Dolphins Sign Their 485th Defensive End. Still no help at guard or CB

The Dolphins have signed DE Andre Branch, which furthers their trend of signing players (albeit good players) at positions we don’t really need.   I don’t know about you, but it seems like every other free agent we sign has been a defensive end.  I know depth is important, but DE is a position where a lot of depth is not needed on any team.   

Newest Dolphin Andre branch. (on top)

Offensive linemen, on the other hand, require a lot of depth.  And we ain’t got no depth.

Perhaps Adam Gase, the offensive genius we keep hearing about, will devote most of the draft to picking up CBs and O guards.  It would be a wise move, but I suspect, as is the Dolphin norm, that Gase will select WRs and probably some more DEs.

And now that we need a few more RBs, I hope they invest a draft pick or maybe two on  a flashy young runner with potential in the REAL part of the draft.

Please please please please please…no more “undrafted” free agents.     There’s a reason they were undrafted, just ask Damien Williams.



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  1. We have 2 pro bowlers on the OL. And they blocked very well for Lamar Miller. OL is not a big need . A decent QB with SOME pocket presence would help immensely IMO.

  2. And Gase isn’t doing the draft. Tannenbaum said he’s supplying the 53 man squad and Gase will coach those players.

  3. Undrafted FA are cheap which Ross loves…..

  4. @Jay

    You need professional help for your eyes if you don’t think miami has a real problem at the Guard position. You can’t play football with 3 OL men which is basically what Maimi has been playing with for….. oh…… six years!

    It’s the same broken record here….. the qb sucks and the OL is great.

    That comment is as stupid or stupider then anything ive ever heard ross say

    1. We’ll have to agree to disagree. The OL is clearly good at run blocking. A decent QB would make EVERYONE look better. No one was complaining about the OL when Moore was playing every week. Just sayin’

      1. Bro that was five years ago and we lost a pro bowler since then remember hes in buffalo. Also all our draft choices at guard are human turnstiles and holding mechianes.

        Also Admin your wrong its 485 DL to 1 OL we signed a Tackle to play Guard this week!!!!!!

        All that while the patriots are adding to their DL – OL – TE – RB all in the same span of time.

        We suck and its not just the players on the field

        1. We have 2 pro bowlers on the OL. Positions like RB, QB, CB, and TE need upgrading more than guard.

        2. I agree we suck but it is the players on the field IMO.

        3. @ Brian

          We gained a pro bowler Brandon Albert.

    1. @Maku

      Ross makes the WORST hires. LOL
      Sparano, Ireland, Aponte, Philbin, Hickey, Tannenbaum, and Gase.

      1. It’s Soprano,not Sparano. Get it right! LOL

  5. I can’t call Sparano a poor choice. He took a 1-15 team and made them a playoff team in one season. If Pennington didn’t blow out his shoulder every other week, we were on the way.
    But Aponter Philbin Hickey Tannenbaum…poor choices.
    Gase? Can’t say yet

    1. Parcells was calling all the shots during that turnaround. As soon as he left Sparano failed.

  6. Well, we lost another RB cause Ross is so cheap.

    1. It’s not Ross-it that dumbass TannenBOMB (TannenBUM). I hate Ross as much as anybody here but prior to this year,he’s spent big money in free agency.

      1. It is Ross. He didn’t spend big money. YOU CANT SPEND MORE THAN THE CAP and last year was the only year they were near the cap. The other years Ross pocketed 20-30 mill of cap space rather than improve the team. And he was doing this BEFORE Tannenbaum was even hired. He gives Aponte and the GM parameters and they follow them.

        He’s a cheap SOB for all the money he AND HIS CELEBRITY PARTNERS have.

        1. Author

          The cap is almost a myth, and it’s something no team worries about. The reason I say that is that there are soooooo many ways around it. Never forget the example of San Fran being about $20 million over the cap, and then they STILL went out and signed Deion Sanders to a huge deal. Did Sanders work for negative-20 million dollars? Of course not. It’s just that the 49er accountants were superior to anything Dawn Aponte can possible come up with.
          You guys are kinda missing the point. Is Ross cheap? Who knows and who cares.
          His problem with the Dolphins isn’t financial; it’s a pure lack of interest. He has sooooo many business and personal ventures on his plate that the Dolphins are just a hobby for him. Miami is his second favorite football team, behind U Michigan. You can’t have an un-devoted owner as a motivator, no matter how much money he throws at players.

          1. He is also very cheap… far as NFL owners go!

  7. Well when we let miller walk (he probably ran faster then he ever has in his life) away what message does that say to players looking at Miami?

    If you come here and your productive like Matthews and Miller we will treat you like a liability and branch you 2/3rds the way through a game and then refuse to trade or pay you

    Who would want to come here after seeing that….. Not the last two running backs and find the cards reciver sign his sheet with Arizona after visiting this train wreak?

