A lot of things going wrong tonight is adding up to a lopsided blowout already.

I don’t know why the Dolphins keep going back to their spread formations,   when the past few weeks, the more basic formations were working.

The Patriots do’t have a strong defense; it’s our offense looking like crap again.  We need to punish them up front, not spread everyone around.  It simply isn’t working.

Tannehill’s interception hurts twice as much because he lobbed it so gently instead of firing.  He has no excuses for that awful pass.

Losing J’Wuan James has hurt, but Fox is hanging in there.

Our defense is playing well, all things considered.  The game is about to get out of hand fast, and it might be better to rest the starters and get ready for Buffalo.

UPDATE:   Too late.   Cam Wake is out for the year in a blowout game.  He should have been resting on the bench.  Just a terrible night all around, starting with the league making teams play only 3 days after their last game.   The Dolphins look better than Weeks 1-4, but Campbell’s fire didn’t inspire anyone tonight.


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  1. I knew we were off to a bad start when they won the toss and deferred. Why in the FUCK would you put the best QB in the league at home on the field, FIRST? Not like it fucking matters, anyway!!!

    No intensity. No aggression. No anger. No fighting. No fun. No playing loose and free. Playing tight and scared.
    Now, to add insult to injury, Cam Wake looks to have popped his Achilles.
    So long, Dolphins! You gave us two good weeks and it was fun…thanks for that.
    I’ve been fuckin spitting nails the whole game. Now, we gotta hear the BULLSHIT, dick sucking, faggot announcers and pundits fawning over these fucking deadbeat motherfuckers.

    1. Author

      You mean fawning over these fucking deadbeat CHEATING motherfuckers.

  2. In what decade do we get a franchise QB?

  3. Who played well for us tonight? No one. Who beats New England at home? No one. Case closed.

    1. Author

      Yeah, I don’t think a single Dolphin shined tonight at all.

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