Dolphins-Raiders Game Moved to Saturday Prime Time…

…and this is a bad thing.   Make no mistake about it.

While other Dolphin fan sites think it’s nice and prestigious to be in a prime time game, I always look at wins and losses. And I’d much rather have a win than prestige.

So what’s my beef? The Dolphins are now going to have one less day or preparation for the Raiders, a team right in the thick of the playoff race with us. A very important game, and now the NFL tells us that we are losing a full day of practice and prep.

Worse, it’s a game in the Western Time Zone, with a long flight on top of everything else.

In the 70s and 80s, prime time games were far more important. You only got to see 3 games at most on Sunday (often less if you lived in a blackout city), and then one more on Monday. There was no Internet or DirecTV to stream games.  No NFL Network.  No weekly Thursday games on cable.  You got what you got. And getting one of those prime time games meant something.

Nowadays, especially due to Thursday Night Football, every team gets a prime time game. It’s no big deal.

Sure, it’s nice that CBS deemed the Dolphins-Raiders game to be important enough to flex it into a Saturday game, but it certainly hurts the road team.

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