Fired! Dolphins Show Rex Ryan the Door

Rex Ryan has been fired as coach of the Buffalo Bills.

Following a heartbrteaking loss in which Ryan failed to call a timeout at the end of regulation and then had 10 men on the field for the game’s defining play, the Bills’ ownership had enough.

Personally, I never minded Rex.  He was humorous and had good things to say about the Dolphins when we beat his teams.  He mas bragadocious and seemingly pompous, but I think he understood football well.   I certainly didn’t hate his antics, like the way Bill Belichick cheats or the way Mike Tomlin cheerleads.

If Adam Gase ever wants to hire a toughness coach and Rex is still unemployed… I’m just saying.

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  1. Why didn’t they fire him on Christmas Day? It would have been perfect! And take his “lump of coal in his stocking” clown brother with him.
    Great belated Christmas gift to us.
    I don’t see him being a HC again-I think the best he can hope for is a coordinator position but some moronic owner will hire that loser with a career record under .500.

    1. Author

      Interesting to me how/why so many Dolfans hate Ryan so much. Like I said, he never bothered me, and he was never a thorn in the Dolphins’ side. I have a lot more disdain for other head coaches, who are either total assholes (Belichick) or who inherit outstanding teams and then take credit for it (Tomlin), or who receive so much praise for being an outstanding coach, even though they’ve coached for 157 years and never won a single title (Jeff Fisher, Andy Reid). THOSE are the guys I can’t stand, and Rex Ryan isn’t on my list.

      1. Why? Because he talks a big game and NEVER DELIVERS,period. Idiot owners continue to fall for it, and like I said with a career record under .500,how much more evidence do they need? His ego is a huge downside for him. Talks a big game,get hired with an absurd contract and laughs on the way out the door.Of course he’s going to be meek in pressers after a game when he loses yet again because he can’t coach.

  2. The team also fired his brother, Rob Ryan, who was brought on as assistant head coach before the 2016 season.

    1. Author

      Yah, I can see the owners as being idiots, but then they turned brilliant in a hurry once that saw that Rex wasn’t successful. Imagine if Stephen Ross realized that Philbin stunk after 2 years, instead of praising the knucklehead.

  3. I actually thought that Rex would have made a great coach for the Dolphins after Philbin because Miami had no spine at all and Rex is Spine enough for the entire AFC East!

    I also didn’t think he was that bad of a coach because it was masked by how crappy the players he had in NY were but he had some real talent in Buffalo and it wasn’t working on so many levels for him.

    @Krama I have to disagree with you about him getting hired again as a HC. He will get hired on again there are plenty of lousy coaches in the NFL. I could see him in Philly, Jacksonville (Bradley is officially the worst HC ever in the NFL and was just fired), the 49’s Chip Kelly is probably on the way out and REX would be a HUGH improvement for them. Kelly had one good year in the NFL and has tanked the rest of the way. I’m sure there are other teams that will be interested in him but I can tell you this – ANY TEAM WHO WOULD BE LOOKING AT VANCE JOSEPH AS A HC WILL BE CONSIDERING (or should be) REX RYAN!

    1. You want to talk inept,specially in Buffalo,how about that turd Marv Levy, who had amazing talent,enough to get to AND LOST 4 straight Super Bowls.
      Yes I said some idiot owner will pay that clown and his brother to fail yet again.
      If you want .500,hire your boy Ryan. All that POS does is make promises and not deliver.

  4. Actually there are two factors that has turned the dolphins around to winning. Gase took the ball away from ryan tannehill and put it into Jay Ajayi’s hands; which is why the rest of the team bought into the new scheme.

    Secondly; the whole team got excited when Matt Moore got under center. Because; first of all the defense knew that they would not have to win the game every week. Secondly; everyone knew that we could now go deep whenever we wanted too and win games decisively.

    Sure enough with Matt Moore under center we have been scoring 30+ points each week.

    1. Author

      Can’t argue that. The defense gave up 31 to Buffalo and still won!

    2. @Jay

      I just read a new story about Obama saying that dropping the atomic bombs on Japan was a mistake even though it probably saved upwards of 15 million life’s if the US invaded Japan.

      After reading that I thought, “That’s the dumbest thing I’ve heard in a long time!”

      Then I came here and read your post and now I stand corrected!

