Judas Jonathan Martin Retires, Rather than Get Surgery like other NFL players

Jonathan Martin,  the Judas who turned his back on the Dolphins because his friends teased him, has retired from the NFL.

Rather than simply have surgery, Martin has chickened out (again).  He opted to quit (again).

Benedict Arnold Jonathan Martin will never, ever be called tough.

I strongly predict a lawsuit coming from this.  As I reported many many times after reading the Wells Report and after watching Martin’s ludicrous interview with

Tony Dungy on NBC, Martin has always spoken very litigiously about the whole situation.  He followed the coaching of his lawyers much better than he following the coaching of his coaches, that’s for sure.

It’s still humorous how some in the media defend this guy and truly think he was some kind of victim.  At the same time, it’s sad.   All you need to do is look at the texts that Martin sent to Incognito.  THEY BOTH TEASED EACH OTHER.  It was not one-sided.

Ted Wells was paid to ignore that fact, and the media certainly did.  Sports fans rightfully questioned Martin’s mental toughness, while those who don’t know much about sports, such as politically correct social bloggers, talk about Martin as a hero.

I was looking forward to the scrimmages coming up with the Panthers to see some Dolphin knock Martin into next week.  But, alas, that day will not come.  Good riddance to Jonathan Martin.


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  1. Curious why you think there’ll be a lawsuit now. You mean brought by the Panthers against Martin for retiring instead of getting surgery?

    There is at least one active lawsuit brought by Dolphins’ trainers, but that’s against the NFL and Wells.

    Seems to me that if anyone has a case, it’s probably Incognito against the Dolphins.

    1. The lawsuit will be against the Dolphins for failure to supervise, racism, and discrimination.

      1. Yep…Martin mom is a lwyer, and they will sue the Dolphins for not stopping bullying in the workplace. The NFL lockeroom is the same as working in an office according to the law. Either place, your employer has to protect you from harassment

        1. Well then this is going to be quite a sh*tstorm!

          Nothing like a high-profile lawsuit to affect a football season.

    2. Author

      Martin could sue the Dolphins and claim that it was a hostile work environment. He showed the seeds of this on his Tony Dungy interview, when he kept repeating that the locker room “accepted” the hostility and that the alleged abuse was “accumulating.” Those are legalese words, and I am convinced his mommy coached him about using them.
      As I said at the time, if Richie teased Martin once or twice, then no case. Martin will have to prove that it was continual, and that the management accepted it, and that it accumulated over time, etc.
      Martin could just go away, and we’d be happy. But I have a bad feeling about this. And the worst part is, the media will take Martin’s side when the lawsuit is announced.

  2. Although Ross may have already paid off Martin not to sue.

  3. Admin this is a no win

    Of course Martian finally showed his true colors. Hell he quite every third play with the Dolphins usually resulting in Thill getting sacked and now he’s quitting on the Panthers and the NFL altogether

    He will undoubtably be hearalded as a role model to children on how to conduct them selfs and how to stand up to bullies.

    When I was young we popped a bully in the nose to shut him up but now 350 pound men cry to their mom and lawyers and quite.

    So the no win is this….. Yea Martin is gone but the fact this guy gets any support shows just how gone this damm world we live in is

    1. Author

      Popping a bully is the ideal way. I myself was too scared to do that, so I just walked the long way around and avoided the bully, and eventually they went away. Either method: the bullying stopped.
      The one thing I knew NOT to do was tell mommy and daddy.

  4. Yet another 2nd round pick down the drain. That’s what pisses me off the most. Was he a Jeff Ireland pick?

    1. Yeah he was an Ireland pick. And Ireland also brought in that POS Incognito to the team.

      1. Author

        You mean the Pro Bowl POS who every single Dolphin vouched for and wanted him back on the team. 🙂 Just stating facts,

        1. Not everyone wanted him back. There was another player as well as a coach that was abused by Incognito. Philbin didnt want him either. Incognito was kicked off EVERY team he’s ever been on for good reason. Also the Wells report clearly identified him as a total POS. The fact that he’s a good player is no excuse to allow racism, discrimination, harassment and abuse. Pro Bowl is meaningless to allow this behavior. He molested a girl sexually on a golf course. He was in a funny farm for a reason. And he tweeted about doing ecstacy at the strip clubs.

