Injuries Mount at the Worst Time

Well, as I predicted, Brian Flores messed with the Patriots’ preparations.   Rather than ruling out Gesicki and Parker early, Flores waited until the last ppossible minute to rule them out.

I guarantee that he knew 6 days ago that these guys couldn’t play.    Kept it secret, and that is good.

But the good news ends there.  For the second game in a row, we face a good defense without any main offensive weapons.    None.   So who will step up?

It starts with the D.   If they can hold Cam Newton down like many other teams have done this year, then the offense can be okay.  We will see.

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  1. Very proud of the team today got it done against the odds! Hopefully get some injured players back for next week.

  2. Phins ended the Patsies playoff hopes. Nice 👍

  3. I love it when the refs call penalties against the cheating patsies. That 12 men on the field penalty they never would’ve called when we had Gase or Philbin as coach. I remember a field goal we missed like 5 years ago they had 12-13 men on the field (illegally aligned too) very obvious and nothing called. Wish I still had that picture.

  4. Good win! How about the running game! It was great to return the 200+ yard rushing against the Pats! Ahmad and Brieda looked great! I hope Solomon Kindley is ok.

  5. Jimmy Johnson just made a good point. You want talent and balance but stars aren’t always necessary because you have the pressure of feeding them and your opponent knows this too. OBJ is a good example the Browns have been better without him as you force plays instead of taking what’s there. A strong team is better than a few stars. Tua may end up being a star but he doesn’t walk that way or Flores won’t let him! Johnson said Michael Irvin wanted every ball but he made sure he didn’t as spreading it around is more effective. Tough to balance but I can see Flo being strong enough to do this or those players will be gone.

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