats…

  2. Author

    So the hit that Landry threw was too high, and thus the flag. He hit a man straight on, so there was no intent to clip him from the side or the back. I don’t think Landry was trying to be dirty, but he certainly was careless. But the block would have been equally effective if he hit the guy in the hips or ribs…shoulda aimed lower.

    1. Yep they want numbers it wasn’t brutally high but he could have went a little lower than no problem….

  3. Author

    Arian Foster is on this list at Negative-2.

  4. Always love to beat the bills but isn’t this the same thing the Dolphins always do. Start awful then play .500 ball the rest of the year. Hopefully this year will be different, just keep the ball out of Tannys hands, keep playing solid defense and things can workout. I feel like this new coaching staff has seemed to figure that out, which philbin and company could never figure out in 4 years. So even though gase isn’t perfect I think he’s gonna grow into a good coach, Miami needs continuity, and consistency. I pray gase will be the guy who brings that. Last two weeks have been better, let’s hope to even smarter play calling after the bye week.

    1. Author

      Good post, Zach. Every now and then, we do need to put the ball in Tanny’s hands, and when we do, Gase has to call the right plays for him. Read options and rollouts and bootlegs always seem to turn out positive.
      Also, yesterday, there were two noticable plays where he actually stepped up in the pocket. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I almost cried with prideful tears of joy. He finally did it !
      He is stays consistent, then we might have a respectable record this year with a lot of upside going into 2017.

  5. Arian Foster just announced his retirement.

      1. Good the team is better off without him he wasn’t gonna play much anyway. Gotta find the right running back to pair with ajayi for screens and other passing situations, I’m still not convinced Williams is that guy. Even though I’ll admit he’s playing much better this year than I’ve ever seen him play.

        1. He’s too banged up let drake get more time to grow. I’m glad that he realized this now instead of dragging the team down with him.

  6. Gotta agree with Admin on Rizzi. H’s nothing but a screamer. Our Special Teams suck.

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