Dolphins unofficially making some news and trades and potentially cut Brent Grimes

The NFL year doesn’t officially begin until Wednesday, March 9, so nothing can be set in stone yet.    However, deals can still be made (but not officially announced) earlier. I was waiting until things became official, but it seems like everyone else is reporting it, so here goes:

So we’ve learned the the Dolphins are acquiring a couple of position-needed players from the Eagles:  LB Kiko Alonso and DB Byron Maxwell.

As most media sites are reporting, both Alonso and Maxwell had poor years last season, especially given their high salaries.  But a new home in a new environment often leads to a new outlook on life, and we can hope they both blend in well.

LB Kiko Alonso

Personally, I’d rather take guys like this after another team gave up on them  after so-so years (Brent Grimes, Brandon Albert)  instead of guys who came off great years (Phillip Wheeler, Danelle Ellerbe).

The main mystery in this deal is what the Dolphins are trading.   These are not free agent signings.  This is a trade, and we have to give up something pretty valuable (I imagine) to obtain two starting defenders.

No matter what we give up, Kiko is already the Dolphins’ best linebacker.  Maxwell is at least tied for our best CB with Brent Grimes.   Maxwell could break his leg tomorrow still be more productive than Jamar Taylor.

Another question will be if Grimes stays on the team.   Sport Illustrated is reporting that Miami will cut him Wednesday.    The Dolphins haven’t cut a current Pro Bowler since the Philbin era, so it will be interesting to see if the Adam Gase era begins by getting rid of another Pro Bowler.   Let’s hope not.

It’s difficult to evaluate this trade until we find out what the Dolphins gave up.   But I love the fact that we got two players at positions where we definitely need upgrading.

In other news, DE Mario Williams was in town.   Williams plays a position where we do not need help on the surface, but no one knows what’s going on with Wake, Vernon, and Shelby.  He was a beast in his prime, and drawing a Bill away to the Dolphins is a double steal.  Let’s see where this leads on Wednesday.

Your thoughts?



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  1. From CBS Sports: “The Dolphins do get a moderate upgrade to their pass defense here, simply because the players being replaced were so bad last season. (LOL)!
    Alonso is a good player when he’s on the field, but he’s been crippled by injuries the last two seasons. Maxwell is more of a mixed bag”.
    The Dolphins already have a long history of high salaries and poor play,so that won’t come as a surprise if they don’t pan out.

    1. Right on John. A stupid article with inaccuracies all over the place. Pat fans still won’t acknowledge that if it weren’t for Pete Carrol handing them a free championship, they would have nothing to show for the last 12 or so years.

  2. Would welcome cutting grimes he really fell of last year and his wife brings unwanted attention to the team. The trade is iffy all depends on what we gave up for it. And if we can get williams for cheaper than Vernon I’ll take him

  3. Author

    Predicted Brent Grimes 2016 stats:
    Team: New England
    Interceptions: 11
    Picks of Ryan Tannehill: 4
    TDs: 2
    Fumbles recovered: 3
    Miko negative tweets about Patriots: 3
    Miko negative tweets about Dolphins: 33

    1. LOL on B. Grimes stats but spot on for Mi(n)ko G.

  4. It looks like they may cut Grimes which sucks. Even though he had a down year this season he was still probably in the top players of the defense if not the team. Maxwell’s deal is twice of Grimes and even though we are restructuring and Philadelphia will eat some of it too, point is I don’t think he’s twice the player Grimes is. From what I’ve read Alonso was hurt a lot of last year, but like you said he is better than any other LB on the team.

    The biggest thing I worry about is the picks we sent. We got 2 starting defenders and Maxwell i think has 4 or 5 years left on his deal. I think we may have switched first rounders (Eagles pick at 13) and given them either 2nd or third rounders. At the time I’m writing this it looks like the Eagles are sending Murray to the Titans for more picks.

    I’d rather keep both Grimes and Maxwell but I highly doubt the front office will make a smart decision.

    1. Being the top player on a crap team is not much of an achievement.

  5. So we’re replacing a CB that fell off last year with another one who fell off last year. 1 positive I see with Kinko Alfonso is that his cap hit is under 1M.

