Dolphins Still Sit THIRD For the 2020 Draft…but the Path to Burrow is So Simple

The Bengals are gonna win in Week 16.   If we simply step aside for them in Week 15, then Joe Burrow is ours.   It’s that simple.

Due to ridiculous, convoluted, and ultimately unfair tiebreaker rules, the Dolphins still remain 4th for the draft.  (NOTE:   This is now THIRD, due to a series of detailed tiebreakers).   This despite losses to both the Redskins and to the Giants.

In all playoff scenarios, head-to-head play is the first tiebreaker.   But for the draft tiebreakers,  in the bizarre world of Roger Goodell, that scenario is tossed out the window in favor of the antiquated notion of losing percentage among common league opponents.   I’m not smart enough to do the math, but trust me, somehow the Giants and Skins are worse than Miami, even though BOTH teams beat us.

No use crying over this, but it’s indeed frustrating to have BOTH of these teams beat us, but the league still does the math to say we are better.

So, where are we now?   Losing to the Bengals next week is now 100 times more important than it was 4 hours ago before the Giant game.  The future of the next decade depends on it.   Even a loss to the Bengals requires us to get some help, but it’s a good first step.   Today, it was like the Dolphins were down 5 runs, and just got an RBI single.  It’s nice, but NOW we need the grand slam.   Again, Brian Flores can deliver not only that grand slam, but he can actually hit a 9-run homer!    All he has to do is take his foot off the gas again, and I suspect he did some of that today vs. the Giants.

Flores went for it on 4th down early, and called a conservative play to Patrick Laird.   No razzle dazzle.   Nothing tricky.   In other words, nothing like the plays he’s called during the year.   Later, when we were at our own 2-yardline, he called the identical play, and Laird got stuffed again for a game-changing safety.  THAT is what we need more of.   Don’t throw games on purpose, but just keep the playbook simple.  I think a lot of that was on purpose today, almost like Flores was doing a wink-wink up to Grier and Ross.  And good for him!

The defense had 3 interceptions and played well.  But they were selling out against the pass, and the G-men were able to get Barkley going.   Need more of that next week, and hope the Bengals run Mixon at us all day long.

There will be no shame in losing to the Bengals.  On the contrary, it will be beneficial.   We can still get this #1 overall pick.    Because after us, the Bengals have their finale, at home, against a lethargic Browns team.   We can all but guarantee that Andy Dalton will go out the same exact way Eli did.  The Bengals are gonna win in Week 16.

So, I say again, If we simply step aside for them in Week 15, then Joe Burrow is ours.   It’s that simple.

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  1. Just tuned into the Steeler game. How did I know the Bills would be losing?

  2. Then to add insult to injury, I watch ONE play and the Bills just fumbled

  3. You never really know what team you’re going to get with Cleveland…. on paper they should be up there fighting for a wild card at the very least so I’m not willing to assume the Bengals will win that game but it does seem much more attainable then a couple weeks back that is for sure. Unless they have the same thinking we do and bench Dalton for that final game to ensure they get Burrow. Last game of the season they may not want to risk falling out of that top pick either. Especially when there’s no guarantee that Chase Young is going to come out for the draft this year. Still a long time for him to change his mind and I gotta think the kinda money for a top 5 pick is going to be hard to pass up on. But let’s say he doesn’t for a moment…. if you don’t get the #1 pick… there’s a fairly big step down to the rest of the draft class without Chase Young in the mix. If you can’t get that top pick I’m not sure it matters a hell of a lot where we’re picking in the top 5.

    1. There’s always a player that a team wants so who knows they may trade back and get another 1st next year. Build the lines and go QB next year or maybe take a flyer on one later this year less risk. How do we know any of these guys will be better than Rosen? Darnold, Baker, etc…aren’t looking great. I’m actually hoping it’s Young unless of course Burrow is there you have to take that chance may never get it again.

      1. Author

        Very true, anyone can be a bust. I just have to believe the pundits out there praising Burrow and Chase Young. They seem elite.
        I think they are on a different tier than a guy like Kyler Murray, Sam Bradford, David Carr. They were taken mostly because they were the best QB available that particular year.
        I don’t think Burrow is one of those “might as well” picks, but what do i know.

