Dolphins Suspend Lawrence Timmons

As expected, the Dolphins have suspended Lawrence Timmons.   Not a lot of new information to go with this, as everyone remains tight-lipped about the entire ordeal.

What we do know is that the suspension makes the Dolphins a far weaker team.   I understand the logic of punishing someone, but when it’s a detriment to the entire team?   With the players union so strong these days, you can’t even make a guy run extra laps as punishment.  You’re forced to suspend them and shoot yourself in the foot.

Sadly, Timmons doesn’t need the money, so this will not really punish him at all.  It simply punishes the rest of the Dolphins.

Very curious to hear what you guys think?  Should we have just slapped him on the wrist and get him ready for the Jets?   Or is suspension the right move?

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  1. Really depends on the situation if he just took off you have to do this or other players will do it too after they smell weakness. But if it was ticky tacky fine the guy and move on so you don’t punish the whole team.

    Either way they should beat the jets without him and quite possibly they like the young guys better who knows.

  2. In my mind he needed to be suspended, hopefully he gets his act together, an indefinite suspension really only means 4 weeks because of the NFLPA rules so hopefully he learns from this and is back on the field soon.

  3. Can the Dolphins count on him going forward? No. Remember who got suspended for the Seattle opener last year? Our best RB,. I LIKE OUR NO NONSENSE HC! Fins already traded for somebody else. No excusemaking, play the guys we have and win!

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