Judas Jonathan Martin Opens up about his lack of mental toughness

Like a pest who just won’t go away, Jonathan Martin continues to make news.

Two years after he quit on the Miami Dolphins.

A year after the 49ers got rid of him.

A month after he quit on the Panthers.

Somehow, this serial quitter still makes news.

Wow, nobody pays attention to me since I left the NFL. Guess I better keep releasing statements to keep my name in the news.

This week, he’s been whining about how he felt suicidal.  He admitted using drugs.  He admitted how often he got drunk.  Yet, despite those obvious unproductive (and non-LEGAL) activities, he still wants us to feel he is the victim.

Now, more than ever, the Dolphins should be apologizing to Richie Incognito and begging him to come back.  But no.  Too late.  Rex Ryan proved he is infinitely smarter than Joe Philbin by scooping up Richie at NFL-minimum pay.  A Pro Bowl guard who Joe Philbin didn’t want.  Same old story.

During the entire alleged Bullygate everyone kept saying how awful Richie was.  It must take a super-nasty bully to make a 300-lb man cry and quit the team, right?

Nope.  The 300-lb “victim” had pre-existing mental toughness issues, and he’s admitting it now.   Too bad he didn’t admit it right before we drafted him.

This guy makes Dion Jordan look like an excellent draft choice.

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  1. @Admin

    You know it’s been a nice week here on the Blog! We had some nice stories posted (by you – thank you) and we had some nice comments back and forth but that was to placid for you I see!

    You had to bring Martian up again and MY GOD you even said that Richie Incognito was a Pro Bowl talent that Philbin should have kept!!!! (Ok you didn’t say that but you did infer it!)

    Oh how the comment section will explode yet again!

    1. Author

      Ha! Yes, I am a Richie supporter and I know that gets people mad. But at the same time, if Jonathan Martin would just quietly go away, this issue would have been long forgotten. Every time I see the media fawn over poor wittle victim Johnny Martin, I feel compelled to point out what type of man is REALLY is.

  2. Signing Incognito to the team was just another Jeff Ireland blunder. He belongs in the funny farm he was in last year.

    1. Author

      Jay Philbin doesn’t want Pro Bowlers on the team apparently.

  3. Don Shula wouldnt have Incognito on his teams either. When asked if he would have Incognito on his team Shula responded
    ” You win with good people both on and off the field.”

    And I think its safe to say Philbin wants team players not racist jerks who discriminate and fight with their own teammates and sexually harrass women on a golf course.

  4. Was this sight down all day or was it my imagination?

  5. I still think it’s funny how a football player can be such a sissy. They are supposed to be tough both physically and mentally. Name calling comes with the sport. The opposition talks smack all day long.

    1. Well, Martin never had a problem at Stanford, San Fran, or Carolina. The racism and harassment he endured on the Dolphins has no place in any work environment.

      1. Mike, I think he DID have a problem at those schools you mentioned, plus everywhere else in his entire life. He was suicidal and he felt as a kid he wasn’t black enough. Sorry, but I do not blame his insecurities on any Dolphin. The guy is just troubled, and he kept it to himself and allowed the media to think that the Dolphins were troubled.

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