Jennings Gone, Suh’s big old contract gone

As if we were still living in the Philbin era, a Dolphin player spoke up and gave his opinion, and a week later he as cut.

The main difference is that the player here is a bench player, Greg Jennings.  As you may know, a short while ago Jennings gave some less-than-stellar opinions on Ryan Tannehill and now finds himself unemployed.

The good news is that it saves the Dolphins money and that Jennings was not effective last season, albeit with limited opportunities.  So no great loss.

Let’s hope Suh destroys Brady nexy season…

But there may be some bad news too.  The wide receiver corps last year made vast improvements.   the 2015 WRs were far better and far more productive than the WRs on 2014.   I would have liked to keep the whole gang together.  But I suppose if one of those guys was expendable, it would have to be Jennings.

I’m not sold on Matt Hazel like many others are.   He’s not rookie…Hazel has had chance after chance over several seasons to make the team and contribute, but he just isn’t quite good enough.   He may excel in preseason games against the opponents’ 6th-string rookie squad, but he can’t make the big leagues, and Jennings could.   That being said, I don’t think the loss of Jennings is huge.

Miami also restructured Kong Suh’s contract, along with some other creative financing…And now, somehow, we’ll have an extra $20 million in cap room.   That is always excellent news.    Props to Misi and Suh for allowing the team to do this.  I myself would never do such a thing, so I can respect those who do it.    Essentially the team  says, “We are contractually obligated to pay you $10 million this year.   But we want to pay you $4 million instead.    We;’ll pay you the other $6 million some other day.   Honest.”    I would not do it!

Meanwhile, we can all keep saying our prayers that the courts allow the NFL to suspend Tom Brady for 4 games, like he should have served last year.   The league is currently in the middle of its appeal.

No matter what you think about Brady’s guilt, that isn’t the issue.   The real issue is if the NFL and Roger Goodell have the right to punish players.   Just ask Dion Jordan if the NFL had the right to punish him.   Of course it does.

The collective bargaining agreement allows the Commish to punish players.   Period.

A player is allowed to appeal.   Happens all the time, and the Commish generally lowers the penalty.

But whining like a crybaby and crawling all the way to court?   Only a Patriot would come up with something like that to stall.   Instead of taking his punishment like a man–like so many NFL players have done when suspended–Brady decided to cry to the courts.   He found a sympathetic liberal judge to take his side.  And we all know the rest.

But maybe now, during this ongoing appeal, justice will finally be served.


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  1. I have no problems with the release of Jennings. He produced very little for the team. And to me, a player should not call out his quarterback publicly to the media. Dirty laundry like that is best left on the field or in the locker room. As for Brady, he will handle this like the Pats typically do- gloating when they win, and crying when they lose. Hats off to Kongsuh and Misi helping out the team create some cap space.

  2. ” Props to Misi and Suh for allowing the team to do this”. There are no props involved for Suh. It was written into his contract originally with the intent for just what happened this week-t save cap space. He had no say either way in the matter. Hopefully we’ll be able to upgrade from Misi in the next year or 2.

  3. Trade just went down Miami sends draft picks to philly for Kiko Alonzo and Byron maxwell

  4. From CBS Sports: The Dolphins do get a moderate upgrade to their pass defense here, simply because the players being replaced were so bad last season. (LOL)!
    Alonso is a good player when he’s on the field, but he’s been crippled by injuries the last two seasons. Maxwell is more of a mixed bag.

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