Jets Game Day

I know this is a broken record at this point, but the Dolphins need to lose the rest of December and hope for Joe Burrow or Chase Young.   There is a steep drop-off (plus huge Tua question marks) after that.

We simply can’t afford picking in the 3 slot of beyond.  Top 2 or Bust!

Someone needs to get the word to Flores.  No more onside kicks, fakes, 4th-down risks, etc.  Just know you had a productive 2019, your job is very safe, and look for to coming out strong in April.


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  1. Burrow is the guy I want ….time for a real franchise qb …tired of all the fill ins …if we win even 1 more game the year will be a total waste ….Tua no thanks he takes to many risks for injury and is not durable …so bite the bullet Miami and let this year be a great qb to build this team around .

  2. We are about to sweep the Jets. I wish we’d lose

  3. That was exactly what you want to see… A loss but a hard fought game that you could make an argument they really could have and should have won. Now if only the Bungles and Giants could pull off upsets….

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