    1. Totally agree, ask any eagles fan maxwell sucked last year, maybe it was the scheme he was in but defiantly fell off. Grimes contract isn’t to big, maybe with suh reconstructing his contract the team will have enough space to keep both, as much as I think grimes best days are behind him he wouldn’t be a bad 2nd cornerback

  6. Maxwell is a tall CB which they needed and younger. Alonso is cheap for next year in a contract year. We’ll see but I see no risk here. Someone also mentioned a 4+5 for them? If so that would be pretty good.

    1. “This will eat up a fair chunk of the Dolphins cap space”. Wrong,Pats moron. Kinko is under 1M. But the best thing is we kept them from winning the SB because they didn’t have home field advantage,though we dropped e few spots in the draft.

      1. Jays a pats fan lol who woulda knew

        1. Wish I was!! Lots less aggravation and lots more winning!

    1. Author

      Patriot fans are harsher toward us than in the past. They are REALLY pissed at us for beating them in week 17 and costing them the Super Bowl. Make no mistake about it: if the AFC Championship was played in Foxboro with the home
      field cheat-vantage and those savage Boston fans, the Pats whip Denver easily and then score 60 points against Carolina. The Dolphins heroic stand in Week 17 was OUR Super Bowl…even though Belichick pretty much handed us that game and Pat fans should be mad at HIM, not us.

  7. So they restructure Cameron but are letting Grimes, Miller, and Vernon walk?? LMAO!!

    Can u say Dysfunctional Dolphins? YIKES!!!!!!

    1. Really hoping they keep Miller.

      1. Article in the Miami Herald today saying he’s probably gonzo.

        1. Author

          It took me a few years to warm up to Miller. Figures… now that he has proven his worth and versatility, the Dolphins decide to “part ways” with him. First-string RBs are tough to come by, and we have jettisoned our last 3 RBs.
          We let Reggie walk
          We never bothered to give Moreno a chance after his injury
          We let Miller walk.
          But don’t worry…. we are keeping Jamar Taylor.

          1. ^^^ HAHAH ! jamar taylor!! That was hilarious Admin!

  8. BTW, the Big O this morning said Maxwell was slow and is a terrible tackler…..YIKES!

  9. Think the team just signed Mario Williams, as much as the team always win off seasons the dline could be scary good

  10. With the defense looking like it is right now god dam I wish they hired a defensive coach. I mean maxwell ain’t bad, Kiko is a beast when healthy and williams is pretty dam good

    1. Author

      We’ll see how much Williams has left in the tank. I don’t see him as an addition to Wake and Vernon and Shelby. I believe the team knows that Wake is either not healthy enough or not cheap enough to keep around. Hope I’m wrong.
      And even if Williams, Alonso, and Maxwell have the best days behind them, I feel they are better bargains than what we would have gotten out of a 5th round pick

  11. Dam the team is actually good, I can’t even complain about the players. As much as keeping miller would be nice ajai looks a lot better. The only thing that can fuck this team up now is tanny and the oline. Hopefully the sign a guard and draft one that they will actually develop. If tanny fucks this all up god I’ll be pissed

    1. Author

      Yeah, I liked Ajayi right before the draft last year and glad we got him. Maybe draft another kid RB in the later rounds if Miller truly bails. We have no depth at RB, with Damien Williams as our #2 back. Gotta find a gem out there somewhere.

  12. I’d really hate to see Vernon and/or Miller walk but if one stays I hope it’s Miller. Can you imagine him behind that Dallas o-line? Or running wild in Houston? I hate losing guys we draft later on….. Wasn’t Vernon a 3rd Rd pick and Miller a 4th? … or something close to that? It hurts more because they’re home grown.

    I’m wondering how Williams compares to Vernon. Yes Vernon hasn’t yet hit his prime but does Williams offer more sack potential? Vernon was pretty good against the run. Williams is 31 and this might be his last stop. I don’t like the idea of a 31 yr old Williams and a 30 something Wake (if he stays). I’d rather cut Wake and keep Shelby after signing Williams and Vernon likely leaving.

    If we sign some of these vet guards like Boone or Sweeny, that would help immediately. After that, whoever we draft should be the BPA. Probably a LB or CB unless someone slides down to us.