        1. It’s always a crapshoot…. especially with QB’s…. how many QB’s were taken ahead of Lamar Jackson and he’s likely to be the MVP this year… granted there are other factors that go into a player’s success such as the coaching staff being able to tailor a scheme to fit a player’s strengths, a good OL etc…. but I don’t think you can argue that where a QB was drafted alone is an indicator of NFL success…. (pretty long list of QB’s not even drafted in the first round that had hall of fame careers)

  4. And Drew Brees just threw his 540th TD pass for the all time record!…..and the Dolphins Drs failed him!!! FUUUUUCCCCKKKKK!!!!!

    1. Author

      No, Brees is injured, remember? You must have meant Joey Harrington, or Duante Culpepper, or Trent Green, or Ray Lucas and all the other studs who are still playing.

      1. That’s why I think Tua’s hip might be fine? Are we gonna pass over Tua because our doctors say a 21-year old athlete cannot recover from surgery?

        1. He might actually be a steal if we can grab him with one of our later 1st round picks due to injury concerns…. but all that’s assuming he is even in the draft this year… there’s been talk of him returning for his senior season to show that he fully recovered and increase his draft status.

        2. Guys, with his hip injury we wont know the true extent for 6 months. This injury is very toxic and lead to chondrolysis very easily (degeneration of the cartilage and eventual hip replacement). There is also the possibility of avascular necrosis which they wont know for at least 4 months. Dont plan for Tua.

          1. definitely some risk but the tall foreheads are saying someone will take him as he’s a generational talent. If the Fins don’t like Herbert and Tua slides to their next pick it may be worth the gamble at that point.

            I’m also hearing that Young may not be a scheme fit and the Fins could go OT instead. If that’s the case they could trade back and get more ammo for 2021. This will be crazy…

  5. Author

    Sun Sentinel had a piece today about Flores wanting to win, and the possibility of Chris Grier telling him No, we don’t want to.
    I think it’s the best move. But Grier cannot hint, allude, or beat around the bush. He must let Flores know in no uncertain terms what’s at stake here.
    As I’ve said, if losing to the giants was important, than losing to the Bengals is monumental.

  6. Raekwon McMillan on IR for hamstring injury. That’s how you do it boys. Tanking 101. Anyone that can stand up straight needs to on IR now.

    1. Exactly. Maybe Rosen is soooo good that they don’t want to start him or he’d win every game Fitz better tanker… can hope!

    2. Lol, I think that’s harsh, but your point is very valid

  7. Thought this was a pretty decent article kinda around this topic:

    I think he makes a valid point… while getting Burrow would unquestionably be a huge thing for this team, does he poison team chemistry and faith in his leadership by not giving everything they have to winning every game? As much as I despise New England… they don’t win as much as they do on talent alone… they win because everyone buys into what Coach Belicheck is preaching, they play disciplined, they don’t let egos get in the way of the team etc etc etc. All of that “intangible stuff” behind the scenes doesn’t work if he’s not coaching and preparing for every game the same way no matter what the record is.

    Kind of a damned if we do, damned if we don’t scenario.

    1. He’s basically saying that it makes no sense to kill Rosen behind this oline. Fitz at this point can handle it better and if he gets killed who cares? Rosen is obviously the more valuable asset but will he give him a chance next year when the oline improves is the question? I’m still hanging on to hope that Rosen can still help this team in some way even if it’s future trade.

        1. Look, Rosen got kicked to the curb in only one season by Arizona after being drafted by them with their first round pick and demoted to the bench for a thirty seven year old quarterback by the Miami Dolphins. There is no “Rosen haven’t been given a fair chance” and “maybe he’ll improve with a better offensive line blocking for him.” If the Dolphins would’ve drafted Lamar Jackson like I said on this site during the draft of 2018, there wouldn’t be any questions as to who they should draft at quarterback now. Flores has been assigned the task of building a winning team from virtually scratch and I believe he’ll be the reason why the Dolphins get a young quarterback in the draft that will be the right answer at that position.

          1. I agree what you imply about Flores, he looks very good so far. However, there is now way to know about Rosen. There is not enouhg information about him at this point. He played with the leagues worst O-line in Arizona and close to that this year. I think they are possible grooming him. You may be right but there is no way to know. I personally hope they keep him for 1 more year (only if Burrow is not available), draft Young, and wait for next year. By the way, I like L. Johnson but his career would have already been over if he played here under Gase.

