GAME DAY: Steelers at Dolphins. Arian Foster decides he finally wants to play

I think this one could be over soon.  The only chance we have is if all the drama, negativity, and garbage play is behind us.   If we just play our game and play it well, we might just win one of the 4 quarters.

Winning the entire game, on the other hand…  We don’t have a chance unless we give the ball to Ajayi early and often.   Need a 100-yard game from him.

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  1. Holy smokes. Am I in dreamland? We actually won! I thought for sure this was another loss. I am pleasantly surprised.

    1. Yes! Imagine what this team can do when they actually RUN the ball.

  2. Ajayi reminds me of ricky williams.

  3. I’ve been crying for this for years. The team needs to run and they magically become better. It’s a domino affect. They just need to keep at it get better and it opens up everything. They aren’t good enough to pass pass pass.

    Of course this all hinges on the oline and obviously the depth is the issue because when the starters are all there they excel. Getting rid of those two bums has been the best thing but they’ll have to continue to build the depth.

    At least we’re learning that the whole team doesn’t need to be gutted they need to build depth and obviously improve a few areas like TE. When rested the D isn’t that bad. Did a great job today.

    If it weren’t for Franks trying to sabotage the win or the refs being retarded this was a 40-15 win over a very good team. They were also in the hawks and pats games….what could have been with better depth thanks Tannenbaum he’s the real problem around here. IMO.

    1. Cry all you want for them to run the ball but you’ve got to have blockers opening up holes or your RB’s will just get stuffed for no gain. What you really need to be crying for is a O-line that can actually block and protect. Its amazing the results when they actually have starters playing together.

  4. The running game finally looked strong. Ajai stepped up and played like I thought he would in the offseason. If the offense can stay on the field it hides the weaknesses of the defense. The line looked great to but it’s not like Tannehill lit it up, he still needs to go. At least there looks to be things to improve on for the future.

    1. I counted three drops and the refs took away a TD would have been two TD’S if Parker caught his. What else could he do? If the oline does its job and they run the ball Tanny just proved that he can beat a good team. I’m not saying he’s the best but he’s serviceable. He made some nice throws today…. If anything why waste a first round on a qb they could take some shots in the second or later and keep building up the D.

      You could say that a good offence and running game helps any teams D not just the Fins right?

      1. A good offensive line masks tannehills inability to avoid sacks. At best hes a game manager. But atleast he didnt throw any pics. We can excel with an elite qb. Is anybody watching the Colts game? Look at Andrew Luck escape the pocket every time with his terrible offensive line Tannehill can’t do that.. entering he’ll certainly can’t put the game on his back and win it for us this game goes to AJ & our dfence

        1. Well it’s sure good to know that you can guarantee an elite qb by simply drafting one in the first round. You guys crack me up..see the browns and let’s talk how easy it is to find one. All that I know is when they protect the guy and run the ball they can win games and have beaten quality teams. Obviously draft a qb but don’t dump everything to take a chance on sure things like Brady Quinn weeden Sanchise etc…in the first round. I can list ten times more failures than first round success stories.

          Also if anyone can see the roster they have a few more urgent holes to fill on this team it sure would be nice to not have to sell the draft for a potential qb replacement…

  5. Granted the win looks good but I think the Steelers didn’t show up for this one. They thought they could just show up and take care of a 1-4 team that just got beat up by the Titans.
    TannePuke had his rare decent game but lets not be fooled again by that. The OL and Ajayi played great.

    1. That his specialty, after a string of terrible games he’ll put on a couple good performances against good teams. But it always unravels later in the season usually when we play the Jets or the Bills.

      1. You could also link that with the oline being banged up or down right terrible….protect him or most QB’s and they magically become decent.

  6. Ben Roethlisberger played with a tear in his left knee and will have surgery Monday.

    1. Plus the heat was our 12th man on offense and defense. The steelers were having a lot of problems coping with it. It was obvoius they were withering.

  7. I think people in the Dolphins organization are now reading comments on DOLPHINS TRUTH.

  8. Walt Aikens was also benched for being late to a meeting. Accountability this is very new compared to Philbin.

    1. Agreed players now know that if you dog it you’ll either be benched or released…take your chances. Love that Gase isn’t putting up with this shit.

  9. I’m liking what gase is doing with this team. They played with fire and a sense of urgency for the first time in awhile.

  10. But I stick with my assessment of tannehill. Every quaterback has a good game here or there. I don’t rout against him, if he starts playing great I’ll be happy as hell. But honestly he’s Alex Smith at best.

    1. Author

      The play calls were excellent this week, which helped Tannehill a ton. Idiot Gase didn’t repeatedly call for straight dropbacks.

  11. I thought Ryan Tannehill looked absolutely AMAZING in the pocket…..handing the ball off.

    He has a really sweet hand-off. No hesitation. Makes good decisions with it when handing off. The exchange was solid. No problems with RT’s hand-off game this weekend.

    None at all.

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