Finally!! A Worse Owner than Stephen Ross

The NFL announced that the Jaguars will play not one, BUT TWO, “home” games in Europe this season.  Owner Shahid Khan is even worse than Ross.

Much like Ross, Khan feels that he is in the entertainment business.   In addition to fielding an uncompetitive NFL team, Khan also owns a pro wrestling company.  He just tosses money around wherever he feels like, instead of focusing his passion on his NFL team.  Sound familiar?

Now for the bad news.   Very bad:

This would be laughable, except for a possibility that I think will occur and you heard it here first…I think the Dolphins will now have to play back-to-back games in Europe.   We already know that Knucklehead Ross does not like to have 8 home games and already gave one away.   We will have one “home” game in London.   But we also have a road game on the schedule vs. Jax.  It should be an “easy” road game, a short journey up to Jacksonville, where there are still thousands and thousands of Dolphin fans.   But the NFL will make that Dolphins at Jax game in London.    No quick ride up the coast, but rather, a transatlantic flight to play in front of soccer hooligans.

Some NFL team will have to “volunteer” to go to London and play “at” Jacksonville.   Or the NFL will simply force a team to do so.   And we all know, the NFL will pick the doormat Dolphins.  Roger Goodell needs a patsy, and Stephen Ross is always all too willing to step into the role.

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  1. “Khan feels that he is in the entertainment business”

    1. Yessss… like or not, the NFL is in the business of entertainment.

    2. Noooo… I don’t think the NFL will allow two (2) Florida teams to play overseas at the same time.

  2. Author

    Phil, the NFL doesn’t “allow” who plays there…they request. Smart owners–those who prefer to win football games–say no.
    Silly, not-so-smart billionaires say Yes

    1. ADMIN, you do know that a computer puts out hundreds if not a coupla thousand schedules that an NFL scheduling team picks from don’t you? Anyway, forget scheduling… tell me, what makes you think a bunch of Londoners would want to see two teams from Florida play football there?

      1. Author

        Phil, Every year when the schedule is released, I analyze it and point out the discrepancies. This is NOT some randomly generated computerized system, and the NFL scheduling team you mentioned is not fair and unbiased. For example, each team has to play one game a year on Thursday night. But New England’s Thursday night game “just happens” to be a home, prime-time game year after year.
        As far as Londoners wanting to see certain teams, to paraphrase The Rock, It doesn’t matter what they want. They get whoever Roger Goodell foists on them. Have you noticed that no good teams ever play in Europe? The Patriots, Packers, Chiefs, Ravens, and Niners, for example never go. It’s always the afterthought, scrub teams. Miami, Carolina, Jacksonville, Cincy.
        These teams have weak owners who buy into the concept of “I’d love to give up a valuable home game so I can showcase my team in Europe.” Whereas competitive, smart owners say, “No thanks. My local fan base and 8 home games per year are far more important to me.”

        1. ADMIN, computers are used to spit out thousands upon thousands of possibilities for the NFL schedule. The NFL scheduling team must take each one of them and decide which one to go with and it’s not as easy as you looking at their final decision and thinking they have a bias slant towards certain teams. Now as far as good and bad teams playing in London are concerned, Jacksonville was picked to be much better than how they turned out to be this past season. Who knows how good they would’ve looked if their starting quarterback had not gotten injured and Roger Goodell has no control over that. One of the things the NFL scheduling team must take into account is what fans want to see… so even if Steven Ross wanted to play Jacksonville in London, I highly doubt that would happen.

          1. Ross is all about kissing Goodell’s a$$ so absolutely the old dude will put the Dolphins on a plane to London! The only positive thing I will say about Ross is that Miami put on a great Super Bowl…how much of that he should get credit for I am not in a position to know, but the stadium looked outstanding on TV and made me proud of our home stadium. That being said, I still can’t stand Ross and what he’s done and/or not done with this team and organization. If there is an opportunity for Ross to bring the Dolphins to London, they are going to London to play a game that is denies the team a possible home field advantage is the game is played in Sept/Oct…a hot time weather wise that other teams really hate to play in. Hot and humid, that’s our “12th Man” and our moron owner takes that advantage away. Shula loved the 1pm games bec. by mid-3rd qtr., the other teams were blown out! Let the Chargers play in London…no excuses they are on the West Coast.

  3. I dont care, I want Chase Young.

    1. Author

      WCFF, I am truly coming around to that myself. The problem is, Chase Young won’t be there at #5, so we’d have to trade. Even in a losing effort, did you see what Nick Bosa was doing in the Super Bowl? He was either getting to Mahomes or he he was demanding a double team. DEs are disruptors who can win you games.
      Christian Wilkins was a nice choice last year, but interior linemen simply aren’t as impactful as a guy like Chase Young could be.
      Even with all the scrubs, our offense put up good numbers last season. Our defense was the pits. I’m not opposed to somehow getting Young,

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