Former Dolphins Chooses OJ Simpson’s #32

Senorise Perry, a backup Dolphin running back for several seasons, is now on the Bills.  Perry is a little-used substitute on an awful team in a city with zero sports titles.  This part isn’t newsworthy.  No one cares.

So why the news?  Perry has chosen to wear #32.   The Bills have not allowed anyone to wear that number since The Juice left Buffalo in the late 1970s.   It’s a pretty ballsy move for Perry to request that number.   Gotta give him credit.

Perry, along with 2018 leading Dolphin rusher Frank Gore, are both in the Bills’ backfield this season.

Despite OJ’s legal claims to fame, he is still among the greatest RBs of all time.  Anyone too young to remember him needs to separate your personal opinion of what he did off the field and how he performed on the field.  2000+ yards in an era when they only played 14 games.   That is simply remarkable.

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  1. He’s not familiar with Naked Gun?

    1. Author

      LOL, or Hertz Rental-Car commercials.

  2. Suh is his replacement in Tampa. Will he play against us on August 16?

  3. And now this on 1st round BUST and POS player Charles Harris: Third-year end/linebacker Charles Harris, the veteran edge player who has been with the Dolphin the longest, remains unable to participate in team drills because of a wrist injury that requires a heavy club on his hand.

  4. Author

    What did anyone ever see in Harris? I think each team should be required to reveal which front office fool insisted on drafting each draft choice.
    Like, “Grier did not want to pick Harris, but Tannenbaum insisted.”
    Or “Jeff Ireland bet his life that Dion Jordan was the next Lawrence Taylor.”
    Us fans need to know who to hate!!

    1. I agree completely. But these clowns are just recycled in the front office of other teams. Or in the case of TannenBUM, a job on ESPN. BTW,Perry made the national news on ABC this evening and of course they showed him with a full screen shot wearing 34 with the Dolphins.

      1. Harris will have his best shot to succeed he better take advantage of it or he’s definitely done… for the record I called for a trade back and would have taken TJ Watt but what do I know?

        1. You know more than our front office but the bar is pretty low! Good call though.

  5. Admin, you back on the site again? If so, any news worthy to post?

    1. Author

      Yes, I am back, but no, I don’t seem to find anything too newsworthy. There have been a few signings of a few more journeymen defensive tackles, but nothing of any prominence. The funniest joke of the week is all the reports from the OTAs about how great DeVante Parker looks in practice. Don’t we get tired of falling for that same joke every single year?

      1. I’m praying that the new coaching staff can get the guy to play. He has the tools but needs more heart. Maybe he simply hated Gase? Let’s hope…

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