Game Day! here are the updates

The Dolphins will be short 2 RBs, as both Matt Breida and Lynn Bowden are ruled out.   Several assistant coaches did not make the trip either, due to covid rules.

Honestly, I don’t know what these assistants do during a game, so their loss might be devastating or negligible.  We’ll see.

We’re doing some scoreboard watching, and it’s all bad news.   The Seahawks are handing a free win the the  Bills, so any chance at winning the AFC East took a hit today.   Also, the Jags are wilting against the Texans, so our #1 draft pick next year just took a bad turn.  It will probably be in the top 10, but not top 5.   Too many other lousy teams in the top 5 already.

The Jets look a lot better than Jacksonville.  They are truly embarrassing.

Join or live game day chat once the game begins, about 4:20 pm Eastern

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  1. Being on the West Coast, without DirectTV, i missed the game. I was not expecting a win, so Bravo Dolphins, Bravo Sanders, and Bravo Tua! And one-yard Howard’s best and only good run was when really needed it, the 8-yarder to setup Tua’s 3rd and one QB sneak to clinch the game. Tua had some really nice accurate throws. Loved the quick TD throw to Mack Hollins. This win is the first of hopefully many 4th-quarter comeback wins. I am sold!

  2. I’m convinced that Sanders can kick 65 yard field goals if he needs to. Tua’s awareness and mobility is impressive. What a huge win!

  3. They forgot about Isabella screwing up by running short of the first down and zona calling a time out before halftime. That allowed MR PERFECT to hit a 56 yarder which ended up being the difference in the game. To add insult he also hit a 50 yarder while zona kicker couldn’t make one from 49.

    Believe it or not but there are still some Fin fans who don’t like Tua and call him a failing game manager. Call him what you want but I’ll take him any day!

    Flacco starting out hot maybe they’ll beat the patsies would probably be best result although I hate them both!

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