Dolphins to Release Bobby McCain

Thanks to reader Mike for pointing this out today.

So it appears the Dolphins’ defensive purge continues.  I was wondering why the Dolphins took a safety in the second round, and now the answer is clear why we drafted Jevon Holland.

There are a few ways to look at this.  Bobby McCain was a loyal and reliable safety who kept his mouth shut and did whatever was asked of him.  A team leader, as shown by his peers electing him team captain.  But he was making too much money.  This can be seen (again) as a salary-cutting move.   Holland’s rookie contract will be significantly less than what we’d owe McCain.  The issue I have with that is why do we need to save money?  We have not signed a single huge-contract free agent.  If anything, we cut some of our expensive guys, even though they played well (Shaq Lawson and Kyle Van Noy).  Saving money for the sake of saving money is pointless…but it’s what the Dolphins do annually.

In effect, we’re getting Jaelan Phillips to replace Shaq Lawson, and Phillips could become a superior player (or may be so right now).  We also get Jevon Holland to replace Bobby McCain.  At this point, I don’t see a rookie safety coming in and being better than McCain right away.  Time will tell.

Meanwhile, the Dolphins’ draft ignored the most pressing need we had:  linebacker. Sorry to those who think we needed a wide receiver and a backup tight end.  We needed linebackers more.  Jerome Baker is average.  Andrew Van Ginkel had some big plays, but he seems more like a fluke season to me, rather than a steady hand like Zach Thomas was for a decade.   Vince Biegel will be back, but how many teams fear him?  Van Noy was cut.  Hybrid LB/DE Lawson was cut.   Elandon Roberts?  Steady but not a playmaker.    The Dolphins went cheap with defense in both the draft and in their free agent spending.   That’s a big reason I am not as excited about our draft as many others are.  The players are great, but the Dolphins did not fill needs.

The Dolphins added some shiny new tires to a car with no engine.

So while, I hate these money-saving moves that jettison loyal players, we have to look at Bobby McCain specifically.  Is it so horrible that we cut him?  The answer is no.

I’m not going to look up his stats, but I will ask you this…(and my readers, I know, are true Dolphans who follow all the games)…can you remember ONE big play that Bobby McCain made in his years here?   I cannot.

A game-changing interception?.   A jarring hit?   A touchdown?   As steady and loyal as he is, that only goes so far.  You have to take a chance that Jevon Holland will be another Troy Palomulu or John Lynch, a tricky general out there confusing QBs and making WRs alter their routes.  Bobby McCain was not that type of player.   I liked Bobby’s grit, but he was a very average player.

Let’s hope the crop of new guys are quick improvements over the men we let go, and not just cheaper options.

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  1. Nothing bad to say about Bobby McCain, he’s a 5th round pick who played at Memphis. Came in undersized supposed to be a slot corner at best, stuck around with some bad coaches and schemes. Earned a second contract, switched to safety mid season and started and was dependable. He gave it his all and was an average player but that’s more that can be said then Charles Harris or Dion Jordan. Sucks he had to go but with new talent drafted and maybe Malik Hooker coming in as well, he would’ve been relegated to a depth role probably and it’s hard to pay a 2 or 3rd string safety 6 million a year and he probably didn’t want to restructure knowing he can have a shot to start elsewhere for the same money. Wish him the best.

    1. Author

      Well said. When I call him average, it’s my honest assessment and not meant as a slight. Being average means you’re better then many many guys below you. But you are 100% correct about duds like Harris and Jordan. Can you believe those bums are still playing the NFL?!

  2. I guess I am also triggered by dolphins failure with first round pick Charles Harris, who we drafted 22nd. To me, the J.Phillips pick feels too much like Harris and Dion Jordan. I hope he proves us wrong.
    According to wiki, this is Harris’s only recorded professional accomplishment.
    ..In Week 8 against the Carolina Panthers on Thursday Night Football, Harris was ejected from the game after hitting quarterback Teddy Bridgewater’s head while he was sliding. Impressive!

  3. And we signed one of the McCourty brothers from New England. Are they planning to move him to safety? We have more CB’s than we know what to do with at this point. I agree whole heartedly we needed LB help in the draft. I made my feelings on Parsons very clear numerous times but even if that’s just not the position they wanted to spend a first on…. Browning was still available when they picked up their 23rd TE… OR… while I like Holland…. There were still some very highly rated LB’s on the board at that point that made more sense to me. I know Bobby was never going to be an all pro but he also wasn’t a weak link on the defense. I think Baker is better than admin does… But beyond him do we have one LB we can point to that can make impact plays? Van Ginkel flashed at times but I’m not convinced yet that he can do it consistently. I guess we’ll see….

    1. Armando Salguero- Miami Herald sports writer, believes the signing is an insurance policy in case contracts talks with Xavien don’t go well.

  4. The NFL couldn’t have max capacity at stadiums this year due to Covid so the revenue was down thus the revenue shared was down so the cap was lower than normally anticipated. First time in years the salary cap didn’t go up thus requiring the need to cut a vet like McCain and save money in order to be able to sign the rookies.

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