Gronk Retires! Robert Kraft Doesn’t Want the Massage Parlor Video To Be Released

A couple of Patriots tidbits that affect the Dolphins.  Maybe.

Rob Gronkowski, who fell down to enable the Miami Miracle to take place, has retired.  Whoever his backup is will probably score 5 TDs and gain 400 yards against the Dolphins.  We are consistently the worst team in the world at covering TEs, especially backups.

Pats owner Robert Kraft continues to embarrass himself.   If he just pled guilty and allowed a few jokes at his expense, it would be water under the bridge by now.  But since he refuses to admit to any wrongdoing, he is making it worse.

By the way (and this seems to be a weekly occurrence), the Dolphins signed YET ANOTHER tight end.   Some unknown named Clive Walford.  That’s SEVEN tight ends on the roster and one defensive end.   But don’t worry.   Our new coach and GM have a plan.

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  1. We WERE consistently the worst team in the world at covering TEs, especially backups. Burke is gone. We have a HC that actually makes defense a priority.
    Isn’t Walford a Hurricane? Will we carry 5 QBs again? “Getting a Krafty” is the best to come from his issue.

  2. Ahh…my favorite Gronk play of all time! (Insert Miami Miracle stumbling play here!)… LOL!

  3. Kraft says he’s innocent pleads not guilty but then apologizes…what a moron. He should have just started a prostitution foundation like Ross would have turned it into a positive and moved along…

  4. He says he is innocent and the video will prove him innocent. But when the cops want to release the video, he suddenly fights them and won’t let them release it.

    1. Author

      Huh huh. You said “release.”

  5. I guessing Flores is trying to duplicate the 2-TE set that was pioneered in NE. Bring in as many bodies as you can and find 3-4 during preseason that can /will block & catch effectively.

    Getting a “krafty”…..priceless.

    1. Author

      Gase often used 2 and 3 tight end sets also, but but without any pioneering innovation.
      Gase thought that by lining up in a run formation, he would fool the D with a pass play. Wrong!
      When you have bums like Mike Gesicki or Jula Thomas running plodding routes, you ain’t fooling anyone!

  6. Author

    @KARMA, happy to report that MMPI has been renewed for Season 2.

  7. On 2nd thought, I think Kraft is right-do not release the massage parlour video…not going to be very pretty…cuz he’s going to look like an old geezer that he is.! Just ain’t gonna be pretty! But, how stupid is Kraft! Stupid like those two bros who Smollett hired!

  8. NFL said the the 2020 season will begin with a game in China. How much you wanna bet the Dolphins will be one of those teams?
    Double or nothing: How much you wanna bet that Ross will say it’s a wonderful thing for international sports relations, etc etc etc

  9. Harris is now are best DE left. Although we must remember that the new D will be a mix of 4-3 and 3-4. Maybe they go DT in the draft then or a DE/LB. I bet they make Harris stand up which may get more production out of him…

    1. Author

      Mark my words, moving Charles Harris into a 3-4 will not make him any better.
      I think the scheme is such a cop out! Would Bruce Smith or Reggie White or Jason Taylor still be in the Hall of Fame if they played a 3-4? Of course they would!
      Skill sets, determination, and practice make an elite pass rusher, no matter where thy line up.

      1. Author

        That being said, I reluctantly agree with you that Harris is our best D lineman!

        1. Don’t get me wrong he’s no Taylor but perhaps he could be more effective like a Hightower or something.

  10. Thing about a DE/OLB is coverage ability, and they can pass rush. They are more versatile. So I can see the logic.

  11. I know its old news. But I will never believe that we traded Jarvis away. The guy made plays on plays and wanted to win

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