Dolphins Return to Monday Night Football

At the beginning of the season, the MNF matchup against the Giants looked like a potential important December game.

It’s still kind of important for the Giants, who are a terrible team but still very much alive in the playoff hunt since they play in a non-Patriot division.  But for the Dolphins, it’s just a matter of pride.

The top 50 all-time Dolphins will be honored, and we’ll be in our throwback uniforms.   Should be fun to watch even if we get destroyed again.   I saw an interesting interview with Derrick Shelby, who said that he doesn’t really care about all the hooplah surrounding MNF and the 50 Dolphins. I can respect that.  He has to go up against a pretty decent Giants O-line, so he doesn’t have time to worry about Dick Anderson or Mark Duper.

This is usually the place where I say the opponent will be picking on Jamar Taylor all game long, but Jamar is now a bench player, so Eli won’t be able to pick on him except when NYG go into their spread formations.  Less Jamar on the field is always good news for Miami.

Derrick Shelby has more interceptions that Taylor.

I watched the Bills-Eagles game and the announcers were predicting Richie Incognito would be in the Pro Bowl.  Man could we have used him this season!

Let’s hope for a good game and hope to see us run it  up the middle all night long…






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  1. Don’t know what I want to see more a win or a loss. I kinda always liked the giants cause they beat the pats in those Super Bowls, and we really need a high draft pick. At the same time tho it’s hard to rout against your team, so go fins. My fantasy season is over so miller is useless to me, might as well run agai as much as possible. Dude looks like a beast, maybe the next marshawn

    1. Author

      Yeah, the last few years I went into December games wanting a loss for a better draft pick…but then the Dolphin lover in me takes over and I just CAN’T root against my team. We’re probably gonna pick in the Top 10 anyway. 5-11 is possible, but at this point 7-9 is more probable. I think we get by Indy and the Giants.

      1. Yea agreed we always play Indy close and there not looking great this year

      2. We always draft where normal teams would get a quality player in that range. Not us with this front office.

  2. If we finish 5-11 or 7-9, then does that mean we would’ve been better off keeping Philbin so we could’ve been 8-8 again? I hate to think how in the world we do worse without him.

    1. Author

      Good question Jimbo. If we finish 5-11, that means Dan Campbell was 4-8, but he had to coach with the stink of Philbin all over that coaching staff and even the roster.
      I give Campbell at least SOME slack because he inherited a bunch of garbage.
      Philbin himself built that garbage.

      1. The decision to keep philbin after the team beat an awful Vikings team 35-32 has got to go down as one of the worst in franchise history

      2. And the worst front office in pro football helped mightily.

    2. The NFL just hired Philpott-no sh!t. To figure out what constitutes a catch-like he would know.

  3. Dick Anderson,4 INT’s -IN A HALF! I know,most of weren’t born yet.

  4. I hope tonight’s uniforms will encourage the team to wear them PERMANENTLY!

  5. Dion Simms looking like ass 2 different series. And can’t Damien Williams dive for a ball?

  6. We run the ball great all night, including a long TD run, and including fannyhill running some good read options. So then why the F would we pass it three straight downs and out? Terrible miss by Simns

    1. Agreed. Lets keep it on the ground.

    2. How about 3 bad passes by Tranny just in the 1st quarter. I won’t comment on the other 3 qrtrs.

  7. Our Admin must be happy. Out first flea flicker in two years! Too be Landry choked.

    1. Author

      First flea flicker since the Philbin era. Not a single one until tonight. And yes, Landry hurt us badly by dropping it

  8. Been telling my non fin fan friends all year that grimes is washed up no one believed me smh

    1. Author

      Crap. McCain is hurt. Here comes Jamar Taylor. NYG win big now

      1. He literally looks scared in his defensive stance lol. Even he knows he’s garbage

    2. Author

      I didn’t think so early on but you’re right. Grimes cost us the Jaguars game early on, and that was the beginning of the end

  9. Author

    Run the god damn ball. What has Lamar Miller done wrong tonight to make the Dolphins stops going his way?

