Dolphins Travel to Face The Giants

This is the third week in a row–with another coming next week as well–where the Dolphins can really help their future by losing.

We had business beating the Philadelphia Eagles, but that pathetic squad from Pennsylvania didn’t get the memo that the Dolphins stink.  Somehow, the Eagles lowered themselves to our level,  and we overcame a 14-point deficit to earn the win and blow the draft.   Did you see the Eagles’ win on MNF?  The entire 4th quarter, all they did was pass the ball to their tight end.  Where the hell was that vs. the Dolphins?

Next up were the Jets, who adequately lowered their effort, but luckily we lowered ours as well.

The Giants have Eli Manning back and an overdue Saquon Barkley.  NYG should be able to run the ball all day long, but I said the same thing about the Eagles too.  Assuming Brian Flores is still trying to win games, even if the players give it their all…we might lose this one outright.   We have no offensive weapons left, and our defensive secondary of no-names just can’t keep excelling as they have been (can they?).

I expect the Dolphins to come out fast and furious, but I think the Giants defense will take care of business.   The NY crowd will be strongly behind Eli, and I the the G’s will feed off of that.  I hope so anyway.

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  1. I sure hope the Giants win …as a dolphin fan me we don’t need any more wins although I believe we will beat Cinnci…and we will lose the last game to NE so that will put us at 4 wins which to me we will be picking 4th or 5th which sucks …Miami cant even lose right and we have to come out of this draft with a franchise qb and that qb is Burrow imho…but then anything can happen and we have a arsenal of picks .

  2. I saw confirmed that if we beat the giants and Bengals, and then lose to NE, then we end up 5-11. With all the other losing teams this season, 5-11 means we could could be drafting 16th. It’s true! They showed all the scenarios. This is NOT the year to win.

    1. It really is crazy the year we choose to…. “rebuild” we’ll call it… there winds up being a LOT of shitty teams. Most years there’s a small handful of elite teams, a small handful garbage teams and the rest are middle of the pack teams (where Miami generally winds up) but this year it seems like there is a small handful of middle of the pack teams and a lot of either good or garbage teams….. frustrating…

      1. Author

        Yes, bad luck with winning too many games in a season where 3-13 would normally be the #1 pick

  3. There is more to coaching than good talent development and X-Os, Flores has shown promise in both areas this year. But there is also being shrewd and planning. This allows you to set your team up for the future. Losing maximizes this for the current situation. The thing that this defense has not improved on this year is pass rush. You see Flores, pass rush can be fixed for years to come with a certain Chase Young that is in your grasps. Put your dam pride away and lose this game.

    1. Umm your opinion is terrible for this context lol

    2. Sam, nobody here Wants to see the dolphins lose ever. However this is an extremely unique situation. It’s like if you own a boat On Lake Michigan. In December you should be preparing it for the spring when you need the boat. You don’t go out and spend money and effort painting it in December, because that will be meaningless in the spring.

    3. Come on Sam. We want Miami to win but more than 5-6 wins per year. Getting Chase Young would help that endeavor.

  4. Honestly, they should have kept Rosen as the starter the rest of the year. It’s been fun watching Fitzpatrick have so much fun and leading these guys. However, they need to see what they traded for in Rosen. And they would definitely be the first or second pick!

    1. Yep. Fitz has proved himself as far as showing what he’s got. Now let’s see Rosen too. Only fair.

      1. Exactly, Rosen took Fitz’s job earlier in the year when the O-line sucked. Now the coaching staff has made the line serviceable so let’s see Rosen with this line.

        1. Been saying this for awhile although I understand that they don’t want to kill Rosen playing him now would be worth doing. I have no idea if he’s a possible future player but maybe they know and don’t need to see him? Lots of questions surrounding him that’s for sure but if he is the guy they don’t have to waste a first round pick on a QB. If anything snag a guy late as insurance or next year.

  5. Fellas any opinions on Devante’s contract extension? While he shows signs of greatness he still gets hurt too often. I’m not to sure about this one.

    1. I am totally feeling this signing, AS LONG as he stays healthy. I really think it was a mixture of him not wanting to play for gase and him just wanting to extend his injuries for an excuse (I hope) to not play for him. He has been straight balling out and when he plays like that we can be really good with someone else complimenting his style. So all in all its more of a wait and see about extending him but I am happy we signed him now and hopefully he stays a machine the up coming years. Anyone else have opinions? We would all love to hear from the fans.

      1. I have no problem with this they should be signing anyone here that is showing up this season. Need to lock up a base of players instead of losing them along the way. I’d sign a few more MacMillan has been good too even Biegel.

        I also agree that some are showing that they hated gase hence the poor showing in the past do we blame them?

        1. I agree that lately he’s been playing very well. But now that he has his “money” contract, I hope that we don’t see the “always hurt” Devante. Time will tell.

          1. Author

            Dolphins should rest him and let him earn his money NEXT year. Letting Parker play today is too risky. Let him rest his concussion.
            Normally, I don’t say that, and I always want starters out there competing. But these last two games are crucial for us to get an elite player in 2020, and we need to lose!

  6. I concur as well! Biegel has been a gem and also baker and mcmillan have been solid, need to lock them all up!
    I think that statement is very true, gase lost the locker room and rightfully so. I do not blame any players that played like trash to get his a** booted lol I feel bad for jets fans on the real though haha

    1. Nope I have no sympathy for those holes. Perfect trojan horse and they were too stupid to recognize this most thought they stole gase from Miami unbelievable…couldn’t have happened to a better franchise.

      1. Now they are reporting Gase and Darnold’s relationship is beginning to fracture! No shit!!!!

      2. I saw Darnold has a lot of space to run in, but he never. Takes off. Never tries to pick up a first down even when he has an easy path to run for it.
        Do you guys think that’s Gase’s teaching or lack of instinct?

        1. Author

          I notice that too. You don’t have to be a Jackson or a Mahomes to run for first down when it’s third and 2. Darnold just sits back there.

  7. I guess thats true lol only people that paid attention to gases antics knew the jets were about to make a bad decision. Gase is terrible yo!! but haha well, Gase is only gonna make things worse over there. Darnold gonna know first hand!

  8. Parker and Wilson are both playing. It’s insane to play these guys. Let them rest up for 2020 and just play the newbie WR next few games

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