Highs and Lows of the Dolphins victory over the Washington Redskins


Brent Grimes had a huge game.  We saw the big early pick, but he shut down whoever he covered all day long.  That was huge.  This man earns every dime.

Darr and Franks.  Neither kicker did anything extraordinary, but they played well, and that deserve praise for rookies.  Well done.

Jarvis Landry.   A few great catches and a wonderful punt return.  Honorable mention to the block coverage on that punt.   The Redskins weren’t in position for a reason.   Our punt return squad all chipped in on those seven points.

I will even give Joe Philbin a ‘high’ vote for going for it on fourth down.  I hated the play call and the personnel on that play, but at least he tried.  I give credit where it’s due.

Brice McCain.  An incredible interception.

And now the LOWS:

Jamar Taylor continues to do nothing but hurt the Dolphins.   Some of my readers blame injury.   I blame lack of NFL-caliber skills.

Ryan Tannehill had a pig of a game.  That 40-yard loss on a fumble is inexcusable.  Again, the sacks he gets himself into are not blindside.   He knows they’re coming and sees them coming, and doesn’t move quick enough.   And that pass to Dion Sims?  Awful.   Dion has a concussion because that pass was so bad.

Kong Suh.   I counted a few double teams on him during the game, but for the most part, Suh got owned by a rookie guard in one-on-one blocking all day.

Reshad Jones.  Sorry, but when you fall flat on your face in the end zone when trying to cover a big slow tight end, you’re gonna earn my wrath.  A few nice tackles allow me to give him some props, but it doesn’t make up for that gaffe.

LaMike James.    A fumble that he got luckily got away with could have been the disastrous straw that broke the Dolphins’ back.

Bill Lazor.   I saw no fast pace.  No variety.  Same exact plays as last year.   Too many 4-wideout formations is predictable.   Was there anything different whatsoever than last year?

The defensive line.  These guys couldn’t stop the Redskin runners.  At all.      Remarkably, in a baffling decision, Washington stopped running the ball in the second half.   Cousins was throwing like garbage in the second half, and they kept passing anyway.   thank you!!!



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  1. I was reading an article today in the Washington Post. The article had an interview with Stephen Ross about the huge Dolphins fan base at yesterday’s away game. Ross was quoted as saying it was great to see all the green in the stands. Does anyone else get pissed off when people say the Dolphins colors are green and orange? Its freaking aqua, not green. Is it just me who hates the green term? Maybe I’m just overreacting. Would love to hear input from you guys about this.

    1. Author

      I read that. In another Post article, they talked about how the Teal jerseys in the stadium stood out among the Burgundy jerseys. I think the green/aqua/sky-blue/teal debate is because Ross keeps changing the colors and logo. Just leave it as the original aqua and orange.

    2. I was at the game and it was true. The Dolphins fan base was incredible. And yes It is aqua and not teal or bullshit green. As for the Dolphins with the fan base support I was really disappointed in the game play. Dolphin fans deserved a lot better play from the team especially when you have damn near a 70/30 fan ratio.

  2. Don’t be to hard on Tannehill, he made several bit 3rd down throws, and kept the chains moving when it mattered

      1. Author

        A few nice passes, yes, and we give him credit. But a few he missed on badly, and the long one to Cameron required a diving effort. We’ll take it, but he has to hit those guys better. And he needs to tuck the ball and run much sooner. He’s a great runner.

  3. Sims isn’t the 1st player Tannehill got hurt with his errant passes. That’s one of the reasons Mike Wallace hated him.

    1. I would have to agree. Some of his passes were setting up our guys for the un employment line for sure!!!!!

      1. Author

        I keep seeing the comical videos and memes of T-hill’s terrible pass to Sims and Sims flopping around to catch it and concussing himself, and then T-hill’s 40-yard fumble. Those videos will be on the NFL blooper reels forever. Thank God we won the game, or it would be worse.

  4. A couple things I want to point out about yesterday’s game. The Redskins didn’t stop running the ball, the simply couldn’t because we started using our 2nd string Dline. Wake, Mitchell and Vernon got outmatched against their OLine but Shelby,Phillips, Mosley and Fede were very effective. I expect to see a bigger role for them going forward.

    Tannehill also got a raw deal with Lazor’s predictable play calling. Every 1st and 10 was a short pass attempt until late in the 3rd quarter. BTW, the first 2 runs that they attempted on first down went for 10 plus yards. You have to establish the run early to open up those passing windows and limit the pressure on the QB. We were out coached badly in this one.

    1. Also Jamar Taylor was getting roasted all day.

    2. Author

      Mike J has a good point. I was watching a lot of other games, especially the way New England plays offense. The plays are designed to be fast and crisp. Brady’s plays never take long to develop. If Gronk is open, he throws it. If covered, he throws a slant to Edelmann. That’s 90% of their playbook.
      With Tannehill, he reads through his progressions like a slow tortoise. He needs to instantly recognize when Option 1 is gone and move to Option 2. T-hill’s problem is he waits to see what’s gonna happen with Option 1. Then he looks toward Option 2, then he…SACK. He took too long.
      This stuff CAN be taught and coached and practiced.
      The pass plays are too complicated, and it causes sacks.

    3. It’s not Lazor’s fault that Tannebum stinks. Find another excuse.

  5. The better team won, but that isn’t saying much. Thought Miami would win by 24 points. The fact that you needed a 4th-quarter punt return to beat our sorry Skins team is bad news for Dolphans.

    1. Author

      Skins Nation, if we didn’t score on that punt return, we probably still would have gotten a field goal and still won. But your point is a good one. Not too many people here on our blog will argue with you when you say that the Dolphins might be in trouble this season. There was zero improvement from last year. It’s early, but it would have been nice to play better in the first half

  6. Like you posted previously, the true benchmark for the fins will come in week 3 vs. Barfallo (sp.intended).

    Think the bills won’t notice how Morris ran all over us ?

