Greg Jennings Mouths Off with some interesting thoughts about Ryan Taqnnehill

Over the past few weeks, veteran receiver Greg Jennings has come out more than once with a less-than-glowing assessment of Ryan Tannehill.    Jennings is among the first we’ve ever heard from who publicly states that Tannehill might not have what it takes.

(We’re used to hearing rumors about this kind of thing, but never yet has a player just come right out and said it….although Miko Grimes certainly said it!)

Jennings’ biggest criticism was that Tannehill doesn’t seem to have the smarts to make the right audibles.  Although in T-hill’s defense, we don’t know what permissions he had to call what.  Jennings said that the coaches babied Tannehill, but he wouldn’t elaborate on what that meant.

Greg Jennings

Tannehill continues to say that he’s his own worst critic and  that he feels bad and angry at himself after losses.   We have never seen this.  We’re still waiting for the FIRST time we see T-hill erupt in a lineman’s face, or a coach’s or anyone’s.   Just once we want to see him irate–not confused–after a pick or after another 3-and-out.

The high learning curve and tolerance for losing starts at the top.   Stephen Ross watched Joe Philbin sink his team for 3 and half years before pulling the plug.  Losing, learning, excuses…it’s all part of the recent Dolphin culture.  I truly think that Tannehill feels his job is to play football, and not to win football games.  Big difference.   I’d be indifferent too in that situation.

Greg Jennings comes from a different culture.  A winning culture.   That’s probably why he sees (and says!) things that other Dolphins do not.

What do you guys think?

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  1. I mean Jennings was garbage all year so he shouldn’t be talking but it’s never good for a quaterback to get blasted by one of his receivers, if tanny sucks next year or even for the first half of the year he’s done no doubt in my mind

    1. We said that 3 years ago. The guy is pathetic.

    2. Whether he sucked all year or not is irrelevant-ANY player on the sidelines can see hoe bad TanneBUST is whether his is a starter. So according to your logic,unless you’re a starter (on a crap team) you can’t have an opinion?

  2. @Admin

    Tell us how ISIS and the U.S are “best friends” lol

  3. I remember that in a few games Jennings had alligator arms and stalled drives. Now he bad mouths his QB? From what I remember lasor didn’t allow audibles so is that the QB’s fault too? Don’t let the door hit ya Jennings…

    1. Whether he sucked all year or not is irrelevant-ANY player on the sidelines can see how bad TanneBUST is whether his is a starter or not. So according to your lack of logic,unless you’re a starter (on a crap team) you can’t have an opinion?

  4. I remember last year Mike Wallace saying he had to practice with the ball machine because Tannehill was so inaccurate. Miko Grimes isn’t a Tannehill fan either. And didn’t he insult the practice squad players pay? Evidently lots of players don’t like him.

  5. I stand behind what I have always said and that is we will never know what Tannehill can do until he is playing behind a good OLine.

    Unfortunately that may be when we trade him to NE and he takes over in two years when Brady is done.

    Behind arguably the worst line in the NFL for 3+ years and arguably the worst coaching in the NFL for 3+ years we still don’t know what we have but how can we be surprised?

    Worst OL
    Worst Coaches
    Worst Owner

    No QB overcomes that

    1. Lots of excuses for Tannepuke?? TOO FUNNY!!

  6. @Jay

    Dumbest comments ever award winner!

  7. @Brian M

    No one had mor pro bowlers on their OL than us.

  8. That SOB Ross hire the cheapest HC he could find……

    1. What? Gase was one of the more sought after coaches this year. And Ross spends crazy amounts of money every year, spending has never been the problem, it’s spending it on the wrong things

  9. The last 8 HC’s the Dolphins hired were rookie NFL HC’s including Gase….and I’ll name them for you….Adam Gase, Dan Campbell, Joe Philbin, Todd Bowles, Tony Sparano, Cam Cameron, Nick Saban, and Jim Bates. Gase hasn’t coached yet but is likely to fail just like the previous 7 did.

    The prior 2 HC’s Dave Wannstedt and Jimmy Johnson had prior NFL HC experience and BOTH had winning records with the Dolphins!! Its not rocket science!!! LOL

  10. He has no reason to get angry with his paly because 3 hours later,he’s at home with his hot wife and absurdly undeserved contract and laughing at the idiot front office and owner who blessed him with it. Hopefully for this franchise he’ll play like a stiff for 1 more season and be gone.

  11. Insert “large” after contract above.

  12. The Dolphins loss is the Colts gain.

    Joe Philbin, who was fired as Dolphins coach four games in to the 2015 season, was hired this offseason as Colts offensive line/assistant head coach.

    “He’s a darn good football coach,” Pagano said at the NFL Scouting Combine. “He’s got great history of developing great offense all the way back to Iowa with Coach Ferentz and the line that he put together there. It’s well documented what he did in Green Bay. He’s a great, great man. He’s a great football coach. Great football mind. Brings a ton of knowledge to our football staff and we’re very, very fortunate to have him.”

  13. LOL… Chuck Pagano mentioned pretty much every place Philbin ever coached except for…you know where !

  14. Lol philbin will prolly do a good job as a position coach. He’s a smart dude but I always thought head coach was just asking way to much out of him. It’s not easy to have to handle a lot of things at the same time, not many can do it and I feel like philbin falls in this category. But if you give him just one thing to do he’ll prolly do well with it

    1. Author

      True. X’s and O’s were probably the one thing he could do a good job with. Certainly he had no skill with clock management. Or personnel evaluation. Or timeouts. Or play calling. Or fan relations. Or…

      1. Lmao maybe if he only had to do one of them he could be good at it, once you combine them all it was a disaster

        1. If you think Philbin was bad wait till you see Gase! lol

  15. @admin
    Are you in prison w/o internet access? It’s March-get busy!

    1. I too was wondering the same thing. It’s unusually quiet here.

      1. Author

        Okay ! I get the hint ! It’s been a slow couple of weeks for Dolphins news, but I’ll have an update soon. Promise!

        1. Big news today-bribe a guard for his cell phone.

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