    1. Mario Williams, Andre blanch, cj Anderson signed and wanted to come, just cause Chris johnson didn’t wanna play here ( he said he wants to play behind an elite offensive line) doesn’t really mean shit

    2. Author

      I also get a kick out of the players who do sign here and the stuff they say. “This is a top organization, and Mr. Ross made it an easy choice. I really wanted to play here.”
      What they really mean is, “Money is the only think I care about. Winning is irrelevant.”
      The holds true for most free agents. It’s always about the money. But for the Dolphins, it’s especially true.

  8. Just cause Anderson’s offer got matched by Denver doesn’t mean he didn’t wanna play here you dumbass. Honestly I try not to insult people but dam brian your hopeless. This is the guy who thinks Brady would go 8-8 with the fins

  9. Well if I’m so dumb then why don’t you gurus show me one ranking of our OL in the top half of the NFL?

    You can’t by the way but you can try……

    Then come back and listen to how dumb you sound when day after day you idiots talk about our pro bowl OL

    Learn basic football….. If you qb almost always has less then 2.5 seconds to throw the ball your OL sucks no matter how many pro bowlers are on it

    1. I never mentioned the oline. Thanks for proving my point though. You always try to change the subject as soon as you get called out. You said no one wanted to come to Miami (totally untrue), and that tom Brady the best quaterback ever would only do 2 games better than Ryan tannehill with the dolphins. Not only is that unbelievably retarded it’s straight disrespect to Brady. As much as I hate him he would take Miami to the playoffs every year.

      1. Really? I’m retarted because I pointed out what we all saw in the playoffs at Denver? If Bradys OL cant protect him he dosn’t have a chance?

        Oh seems like that would be every game in Miami!

        I’m Retarted and I’m an Idiot? Our QB had been sacked WAY more then any other QB for 4 straight years now. Their breaking records here year after year in Miami and only a small percentage of those are 1 – cover sacks – 2 QB holding the ball to long (although that needs to improve as well)

        Brady would go nowhere in Miami your the idiot if you believe otherwise.

        ……. well thinking a little further if Brady were to come to miami he would qualify as the most qualified coach we have had in about a decade so maybe if we could also get him to do the draft and the rest of the personnel choices we could do better then I think….. but he would probably sign some Guards!

        1. Brady had a terrible OL. He doesn’t need one he gets the ball off in 2 seconds accurately. The Pats OL is worse than the Dolphins. Good QB’s don’t need all pro OL’s!

  10. Hahahahahaha dude says learn basic football!! Who you talking to yourself? Jay knows more about football than you goddam, at least he knows Brady would be good with this team

    1. Zack you must be Jay posting under a different name because Jay said that Joe Philbin was one of the best coaches Miami has ever had.

      Kind of disqualifies any comment like yours.

      Where is Philbin coaching…..

      Isn’t Philbin a position coach now?


  11. LT, RT, & C are the only “stable positions” on the OL……. Branden Albert is 1 injury away from being cut/retiring….. Pouncey has been getting knicked…. Juan James missed almost half a season….. combine that with swiss cheese guard play and what we have is a QB laying on his back & penalties, and retread 4 stringers like Fox, John, Thomas, & whoever filling holes. If you put Tanehill behind the Dallas OL or a mediocre one like the Raiders and things would be wayyyy different.

    With that said we should not draft an OL with our 1st pick unless a guy like Stanley from ND drops down. FTom what I can see there are some really good guards out there we could draft in rounds 2-4.

    1. Pouncey , Albert, and James are all excellent. They had a couple injuries last season but that’s part of the game and they’re healthy now. Seattle’s OL is terrible but their QB can deal with it. Same with the Pats.
      Tannepuke would stink behind the Great Wall of China. There isn’t an OL in the league that would make him look near average. He’s just terrible. NO POCKET PRESENCE, SLOW RELEASE, CANT READ A D, SLOW TO PROCESS. A better QB would make our OL look VERY good. We have much bigger needs than OL.

      1. I’m just tired of Miami getting people in for the OL and then putting them at places they never played before …..if your a right tackle put him at right tackle not left guard, the problem is they rarely draft a guy and keep him for his second contract and why is it when they get rid of crappy players the team that they go to they play like a pro bowler…….coaching…coaching …..coaching.

        1. I haven’t verified this but someone said only 5 of the Dolphin draft choices have been resigned to an additional contract in the last 10 years!

          Now that’s a combination of being cheap, poor drafting and poor planning by Ross and his hires. And a major reason the team stinks.

  12. We signed a C/G mutt today. But at least he isn’t a T we need to train to play G.

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