Heading into the Dolphins game against the Jacksonville Jaguars

The last time Miami played the awful Jags team was last year.

The Jaguars outscored us.

Well, our offense anyway. Thanks to Blake Bortles being a jv quarterback who gave us 14 free and easy points, we came out on top.  But it was an ugly game.   Tannehill looked awful.  Our defense couldn’t stop the run (Thank God Jax kept calling for passes!!).

In other words, except for a few pick-sixes, we would have gotten destroyed in this game last year.

Waiting for Joe Philbin to answer why he didn’t want Odrick on the team any more…

Make no mistake about how terrible the Jaguars are.  I mean, they were silly enough to think that Chad Henne was a quality starter, so that tells you their mindset right off the bat.

They have a decent running game, but no passing whatsoever.  No one to really fear, except Jared Odrick, who got kicked to the curb by the Dolphins for doing nothing wrong.

I have a bad, bad feeling about this should-be easy game.  Odrick will be on a mission, and he knows better than anyone how to exploit our offensive line.  Joe Philbin NEVER has the Dolphins ready to play inferior opponents. I think the refs will be calling anything and everything against Long Suh, to make up for the non-penalties/fines last week.

We should know early how this game will go.  If Miami comes out on all fronts and shows it’s the better team right away, we could have a fun afternoon.  But if we struggle against a crap team–just like we did last week–the Jags could sneak one out and win.

And then Stephen Ross will give Joey P a contract extension.

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  1. I think we all have a bad feeling about this game after the way we played last week. You are right in that the Jags have a decent running game. It is looking like Jones will not play and that will hurt us against the run. That is my biggest concern. Their passing game is abysmal however, and that is without Thomas and Lee.

    I also wouldn’t sleep on their defense. Their linebackers were all over the field last week. Their D-line, which would be pretty stout if they were all healthy, is still formidable. Chris Clemons was a beast last week and Odrick has always been an intangibles kind of guy.

    Philbin had us ready to play the Raiders overseas last year and they were by all means an inferior opponent. NEVER is a word that should seldomly be used. And I think its fair to say that we all, including Philbin, realize that his one year extension is not a reward for mediocrity. It avoided the distraction of having to talk about Philbin being a lame duck coach all year. It also gives Philbin the chance to prove everyone wrong and maintain continuity. Continuity, being the thing that seems more and more rare in this one and done league nowadays.

  2. Because of the game last week I feel better about them rebounding on offense and the D line. They are simply a better team and will take care of business. Tanny should be more comfortable with one week under his belt and the emergence of Cameron he has a few safety valves now. Can’t wait Go Fins!!!

    1. Yeah, it was only week one. We were rusty. It will improve and fast.

  3. The Jags OL is pathetic. Fins should have a field day 34-10.

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