            1. “there is now way to know about Rosen. There is not enouhg information about him at this point. He played with the leagues worst O-line in Arizona and close to that this year”

              WFF, Fitzpatrick is out there performing behind the same Miami Dolphins offensive line!!! So, is there some kind of quarterbacking magic that Fitzpatrick has but Rosen hasn’t been blessed with yet? I can’t give Rosen the benefit of the doubt like you. I highly doubt Rosen will become something like another Patrick Mahomes given the right team around him. Gase loved Tannehill. But the Dolphins got tired of both of their bullshit and got rid of both of them. Tannehill showed nowhere near the skill level that Lamar Jackson is exhibiting in his first two years in the NFL, and I doubt even Gase would’ve done serious damage to that.

              1. So one QB performs well in his 2nd year and this is the new norm? You call what Fitz is doing performing well? Really? Would his performance be acceptable behind any team in the playoffs (their talent level), I dont think so. And Yes Fitz has some magic Rosen does’t, its called experience. I’d expect him to out perform a basic rookie in the chaos that is Miami’s O-line but the valid question is is his ceiling going to be higher than Rosen? Look I am not sold on Rosen but most all QBs develop and should Miami use a 1st round pick on a QB that needs development when they already might have the same thing in Rosen? I’d rather take Chase Young and O-linemen rather than risk wasting a pick on another developmental project. Ps: I like L Jackson but he still would have been killed with our O-line and Gase.

  8. By the way, GO JETS, JETS, JETS!!!

    1. Hate rooting for Ross’s favorite team like this, but your right. Go Jets !!

  9. See, this is why I don’t like discussing football with anybody on this site. So many clueless commenters spit bullshit as if they know what they’re talking about.

    “So one QB performs well in his 2nd year and this is the new norm?”

    Well, let’s see. Now, I’m not even going to point out how Lamar Jackson won the NFL rookie of the year award last season. So lets start with Russell Wilson, picked 75th in the 2012 NFL draft. Russell Wilson beat out a veteran QB for the starting job in his first season in the NFL. I’m not even going to go through his various other accomplishments in the NFL in his first year and thus far because they’re too numberous. Dak Prescott, the 135th overall pick in the 2016 NFL draft! After going to the playoffs in his first year as the start QB, Prescott was named given the NFL rookie of the year award. Patrick Mahomes, the 10th overall pick in the 2017 draft. After starting in his first season at quarterback, Mahomes was selected to the Pro bowl, made first team all pro, won the NFL offensive player of the year and the NFL most valuable player.

    I could go on and on with other quarterbacks, but you get the point.

    Now, let’s look at Rosen. Selected 10th overall in the 2018 draft. Rosen finished 3-10 in his first year as a starter. The next year, he was shipped off to the Miami Dolphins for their 2019 second rd pick. After Fitzpatrick was benched, Rosen became the starting quarterback for the Dolphins and after losing four straight games, he was benched and Fitzpatrick took over as the starting QB again.

    Lamar Jackson is head over heels compared to Josh Rosen. Fitzpatrick is out there playing lights out compared to Rosen and Fitzpatrick was sitting on his ass at home and considered himself through with football before the Dolphins called him and he’s 37 years old! Rosen was looked at as a phenom in California. You mean to tell me Rosen is 22 years old and can’t beat out a 37 and soon to be 38 years old quarterback?! No one expects Rosen to be exceptional, nor will I look at him as some kind of misunderstood victim who hasn’t been given a chance. The Dolphins can’t afford to go through anymore years of experiments like they did with Tannehill.

    Geezzz, I would rather see Matt Moore on the field,

    Please, I’ve already seen what I want to see and it’s time the Dolphins start fresh and new.

  10. Author

    This season is almost impossible to analyze. Starting with the gutting of our roster and now ending with an entire defense filled with unknown, undrafted walk-ons, who know how good we coulda been if we kept Tunsil and Minkah.
    I’ll be at the game live tomorrow suffering thru the rain

  11. Anyone care to predict the outcome of tomorrow’s game against the Bengals? I predict a W since, well, you know….

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