  10. Author

    LMAO, Jon Gruden just called Jamar Taylor ‘Jamar Fletcher’. Equally bad Dolphin CB busts.

    1. Lol yeah I was scratching my head after hearing “Fletcher.”

  11. Author

    ‘Whole bunch of subs’. I love it

  12. Author


  13. Best play I’ve ever seen from tanny, he changed the protection and threw a bullet for a td.

  14. I’ve been talking a lot of shit on him lately and I’m not gonna back down on it just yet, but my mind can he changed lol

  15. Tied at 24 boys good game so far

  16. Author

    Stupid rule again. You can drag the ball across the ground and it’s a catch?

  17. Author

    Third and a long one…and we pass again. What is wrong with our OCs?

  18. Author

    Grimes is playing like he wants to be traded to New England

  19. Author

    We hit Manning only twice tonight, and both were late !

  20. I hope that mcl is still bothering him from earlier in the season. If not, he’s done.

  21. Author

    Manning has ONE incomplete pass. one !!!

  22. I guess we are not running any more

  23. miss it Noonan ha ha good one Admin

  24. Author

    Another first down pass. I’d keep firing the offensive coordinator each week until someone with eyesight can be found. MILLER IS EATING THEM UP!!

  25. Third and short again. Run the ball Admin?

  26. Well, they ran it, but to a WR not Miller

  27. First sack of the night for a safety? Please?

  28. Thats not the first time Parker just gives up on a route

    1. Author

      Lol, Jamar. Gruden kinda blamed Jones too, so who knows

      1. Author

        Poor Lamar Miller being punished or something.

    2. Author

      Funny how Jamar Taylor mouthed off when they benched him in favor of McCain.

  29. Why would he ever be matched up with Odell?? I mean my little sister would know better than that!!

  30. Time to cut Jamar Taylor. My patience for him is exhausted.

    1. Author

      He can sell popcorn in the stands at the arena games

  31. Author

    Damien Williams is such a pig. Hated him since day one

  32. Author

    Cameron had it in his hands. No determination

  33. Author

    The hardest hit of the night was when we knocked the Giants coach out

  34. Name a team that could win consistently despite the play of Dallas Thomas, Jason Fox, and Jamar Taylor? Don’t worry, i’ll wait.

  35. Author

    Where has Zack Vigil and Jake Stoneburner been?

  36. Author

    Seems like we are always in NYG territory

  37. In what decade do we get a franchise QB?

    1. Author

      All we need is a QB to hand off to Miller, but we keep pass pass passing.

    2. Never since we always draft between 10-15 and even if we had a higher pick we’d choose the wrong guy.

  38. Author

    Landry shows his true colors tonight. His boy Beckham is showing him up, and he’s doing shit. Nice penalty

  39. Author

    Tannehill’s fault, Landry wide open

  40. Author

    Dolphins don’t know the rules. Giants ball

  41. Author

    Third and short. Big play or else ball game over

  42. Author

    NYG have 4th string offensive linemen in there and they are destroying our first D

  43. Author

    Eli giving Jamar Taylor a break.

  44. Author

    Beckham schooled Landry tonight. Jarvis should keep his mouth shut until opening day 2016. No question about who’s better in that rivalry

  45. Giants are a weak team but we are just bad

  46. Author

    Giants still in the playoff race, Dolphins get a Top Ten pick

  47. Author

    Time to start studying the draft. Any monster O lineman available?

  48. Why do bitch asses like Mike keep bringing up the qb? Is he Stevie Wonder blind and can’t see the busted coverages, corners getting beat consistently, stupid penalties, unbalanced play-calling, drop passes, and undisciplined play overall? If he gets the stick out his ass maybe he can pay attention to the actual play on the field.

    1. Tanny had a good game I’ll give him that, but your an idiot if you think he hasn’t sucked the majority of the year

    2. Or maybe you’re a blind bitch-ass (your term) or simply too stupid to realize TanneBUST is a journeyman QB at best. Or maybe 5% better than that. Sober up and have a nice day tomorrow. And pull your head out of 17’s ass.

