Injuries Injuries Injuries

Sometimes, injuries aren’t the worst thing to happen to a team.   Just ask any Patriot fan what happened after Drew Bledsoe got hurt.

For the Dolphins, it could be a good thing.  We can hope.

Our starting linebacker corps is blown up with injuries now, which might finally force Adam Gase to let Mike Hull start a game.   From there, we expect Zach Vigil to get some playing time as well.   It’s pretty poor management that these guys haven’t seen more playing time, especially since the guys ahead of them on the depth chart are very very average.   Jelani Jenkins is having an absolutely horrible year.  Spencer Paysinger and Neville Hewitt are playing like you’d expect third-stringer to play like.  The only one making any waves is Kiki Alonso, and he may have to sit out Sunday.   Vigil and Hull are our only hope, and I firmly believe they’ll take advantage of their time to shine.

Gase cut 2/5 of his starting offensive line a few weeks ago and he routinely benches Jay Ajayi when we need him most.  He makes some pretty drastic movies on offense.  But for some odd reason, he won’t even consider any linebacking changes.  Baffling.

On offense, I am tired of hearing about how all the coaches and home-town reporters are hoping DeVante Parker can play.  Why?  So he can cost us more turnovers?   So he can land out of bounds?   So he can NOT fight for a ball?   No thank you.

It’s time to stick Leonte Caroo in the lineup and keep him there.  If we need a spread formation, then it’s time to get Jakeem Grant in the mix.   The kid scares me every time he catches a punt, but let’s see what he can do as a WR.

They keep running the same play each week–where Grant runs in motion like he’s going to take the snap directly or else accept a handoff from Tannehill, but it’s been a decoy each time.  It’s time for Gase to stop messing around and give the ball to his playmakers.  We all no that DeVante Parker has never broken a tackle in his Dolphin career, but all Grant does is break tackles.   Who would you rather see get the ball?

On a side note, the Raiders began their tank last night, giving New England home field advantage throughout the playoffs, yet again.   Oakland, KC, Denver, and Pittsburgh are still the teams we’re chasing, we have to to count on no help at all from any of those teams.

I’m starting to see this upcoming Cardinal mgame like the Steelers game:  it looks like a game where the Dolphins are overmatched, but somehow they can find a way to put it together and get a win.


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  1. I hope your right about it being like the steelers game, the cards were 13-3 last year so there one of those teams that’s much better than their record shows. Ajayi and tannehill will have to be at their best if Miami wants to win this.

    1. Author

      Copying the Raven game plan is easier said than done. Seems easy for the Cards to just run slant routes all day long, but that’s not their bread and butter, and it’s hard to perfect that in a week of practice.
      Next week, we face the Jets and a rookie QB, and they WILL run that slant pass all day. And New England on January 1? They are the masters of that play. Scary…unless we learn to defend it and fast!

      1. I hear ya, hopefully the coaching staff has been preparing the linebackers and corners for that. All depends how good you think Carson Palmer and the Arizona wideouts are. I don’t really think he’s that great but I didn’t think flacco was either lol and Larry Fitz is a lot better than Steve smith and mike Wallace. I’m a little worried but hopefully the defense can step up.

        1. Joe Flacco is a likely HOF QB if he just stays healthy.

      2. Forget defending the slant. Even teams with good defenses have a hard time. With our back 7, forget it. The Back 7 suck,period. Alonso might start on a few teams and no other LB would start,much less make other rosters-they are this bad. The Back 4 are awful,all they do is chase. and Darren Rizzi on Jan 2. All he does is scream-screaming isn’t coaching. Maybe Gase was stuck with him-we don’t know.

  2. We’re NOT chasing the Steelers.Uh,we eat them and head to head IS the 1st tiebreaker. if Salami Jenkins never plays another down for us,I’ll be happy.

    1. Author

      Karma, the head-to-head tiebreaker only comes into play in a two-way tie. That is EXTREMELY unlikely, given the jumble of KC-Oakland-Denver-Pitt-Baltimore-Titans-Colts-Texans. The 3-or-more-way ties then come into play, and head-to-head won’t matter. I don’t think Miami can beat the elite teams if we make the playoffs, but getting there would be a great accomplishment.

      1. Yes I’m fully aware of that. You mentioned we were chasing the Steelers and I said we win that due to head t head. But you may get your lifetime wish this week when the OTHER team hands the ball to their RB on every play. Because they realize the only 2 teams that have a worse run defense than ours have a total of 1 win between them. May be another game under 3 hours which is rare.

