Dolphins Truth Reader Faces Off With Matt Patricia

Reader Sean sent us a photo of himself with the enemy, Defensive Coordinator of the Patriots, Matt Patricia.

Actually, he looks polite and personable and not really the enemy on this day.

Sean and Matt
Sean and Matt

It’s baffling how this true genius gets no head coaching offers, but idiots like Kyle Shanahan, who hands free victories to the opponent, is hired.  Baffling.

Anyway, Sean, please send us your comments about how you met him this day and the details !   Great photo.

Hey, guys.   Here is Sean’s story….

My wife and I were staying at the Contemporary Resort at Disney- a trip we planned months ago. As we came down the elevator of the hotel and entered the lobby, I noticed a familiar face. I said “that looks like Matt Patricia.” I guess he heard me because he gave me a look and a wave. I then noticed his Superbowl 51 shirt and then thought that had to be him. I approached him and he confirmed he was Matt. I congratulated him for their win at the Super Bowl. He was nice enough to ask where I was from, and without going on to details, I told him I was from Miami all and that I am a Dolphins fan. (though I have been living in Georgia for 6years.) I told him that since the Dolphins and Pats play each other 2 twice a year every year, we get to “know you guys pretty well.” I told him I knew he went to the same school as our kicker but I couldn’t remember his name at the time. It was cool because he reminded me it was Andrew Franks LOL. Anyway I wished him well and hoped he enjoyed his vacation. I saw him a few hours later in the Magic Kingdom taking pictures with folks in Patriots garb. I saw him another time later but I left him alone, thinking he was probably tired of the fanfare. All in all, he’s a very good guy. Heck, I could easily have a beer with him and just shoot the breeze. Of course I had no idea I would run in to him at my hotel, but, after the fact, I thought of about 20 questions I wish I had time to ask him! 

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  1. Author

    Ya know, if Andrew franks walked past us, probably none of us would even know. But Matt Patricia and that giant beard…can’t miss him.
    I saw Franks and Patricia talking after the January 1 game for several minutes, probably about their RPI days.

    1. Yeah, the beard and the shirt was the giveaway. If he had shaved his beard some or wasn’t wearing the shirt, I probably would not have approached him.

  2. Hey Admin,

    Thanks for posting my email. I was actually going to rewrite it and post it, but, you beat me to it. He really seems like a good guy and I assume he will be a Head Coach in the NFL some day. The whole event probably lasted no more than 2 minutes.

    As a side note, it sure seems as though the crickets are chirping loudly on this post. 🙂

  3. Author

    It’s been a slow week for comments, not just your article!

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