  49. We can get OL in the later rds. We need QB and WR’s.

  50. Eli Manning was 27 of 31. Odell Beckham was allowed to destroy us despite the fact that everyone knew it was coming. Brent Grimes is obviously done(at least I won’t have to endure Miko anymore). And Dallas Thomas, Jamar Taylor, and Jason Fox should never step on an NFL field but this hoecake Mike is screaming about a qb. I love this blog.

    1. Yeah, the Giants have a franchise QB. DUUHHH!

    2. Couldn’t have said it any better. “Experts” said NYG reached for Beckham early in the first round- now he’s one of the biggest playmakers in the league. BTW- their previous 1st round pick (Pugh) is now playing G.

      Man, did Grimes get old in a hurry. It’s not really a decline, more of a descent…

      It’s the curse of the 3rd round G- look back at our last decades worth of drafts- every 3rd round G has sucked!

      STAT that sums it all up- The team that averaged almost 6 yards a carry won tonight, right?? F*ck no! Once again, we threw nearly twice as much as we ran. The Giants, even though Manning had a career day, still ran more than they passed…..

      If we are already talking about the draft, we need DE (can’t really count on Dion Jordan at this point), a real MLB, CB (Grimes can’t stay for $8M/year, Taylor just doesn’t get it) and a real FS. Obviously, we need O-line help in a major way too….

      BTW- anyone catch Gruden call Jamar Taylor “Jamar Fletcher”…. Talk about Freudian slips…..

    3. Dolphgang, lol. Apparently Jay/Mike only watch the games when the Dolphins have the ball and don’t pay attention to what our defense is doing.

    4. Yeah,anybody that knows football is screaming at 17.

  51. Ignore me? Cool dolphingang. Can we come to an agreement that tanny isn’t perfect and deserves some blame as well as the rest of the team. I understand ppl try to defend him cause of some of the trolls on here but if needs to step up late in games!

  52. You don’t draft OL in the early rds. Jake Long didn’t help us win and neither did Pouncey. We need a difference maker at QB and WR early.

  53. Who said anything about the whole year fuckface? Dallas Thomas and Jamar Taylor have sucked their whole careers and still get extended minutes. Grimes gets a pass because he used to be a stud. Father time is undefeated. But all the shit that is wrong with this team and this troll keeps posting the same stupid ass rhetoric.

  54. Lamar Miller was killing them. Apparently he got hurt and the trainers looked at him on the sideline for awhile. Where was Ajayi then? They passed the entire 2nd half with plenty of time left and it only being a one score game. No attempt at balance by running at all. I’m beginning to think that Ross is the new old version of Al Davis and is dictating that we throw a lot or something because he thinks that’s what fans come to see. Or the entire coaching staff gets queasy if we get down by as much as a field goal. Unfathomable! The qb is far from perfect but you don’t need perfect if you don’t have a high level of dysfunction practically everywhere. And we have a high level of it everywhere else. That’s obvious to any true fan that’s not a troll.

  55. Tannehill has sucked his whole career and still gets the starts. He should be benched permanently.

  56. And that franchise qb is about to lose the division to the Redskins. Mike you are a dumbass.

  57. Chad Henne gave us a better chance to win. Tannehill never puts the team on his back to win. NEVER EVER

  58. Dolphingang is just as bad as the trolls, calling people names cause he disagrees with him. Acts like tanny should get no blame than says it’s ok to give grimes a pass cause he used to be a stud! Yea that makes sense so let’s go sign ever washed up player in the league cause they used to be studs! This team needs one more solid linemen an upgrade in the secondary, linebackers and yea quarterback as well

  59. Glad to see you Big J.! Help me pound these idiots and trolls posing as fans into submission. Apparently to these ball-watching fucktards, every deficiency of this team can be solved by drafting a franchise qb. That will apparently make the coaching adequate, make Dallas Thomas a starting caliber guard, make Jason fox not suck, make Jamar Taylor not consistently get beat, make Grimes five years younger, eliminate the drops, make the tight ends good blockers, and improve the play-calling. All simultaneously apparently.

