Free Agency: Final Analysis Before the Draft…

So now that the free agent signings have slowed down, the “graders” are starting to rate how all the teams did.   Most “experts” seem to be giving the Dolphins a grade of around B to A+.  People tend to like the new Dolphin acquisitions, but many of them thought we overpaid.

I’m fine with that.  We have plenty of money, and overpaying is insurance that some other team won’t outbid us.  Plus, my long-time readers know my core belief that the salary cap is just a fluid, flexible number.  There’s a long history in the NFL of teams being at or over their cap limit, and yet they still sign expensive players.  It’s all creative financing and moving money from one thing to another.  I don’t know how it’s done, but it’s a fact that it does indeed occur.

It’s nice that the Dolphins signed these players, and we are stronger now.  But other teams got stronger too.   Some got weaker.    Thank you to the Patriots for giving up on all their stars and even on their so-so trench players.

A couple of big-name deals have made me laugh.  First is Stefon Diggs going to the Bills.  The pundits suddenly think that one WR will make a difference on that team.  But no.  WRs never turn a team around.  QBs, RBs, DEs and LBs…very possible.   But WRs are a dime a dozen.  Buffalo is probably the AFC East team to beat right now simply because Tom Brady is gone.  But not because a mouthy, ingrate receiver came to town.  And what a town!  He thought Minneapolis was cold?  At least the Vikes play indoors.  He’ll get no such warmth in Buffalo.

Speaking of WRs, another big trade was DeAndre Hopkins going to the Cardinals.  Houston trading Hopkins made big news and has been called a terrible trade for the Texans…getting rid of their best receiver and getting not much in return.  But again, it’s only a WR.  Dime a dozen.  Might as well send them packing and try something new.

These WRs weren’t difference makers and never once helped their teams go deep into the playoffs.  Great personal stats.   Great salaries.  But champions, no.  Guys who shut their mouths and give it their all for their teams, no.   Sometimes, maybe not always, but sometimes you have to think that maybe the people who are getting rid of these players know what they’re doing.

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  1. Totally agree 100% about the WR’s

    Mike Wallace, Yatil Green, immediately come to mind, and I’m sure many others – and that’s just on the fins.

    Many a team have learned that lesson – the hard way.

  2. There’s some talk about the Dolphins trading up for the number one pick. Speculation is the pick for Burrow.

    1. Author

      Yeah, a lot of those rumors, you’re right. I fear Burrow might be a one-year wonder in his senior year, because he wasn’t on the radar in his Freshman, Soph, of Junior years. Bad hip and all, I think Tua is more dynamic.

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