          When Don Shula was asked if he would have Incognito on one of his teams he responded ” You win with good people both on and off the field.”

          1. Author

            Jay, the other player who was allegedly “abused” by Incognito as you say was Andrew McDonald. Mr. McDonald has come out and stated that he has no problem with the team. Please stop repeating media rumors and politically correct gossip.
            You and the media WANTED McDonald to be a second victim, but that is not the case. Don’t believe me? Read McDonald’s own words:

            1. Abused? Are you serious? You mean teased and kidded around, right?

  5. I’d like for someone to go back the last 20-25 years or so and compile a list of all the BUST 1st & 2nd round picks by the Dolphins. I’m NOT trying to be a negative a-hole going into the season. I just am curious to see the evidence that proves how a smart/strong draft builds champions. As far as I’m concerned, it’s vital that picks in rounds 1-3 not only make the team but contribute at an 80% success rate. Heck, I may research this but if someone wants to take the lead, go ahead.

  6. good riddance! I hope he gets sued so hard that he looses everything he ever made in the NFL…plus some.

  7. 2013 Rd. 1 Dion Jordan
    2013 Rd. 2 Jamar Taylor (TBD)
    2012 Rd. 2 Johnathan Martin (hahahaha)
    2011 Rd. 2 Daniel Thomas
    2009 Rd. 2 Pat White
    2008 Rd. 2 Philip Merling
    2008 Rd. 2 Chad Henne
    2007 Rd. 1 Tedd Ginn
    2007 Rd. 2 John Beck
    2006 Rd. 1 Jason Allen
    2005 Rd. 2 Matt Roth
    2003 Rd. 2 Eddie Moore
    2001 Rd. 1 Jamar Fletcher
    1999 Rd. 2 JJ Johnson
    1998 Rd. 1 John Avery
    1997 Rd. 1 Yatil Green
    1995 Rd.1 Billy Milner
    1995 Rd. 2 Andrew Greene
    1994 Rd. 2 Aubrey Beavers
    1992 Rd. 2 Eddie Blake

    Now just for FUN memories:

    1989 Rd. 1 Sammie Smith
    1988 Rd. 1 Eric Kumerow
    1987 Rd. 1 John Bosa (kid’s pretty good)

    2 (TWO) Hall of Famers in 46 years!

    1. Author

      Great post, thanks. NONE of those guys amounted to anything. No need to TBD on Jamar Taylor. That ship has sailed, and he didn’t get on!
      Such bitter memories of these names. I remember when we drafted Billy Milner and the experts were saying how intelligent he was, and they kept showing pictures of him wearing glasses and reading classical literature. I knew we were doomed. You need toughness on the line, not a bookworm!
      Jason Allen? Thanks a lot for that pick Mr. Saban.
      Yatil Green? Don’t get me started.

  8. So many wasted #2 picks….. the #1s that really burned me recently were Jason Allen, Ted Ginn, Dion Jordan, Pat White. The only thing that helped keep us barely respectable were later round hits like Jason Taylor & Zach Thomas. I like the direction we seem to be going now with Hickey. Time will tell. What’s kind of “fun” & painful is seeing who we COULD have had after those picks were made…… Anquan Boldin for instance

    1. Author

      I think LB Mike Hull could be an undrafted gem for us this year. we find decent undrafted guys every year, but we strike out when it comes to the early rounds.

      1. Yeah I agree about Hull. That guy was widely recognized as one of the best lineman in the NCAA last year. I think he received the Big Ten’s “#1 lineman award” or whatever they call it.

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