  3. Not sure what’s going on with parts of my posts missing and some spelling also. RE:Rizzi-he needs to be gone on Jan 2.

  4. I have a feeling Gase finally got a wake up call last week and will stick more with fundamental football this week. Yes our 2ndary sucks this year but we knew that going in and in spite of that they have played surprisingly well. We also knew our linebacking was also an area in need of improvement. But they haven’t played nearly as bad as the wheeler and elerbe days in my opinion. Congrats to Harbaugh and co. for preparing a perfect game plan against us. But Im no more worried this week than last. The true architect of torching our secondary goes to Phillip Rivers. He repeatedly and with ease completed pass after pass in the center of the field but didn’t do enough to ice the game. I say this because some teams are better at exploiting certain weaknesses than others. And say what you will, but playing imitation football can be a double edged affair. Yes going for weakness is advised but if in the effort it also exposes one of your own weaknesses then a cost/benefit type of analysis must be done. And that is all theoretical until kickoff on sunday. I feel a good coach will stick more with his game plan and system. Maybe Baltimore simply had the talent, practice time, cohesion, and defense to fall back on. So if their change of style went belly up their defense could and did repeatedly bail them out. Most teams dont have that luxury.

    Lets be honest we are not at all explosive on offense and were cooked up nice and handed to a hungry and dominating Baltimore defense. They did what they do on offense and did it to perfection. We on the other hand do not have a dominating defense and have a sputtering offense. Last weeks loss was all in the math. Now if Gase would have played Ajayi more , he could have been an X factor. But he didnt and it was left up to the obvious strength vs weakness tally.

    I expect a fired up crowd, a humbled Gase, and hopefully and even more humbled tanny. And finally if Ajayi is as pissed as we dolphins fans are about last week, he will be running with even more purpose. Especially after being all but benched last week. No matter the injuries we need to bounce back and prove we belong here and our record is valid. I feel this game is even more important than last week.

    1. No pass rush again this week and we get crushed,period. Flacco could have played in a t-shirt and shorts.

      1. LOL, that is very true. I don’t think we even came close to Flacco all day.

        1. Author

          I thought we had at least one or two sacks, but you guys are right…Flacco had all day, PLUS he didn’t even need time because his WRs were getting opening immediately.

    2. And the 30th ranked run defense-yeah,a win is promising! LOL

  5. Would love to see Caroo get in a lot more. If Tannekill can put the ball in the right spot, this guy will get it! He’s a tough Rutgers kid who can take the corners. If Gate doesn’t try him to see what he can do in a game, we’ll never know, then they’ll trade him, and he will be scoring like a mad man. We’ve seen this story how many times with this team?

    1. Author

      Gase and others have now PUBLICLY stated that DeVante Parker is costing us interceptions due to his lack of effort, so I think they see it finally. This should be Caroo’s best chance to break into the lineup, and I’d love to see it.

      1. I didnt see it do you have a link for that?

        We need a much better QB if we want to be a legitimate playoff team.

        1. Author

          Parker caught an apparent touchdown pass early in the second quarter with the Dolphins trailing 14-0. But Baltimore safety Lardarius Webb darted over at the last moment an stole the ball from Parker for a touchback.

          “I didn’t see the safety coming,” Parker said. “I was just focusing on the ball.”

          Offensive coordinator Clyde Christensen said such interceptions simply can’t be allowed. “From a coaching standpoint you’d say, ‘We’ve got to catch that ball or we’ve got to pass interfere or do something to make sure that ball doesn’t get intercepted.’

  6. Unless Palmer or Johnson is out early,we give up 30+ again and we won’t win a shootout.

    1. Author

      Larry Fitzgerald will give us more trouble than Johnson, I feel. But if they BOTH get going, we’ll give up 40+ and not just 30. If we’re protecting against the pass and they run draw plays to Johnson all day long, who’s gonna stop him? Our All-Pro linebacker squad?

  7. Johnson is the best reciving running back in the league with the linebackers we have I think we’re in for a long day, the offense better show up

  8. Cant expect to win if TannePuke throws 3 INT’S again……

  9. Parker is another Ted Ginn …good at his craft but chicken of getting hurt …..there is no doubt Landry is a keeper but Parker needs to get some balls.

    1. Pro Football Focus said TannePuke was the WORST QB in the league last week!! YIKES!!

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