    I remember the havoc Alonso generated his rookie year. He might be better suited outside but is too light to for the strong side. Will he replace Sheppard?

    If Maxwell/Alonso wind up injured I’ll be PISSED. I have a feeling Maxwell will get burned a lot and then we’ll all complain like he’s another a Brice McCain or Lame Taylor.

    My guess is that we will end up giving Philly a 4th round pick with the possibility of it becoming a 3rd depending on production. Anything more than a 3rd is INSANE.

    With this draft being so Defense heavy I imagine we’ll focus on that side of the ball. If we draft a WR in any round I’ll blow my mind.

    Love to hear your comments

  13. My God, we’re keeping Cameron Jordan.

    1. Apparently the new coach really likes him he fucked me over hard in fantasy last year but hopefully he can turn it around

  14. For those of us old enough to remember, we now have Donkey Kong Suh and Super Mario on the same team!

  15. For some reason I think the team is backing out of it’s trade with philly…

  16. “Sometime today we should learn what the exact trade parameters were. Thus far it’s rumored that Miami will swap the 8th overall pick in the draft for the Eagles 13th overall pick and receive the Eagles 4th round pick. But that is only a rumor at this time” .

    1. That would be pretty good especially getting a 4th out of it. Fills a few holes and only move back a few picks which may not make a difference anyway. Probably get the same player with less risk.

      I would like to see at least one G signed hopefully a decent one. Then draft a G/T to be back up.

  17. Maybe they can move up and draft that QB Goff from Cal.

  18. Guys I think the trade is off. Maxwell apparently lied to the eagles concealing a shoulder injury, when he came to Miami for a physical he couldn’t bench press or do push ups. Lmao this would only happen to the dolphins

    1. Author

      Zach, it is on. Maxwell was cleared by the Dolphins medical staff. So the Eagles got rid of him for a bum shoulder, and the Dolphins say “Okay, a one-armed man is fine with us.”
      These are the same medical experts who forgot to ask Dion Jordan to pee in a cup BEFORE drafting him.

      1. Irescum never checked him out or even met him…..

      2. Or ask if his Moms is a ‘ho! Oh wait, that question on applies to possible draftees.

  19. Why get rid of young stars like Vernon and Miller for old crap like Williams and Forte? Its not like they’re a player or two away from being good!!! LOL

    Someone needs to fire Tannenbaum AND Ross!!

    1. Author

      Yes, good points. And like I said many times, you can ALWAYS find the money when you feel a player is worth it. I guess they feel Vernon and all his personal fouls and late hits is no longer worth it.
      An hour and a half until this all will be officially cleared up.

      1. Vernon had his break out year cause he was next to suh. I mean I’m not doubting his talent but I think williams will do well in his spot, and is rather have forte than miller. Miller is a good back but if he wants to much let him walk a backfield of forte and ajai would be fire

  20. One thing I like is there actually addressing their needs this offseason. Usually they just throw crazy money at a big name but this year there actually bringing in people at positions they need. Like linebacker

  21. Congrats to Olivier Vernon! 85 mil! A player only gets one chance to cash in if he’s lucky.

  22. If we didn’t waste all that money on Tannepuke we could’ve kept Vernon AND Miller.

    1. Toast Maxwell-get used to the name. He’s an older and more expensive Jamar Taylor. Kinko,barely big enough to play weakside LB but cheap at 1M.

  23. Dolphins are letting go of their younger players to sign aging free agents like Williams and Maxwell. And they cheaped out on Forte. They’re trying to keep this team in the cellar for the foreseeable future. Dopey ownership and FO.

    1. Ross swallows every pile of crap that TannenBOMB shovels. We are doomed to mediocrity or even worse for the foreseeable future. I still say 3-4 wins,considering the schedule. and looking good for a high pic in 2017.

  24. Maxwell was a competent player for several seasons in Seattle. Not a # 1 corner by any means and he’s coming off a down year in Phillie. But to compare him to Jamar Taylor who has never had a significant contribution is inaccurate.

  25. This is the offseason from hell. We’re losing all our young talent!

  26. I had Isa Quddus once but penicillian cleared it up.

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