    1. Fucktards? Fake fans? I’ve been on this site since it’s started go fuck yourself dude. I’ve been a fan of this team since I was born and I’ve never seen them do good outside of 08 so don’t ever question my fandom.

  60. Heck, even the biggest homers admit Tannehill is the worst QB in the division. Who wants that?

  61. Zach, ignore that moron. He’s a child.

    1. Idk man I get the anger I’m tired of watching my team lose, so I don’t really blame him. I agree with both of u I just don’t see how he doesn’t see it. Mike be real we both agree that tanny needs to do a lot better especially late in games and on third down. But the defense needs a lot to where gonna have some really tough decisions to make come draft time

  62. @Zach. My initial comment was directed at Mike. You interjected yourself into it. Yes I call names now but I’ve been in this group enduring the trolls for quite a while. I’ve can actually remember a time when we could have decent debates here without having to endure the same person posting frivolous b.s under different screennames as though the were all autonomous. I even had someone post a comment under my screenname to perpetrate as though I had actually posted it. So from now on the kid gloves are off.

    1. Dolphingang I really agree with u on everything that’s why I didn’t get it. I just think tanny deserves just as much blame as everyone else. And I really doubt his leadership capabilities. But even tho I say that this team was bigger needs, it can be a playoff team with a better defense, one more linemen and a better coach, they won’t win a Super Bowl with tanny tho.

  63. Franchise QB’s can score on almost any D. They come through in the 4th quarters. We saw Manning do it tonight. We need a franchise QB, period. Good night guys.

  64. And while your defending Mike also be prepared to defend his other three to ten screennames that he post under under the auspices that they are all different people.

  65. And despite which screenname it is they are all trolls.

  66. @ZAch.I’m glad we got this look in primetime so that NFL fans that understand the game of football can see how flawed this team is overall. And will laugh exuberantly when they hear some poor soul say that all it needs to fix it is a franchise qb. But keep rolling with Mike though.

  67. @ Zach. And Mike keeps saying franchise qbs make a difference but won’t take time to explain why the same franchise qb he is using to dis’ Tannehill(Eli) can’t lead his team back to the play-offs the last couple of seasons since the talent around him has declined. He always has a stupid ass troll comment but when asked legit questions like this never has as explanation. But will pop back up at some time that’s completely opportune to himself to troll about how a franchise qb is all that matters. Still with no plausible argument though.

  68. I’m a little disappointed that they didn’t have more balance. I know giants secondary is weak but this team needs balance to have a chance.

    It’s obvious that they need a stud CB that’s where I go in the draft. Grimes could probably be a decent 2-3 but not good enough to cover the best anymore. Really frustrating that they can’t hit on CB’s and G’s….

    Give credit to Eli he had a great game. Balance helped him too if they turf Coughlin I’d take him at least he knows how to run a ball…

  69. Tannepuke, honestly, he should be benched in their next game…the last time Tannepuke showed any true determination was when Philbin put his feet to the fire in London last season. This team is better suited to lose their remaining games and draft higher…who and what they would draft at this point is a toss up, I would suggest starting with a QB and then going from there.

    1. Sadly only 1 QB in a week QB class and he is from Memphis-so we have no chance for him. May not even be a franchise QB-who knows. But I know 1 thing for sure I said TanneBUST was a bust on draft day and he has made me right. But he has a huge,undeserved contract and a hot wife,so I guess he did well (FOR HIMSELF) not us.

  70. Jaylon Smith from Notre Dame should be our 1st-rounder if he is there when we pick. A franchise qb does nothing to address the fact we have a 114 million dollar All-Pro eating up blockers and no competent middle linebacker behind him to shoot the gap and stop the run. Plus a franchise qb won’t hide the fact that the linebackers can’t cover tight ends or running backs in the passing game. Just see how any minimally decent tight end or receiving back has abused them over the past few seasons.

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