Jarvis Landry Under Police Investigation as the Dolphins Hire a Television Announcer to be Our New Starting Quarterback

When it rains, it pours.

On the day the Dolphins welcome Jay Cutler to camp (more on that later), it’s been revealed that back in April, a domestic violence report was filed against Landry.   The Dolphins did well to hide this, but in this era, such alleged crimes are harder and harder to hide.   Still not sure how the word got out and who spilled the beans.  The Dolphins, of course, went with the old “We’re aware of this and will wait to see how it plays out” routine.     Adam Gase has made it clear that he doesn’t mind his players taking a 15-yard unsportsmanlike penalty whenever they want to celebrate, but hopefully Gase does draw the line when alleged crimes are involved.

In other news, TV announcer Jay Cutler is our new starting quarterback.

I’m sure our Dolphins Truth readers will debate this a lot.   But here are my initial two cents.

Number one, I feel this is tremendously rushed.   There are a lot of unemployed QBs out there, and we just grabbed the oldest one.  I think it’s a nice, feel-good story that Gase reached out to his former pupil.  Very heartwarming.  But the bottom line is that when Gase and Cutler last worked together, the Bears went 6-10.  THAT is not a dynamic, winning formula.

Our new QB.

I wouldn’t mind hiring Cutler so much if the Dolphins at least pretended to look around.   But for management to rush into signing a 6-10 QB just because of the overrated, cliched “he knows the offense,” is ridiculous.  If he knew it so well, he’d be ready to play in our first pre-season game Thursday, but Gase has already ruled him out.

Number two, I am always against hiring people who have already retired and are leading the good life.  Up until Saturday, Cutler was a TV announcer and looking forward to that role, by all accounts.   There are many reasons that  Jay Cutler retired (mostly because he got cut and no one else wanted him).   But the overwhelming, unflinching reason is that he had no desire to play again.  If he had any desire at all, he would have immediately latched onto another team back in March when the Bears first cut him.

Also, it’s important to note this:   Cutler admitted that his wife talked him into it.  That means his desire to play is gone.  His wife’s desire to get his $10 million for a few months’ work is not gone.  At least PRETEND that you yourself are excited to play again.

Number three, I want to point out and emphasize that the Bears cut him.  He didn’t willingly walk away on top.   The Bears have a terrible team and a horrible offense, and yet even they recognized that Jay Cutler couldn’t help them.

Number four, back to the old “he knows the offense.”  You know what?  Matt Moore knows the offense too, and he played brutally in Weeks 17 and 18.   Knowing the offense doesn’t mean anything if the QB is prone to turnovers.  Cutler knew the offense in both Chicago and in Denver, and still he has a losing W-L record as a starting quarterback.  This man is no savior.   He’s not an improvement.

After the last two games of 2016, I am no fan of Matt Moore.   I still have nightmares about Moore watching the Steeler lineman run right at him and then slowly, casually, take his time trying to jog away before—BOOM, Moore fumbles again, season over.  But despite that, this is like the third time that the starting job has been stripped away from Moore by various coaches.  Without even giving him a fair chance.    Gase should at least pretend that there is competition for the starting job.  The locker room, by all accounts, favored Moore.

Don’t get me wrong.   I am not against this signing.   I just think it’s rushed and could have been handled differently.  And more cheaply.  Seriously, $10 million?  What if the Dolphins held firmly at $9 million…would Cutler have said no?   No way.   They threw money away on a losing quarterback, so let’s hope they know what they’re doing.

The good news?   Cutler does have 12 career tackles, which means he’s good at catching up to opponents after he throws the ball to them.

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  1. “They threw money away on a losing quarterback”

    Well, heck this wouldn’t be the 1st time they wasted money on losing QB’s. 9 years and a ton of money wasted on Chad Henne and Ryan TannePuke. LOL

    1. Author

      True, but at least with Henne and Tannehill, we drafted them and gave them $$$ in hopes that they could blossom. We didn’t wait until AFTER they retired with a losing record and THEN make them the offer.

      1. Well, I knew from day 1 that Henne and TannePuke wouldn’t blossom…so there isn’t any difference IMO.

  2. I don’t think there was a better choice on the free agent market than cutler. He did have the best passer rating of his career under gase in 2015 and that was only 2 years ago. Your right they did suck as a team but I think this dolphins team is much better overall than the 2015 bears. I’m cautiously optimistic that cutler can at least play better than tannehill. And Moore is a good backup if cutler really sucks.

    1. Author

      Yeah, I’m going to be cautiously optimistic.

  3. Gase better hit it out of the park with Cutler. Just a bad feeling…

  4. They have to be able to run the ball and if so Cutler will be ok…no different than Tanny would have been. I still think that they should have drafted one more LB and olineman. That lack of depth may sink them…

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