Flores Blows Up the 2020 Draft

Make no mistake about it. Brian Flores did tremendous damage to the future of the Miami Dolphins today.

His arrogance and shortsighted attitude have all but ruined everything the 2019 Dolphins set out to do.

He won a game win in which there is no reward for winning…but a huge reward for losing. It’s simple common sense that the future of this organization is better off suffering some meaningless losses this year. Our coach, I hate to say, simply lacks that common sense.   Sorry, but I have to be blunt.

Dolphin management set out to buy Flores a brand new Porsche in 2020.   However, he preferred to retread the tires on his 1993 Ford to keep a few mechanics happy.

Stephen Ross tried to buy Flores the latest iBook Mac for 2020, but instead Flores preferred to run a patch on his Windows 95 computer instead.

Listen, I get it.   I know it’s not the end of the world and I know the 2020 Dolphins will more than likely be better than the 2019 Dolphins. But you can say that about any draft. This draft was supposed to be different. And now, because of Flores’ arrogance and ignorance, it will be yet another plain old draft.

As I have said repeatedly, I don’t expect Flores to order his players to drop passes and to miss tackles or order them to purposely lose a game. However, he can certainly manage the game with 2020 and the future of the organization in mind.

But instead, the only thing he had in mind is getting that all-important fourth win, because in Flores’s book, winning four games is the most important thing in the world.

When the Bengals tied the game and it went into overtime, Flores should have said, “Well, we tried, but enough is enough and we got to concede this game.”  Hello, Chase Young.  Welcome to Miami.

If he was smart enough to do that, and swallowed his pride, then we will be sitting second right now with a very likely chance of earning number one next week. We’d be guaranteed a first or a second overall pick , which was the entire purpose of gutting the roster this year.

Instead, because Flores was so obsessed with that life-changing fourth win, we’re now picking Fifth.

Other coaches have come right out and (correctly) said that the future of the organization is more than important than meaningless wins.  Why couldn’t Ross make Flores realize that?

Come April, it will be immensely depressing watching the Bengals and Lions and Redskins unwrap their new toys, while the Dolphins end up with a pair of socks.

That will be depressing, but it will also be a punch in the gut to realize that Brian Flores preferred it that way.  He is the one mastermind who thinks getting socks is good.

Thanks for nothing, Flores.   You wasted 2019.

I hope you’re happy and proud with that big important 4th win.  The Lions and Giants and Skins will be thanking you once they get done laughing at you.

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  1. Glad you came around. Armando at the Herald is one of those “experts” who thinks beating the Bengals was beneficial to Dolphins morale.

    1. Author

      It all comes down to a very simple choice. Brian Flores is a defensive coach who had his choice between Chase Young or Charles Harris in 2020.
      We now know he he prefers.

  2. I think we will still end up getting tua,which was the plan all along.when he got injured the tank went out the window. But it would have been very interesting if sanders had missed that field goal….

  3. Whats up with Tua ….Ross is infactuated with him ,don’t know why….is he really that good ,I don’t think so ..is he worth the risk? maybe with our3rd first but definitely not our no.4 or 5.

  4. Author

    I hear Detroit is giving up on Matt Stafford. Lions might take Tua #2 overall. But I doubt that, based the injury you mentioned.

  5. Author

    Just saw a new mock draft that has us taking WR Jerry Juedy. This would be a disaster, and yet so typical of the Dolphins. Our WR corps is outstanding and we need no tinkering at that position.
    If we can’t get a top-3 elite player, then I think we need to go defense. We just gave up 35 points to one of the worst offenses in NFL history yesterday. 35!!

  6. Most people believe that Tua will be similar to Russell Wilson maybe even a more accurate version. Is that worth the risk even with the injury? He would have went first overall so I’m not sure if he’ll last until the 20’s. If he pans out he may be a steal at 4-5. You could chance it or trade up with the 2nd first pick but if they like him the injury may now be a blessing in disguise. They don’t even need to play him next year while they fix the lines. Let Fitz or Rosen duke it out.

    Either way I don’t disagree with admin they could have blown that game with no shame but I’m not sure that the Bengals really wanted it either. I’m just glad that they are finding more players for the future this season. That DT from Baltimore looked great!

    1. sieler was the guy I was talking about they just pillaged him from Baltimore and he was great kept batting balls down at the line. All of this counts as you may not find a better player in the draft. We also have to remember that their base D is a 3-4 so OLB may be where the passrush comes from. Too bad Harris can’t adjust to this…

      They should trade back if that WR is on the board as they need lineman not WR’s but get value for it…

      1. Yes, siesler played great. He made more plays than some of our regular guys. Charles Harris comes to mind

        1. Author

          I never heard of Siesler or Munson before yesterday, and they both went out and got significant playing time

  7. Author

    The day isn’t getting any better. I’m actually depressed. Thinking about what should have been the most exciting draft in Dolphin history has turned into simply another same old same old.
    Combine that with Ross giving away a home game.

    There isn’t anyone in the organization who has proven they know how to give us an advantage. Everything they do backfires and HURTS us.

    I can’t bear to watch the first 4 picks of the draft now.

    By the way, we have virtually no chance of moving higher in the draft. That’s because Cincy Has the number one pick locked up, and the other three teams ahead of us will almost certainly lose on Sunday

  8. I was pissed that they won …but then I think they have weeded out a lot of player that’ wasn’t doing their jobs …they have added a lot of players that want to prove themselves so im just going to sit back and see what happens …mind you we need a lot of players but then we have about 120 million to sign players plus 14 picks …so from now on im just going to sit back and see what happens …maybe they have a good plan after all …peace out.

    1. Yeah I don’t believe that they are as far off as most think as the current roster is hanging in games. Even if the oline improved to better than average that would be huge. We also have to remember that there are 18+ players on IR some will return as starters very good starters like X. Oline and passrushers seem to be the big need along with QB of course.

      1. You guys are both right in that Flores has shown that he can improve basic re-treads to serviceable players but would you like to see what he can do with grade a players like Young? Admin is right, you sometimes have to remove your pride and lose for the sake of winning.

  9. Author

    Ravens will be resting all their starters vs. Steelers Sunday.
    We could really use another Steeler loss to hurt our draft, but the ravens aren’t helping.

    1. I believe Texans are in the same boat locked up division and play the Titans. If Titans win Steelers are out no matter what due to loss to jets. We need Texans to lay down and desperate Titans to win…go Tanny!!!

      1. Author

        The Texans can move from 4th seed to 3rd with a win and help. It’s a little incentive to play for, but I’m Rooting against them anyway. Agree…Go Tanny!

          1. Author

            I hope so. Would like to see Tannehill in a playoff game for the first time

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