      1. Sorry Brian but no one says dumber things than barrack Obama not even Jay on his worst days!

        1. And this is coming from a democrat lol

      2. Trump said “I know more about ISIS than the Generals do.” I guess in your world Brian, that’s some of the smartest shit you’ve heard in a long time

        1. @Phil

          I don’t know how that statement applies. I guess your assuming I support Trump and this is a personal dig at me?

          1. You don’t have to support Trump, but of all the spectacular dumbass comments you hear hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, what you reported President Obama saying is the dumbest thing you’ve heard in a long time….makes one think that you must have selective hearing.

            And no, this is not a personal dig at you, it’s just that, if want examples of dumb shit you’ve never heard before, I can supply all day, especially from wannabe celebrities and politicians.

      3. Author

        Yeah, I guess the right to have differences of opinion make America great. Some presidents would have watched Pearl Harbor and then responded by issuing a verbal condemnation and asking them to not to do it again.

        1. Some presidents would’ve done that Admin? Name one.

    3. LOL-wrong as usual. Gase didn’t take the ball out of Tannehill’s hands.Tannehill was on pace for another 4,000 season. And no,the “whole team” didn’t get “excited”. Only you did. Your boy has been sacked 1 time in 2+ games. The Bust was sacked 29 times. Imagine if The Bust was only sacked once every 2 games. And no,the defense DID not know that they would have to win the game every week. Of course,in just 2 sentences (and lies) ,your Moore fantasy continues. Before The Bust arrived,Moore was one of the worst deep passers around. And “win games decisively”? Huh? You mean beating a Jets team that quit before the game was played. Your Moore fantasy is hilarious and I see you didn’t bother to post about your boy since he had a shit game in Buffalo until now. We scored 30+ in 5 quarters in Buffalo and against a Jets team that quit before the game.
      Stop with your Moore bullshit because stats don’t back your fantasy up.

      1. Moore avoids sacks…..quick decisions and quick release= decisive wins 30 pts/game

        Nuff said!!

  5. As soon as Rex signed Incognito I knew it was all downhill for them!!

  6. Just saying maybe fate played into all of this. When it was high time to fire Philbin he wasn’t and produced another crappy year followed by a terrible finish to the next. The Jets and Bills had made their hires bringing in Ryan and Bowles. So what am I getting at? Well gase wasn’t available the year before Philbin was fired or at least Gase wasn’t part of the conversation of available HC’s. And until further notice Gase is a far superior coach and I think there still is upside now his reputation and credibility are established. Those awful Philbin years may just be the price a team pays to land the right coach?

    Do I hate Rex no. But hes been successful beating us every darn year no matter what team he coaches though. So am I glad he’s gone? Yes . Let the Bills hire a philbin type to replace him and continue to suck for another decade or so. Their playoff drought hasn’t been long enough to atone for going the the superbowl 4 damn times in a row and loosing each one.

  7. BTW admin I broke the Rex story first. Posted it in the Playoff Bound thread.

    1. Author

      I saw yours after I posted mine, but I’ll believe you !

      1. check the time on the post and its not that big of a deal I posted that in a half hearted humorous tone. I really don’t need the credit ok? Jay didn’t get the humor and only saw an opportunity to troll. Oops I mean Dolphin Dave right Jay? Funny your mum on that subject.

      1. Yes dolphin dave you can lead it and twirl your baton.

  8. Author

    I’ll have a new post this week about the best ways for Miami to approach the New England game, as well as analysis of some key Dolphins who need to step it up. I’ll lay off DeVante Parker for a while, as it’s now time for Xavien Howard to make a play for once…

  9. That POS is still due 16.5M for the last 3 years of his contract. He can’t coach but he has a good agent.

    1. KARMATOURER, you do a lot of bashing, but show us your coaching credentials and resume.

  10. I didn’t actually read the story about him being fired but here was a priceless gem…….

    He (Rex the loser Ryan) called the loss to Miami his most painful as a Bills coach, and the second-most painful in his 20 NFL seasons as a coach or assistant

    It doesn’t get much better then that does it boys!

    @Admin you should reach out to Rex and offer him a free membership to DolphinsTruth as a condolence!


  11. Is losing to Miami a reason to fire a HC? LOL

    1. @Jay

      Happened to Detroits coach a few years back!

    2. Yes and its a good reason to throw a parade so you can show your pride. Dolphin Dave

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