    And our D has fits covering running QB’s – like the bills now have (see colts game)

    1. Author

      Yes, but we make up for it by covering tight ends really great!! 😉 My God, Charles Clay is gonna destroy us.

  7. Not to mention what revenge Mr. Incognito has in store for us as well ……

  8. I was at the Redskins game. We actually had as many Dolphin fans as Skins fans at the game. Crazy!
    Anyways, I had a great view of Suh speaking with the Refs on the sideline during a TV timeout. You could tell he was complaining about the holding and chop blocks . That’s why we saw so many penalties on the Redskins in the 2nd half. Coyly made some nice adjustments (be they very late) by using the 2nd string Dline on 1st downs and putting Wake,Suh and Mitchell in on 2nd and 3rd and longs.

    Bottom line, when u wait until the 3rd quarter to establish the run and pass on practically every 1st and 10 ( didn’t see anything else until late 3rd qtr) you are putting heavy pressure on your OLine to pass protect and Tannehill to throw into tight windows. I like the kid but he ain’t at that level yet.

  9. We won like a low level team. This can’t be the new and improved Dolphins we have once again been told they are!
    Can we just call it what it is:Tannehill just DOES NOT have it.
    How much longer do we give this experiment? Waiting for him to “become” that QB is like waiting for snowfall in Miami.
    This team with the exception of a few, is missing the hard drive that I expect from the new and improved Dolphins. Just look at our schedule-we could lose a good bit and that is just in our own Division! Buffalo, Jets and Patsies will go harder on us than we will against them, they always do. Rex and his rebuilt Bills are on course to prove they should be leader of AFC East. That will be infectious in the division.
    Unfortunately, it starts at the top, owner is clueless! Can’t even get the darn colors correct. Really?? Next up, head coach. Until he’s gone, we will be in mediocrity-ville. I was looking forward to this season with a bit of hope that we could be better than last season. Yes, it’s only one game but look at schedule. A couple of wins here and there isn’t cutting it.

    Frustrated for years - formerly anonymous
  10. Tannehill doesn’t have what? So I guess the Dolphins struggling to stop the run the past few years is his fault too.

    1. Tannehill is no better than Chad Henne was. Same career path. An occasional nice game but mostly below average.

  11. I’ve been a fan since the late 70’s. I lived through David Woodley, was spoiled by Marino, and was the only one saying “Fiedler ain’t the problem here!”

    Right now, everything about my Dolphins seems second rate. We’re the Wal-Mart of the AFC East while the Pats are Macy’s. We’re not even close.

    From the coach, to the QB (and both seem like nice guys) to the owner; we’re just outclassed at every turn.

    We moved to Orlando from NC a few months ago and I was so stoked for this season. But before half-time I was thinking we need to blow this thing up……again.

    This franchise used to be routinely feared each season. Now we get excited over 9-7 finishes and “hope for next year.”

    Everyone knows Philbin is not the answer. I wish we could steal Gus Bradley from Jax to see what he could do with real talent. Hell, I wanted Marty Schottenheimer when Shula got let go. All he does is win games.

    If Miami could get good again, you would see the Fins Nation come out in droves. We were barely better than the dumpster fire that is the Redskins.


  12. One game good teams will build as the season unfolds so plenty of time here…I’ll pass out life preservers to those who can’t handle the pressure.

  13. Mike I bet you have a Skip Bayless poster on your wall.

    1. You’d lose that bet. I’ve seen him on TV briefly but have no idea what he is about. I’m guessing you don’t like him for whatever reason.

  14. I’ll be the first to give Tannehill credit….but how can we as fans be confident our QB can get the team downfield, passing with rapid decision making? I expect a heck of a lot more from a QB that gets the props he does when as a fan I don’t see why. Been waiting way too long for this Dolphins team to be the one other teams dread to play! that’s what the Dolphins were at one time…..that’s what we’ve been waiting for! I don’t see anything wrong with wanting this team to be respected and feared. But I just don’t think they are there….again.

    Frustrated for years - formerly anonymous
    1. The Ross ownership is a joke. Pray for new ownership.

  15. Just wanted to express some frustration on here lol. This game was a carbon copy of the last 3 fucking years. Bad play calling, offensive line problems, and linebackers that suck. I mean really does this team not get it, u had a bad run defense last year cause of the linebackers not the line, the redskins saw that and chopped block cause they kno once they get past the line it’s a gurranted 5 yards. And don’t even get me started on Dallas Thomas, he could be the worst linemen ever like really tho. Another shit year for this shit team and I’m honestly done. I’m just not gonna pay attention anymore it’s not worth it

    1. Author

      Zach is right on. The VERY FIRST thing I posted on my live Game-Blog Sunday was that it looked like 2014 all over again. We may have a good team, but we don’t have a BETTER team, and that is the depressing part.
      Sure, there is plenty of time, and some say we may be overreacting. Let’s hope so. Last year, I was calling for T-hill to be benched, but then he caught fire in Game 4 in London and shut me up. Hope it happens again.

  16. In what decade do we get a franchise QB?

  17. Author

    Said it before and say it again, I don’t think leadership can be taught, but they need to drill LEADERSHIP into T-hill’s head. You ever see him get angry? Ever seen him argue with a ref or a teammate or get in a coach’s face? He looks utterly lost when he comes off the field. It’s become obvious that Jarvis Landry is the unofficial leader on offense, doping everything he can for an extra yard or two, while our QB follows the script of the inept architects he’s been given

  18. So I just heard idiot Philbin on radio saying Jacksonville was a ” good team”!!! WOW!

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