How Many reasons to root for Atlanta?

When people in Boston wake up Sunday, will they realize how the entire non-Boston world hates the Patriots?

Will a single Patriot fan admit that Tom Brady got caught red-handed cheating?

Will they admit that if not for an archaic and unknown technicality known as the tuck rule, then no one would have heard of  Tom Brady?

Will they admit that spying on your opponents during practice gives you a decided and unfair advantage?

Will they admit that Pete Carroll handed them  free gift in the Super Bowl a few years ago?

Will they admit that 17-0 is perfect, and that 18-1 is not?

We could go on and on and on here on this end.   But I’d like to turn it over to you readers.

What are your thoughts on the Patriots and the Falcons?

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  1. The main reason is I bet Atlanta to win it all 7 weeks ago. Plus I hate the Patsies.

  2. One HUGE reason to root for the Patriots

    Roger Goodell

    1. Never a good reason reset your priorities brother…. goodell only went after them for their arrogance. Besides that would have been ordered by the other 31 owners who are sick of the patsies BS.

  3. The Falcons are going to have to play a mistake-free game to win this one. And, will probably need a turnover or two- as much as it pains me to say this. But nothing would please me more than to see a good ‘ol ass whopping against the patsies. I had to laugh today when one of my coworkers said that he thinks Aaron Hernandez innocent! But that is the mentality of their fans.

    1. Yes they’re seriously retarded people. The fumbles doubled this year but they blame it on special teams like they never had a fumble on ST in the past. Or of course it was all back ups this year but in the past they said they didn’t fumble due to superior coaching. Did their coaching regress magically this year? How about something logical softer balls are easier to hang on to especially in colder weather…just ask my spouse haha! Those tools crack me up I’d love to see 4-5 fumbles out of them today.

  4. LETS GO PATS!!!

    If we cant win it let it be from our division!

    1. Author

      Only a “true” Dolphin fan like Jay could possibly want to see the likes of Tom Brady win.

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