Julius Thomas Spits on Our Country and Then Spits on His Teammates

Monday Morning Update:
As I expected, the media and casual fans are blaming Cutler.  He does deserve some fault.   But Gase’s atrocious game planning combined with Julia Thomas’s laziness are the main factors here.   I think it was one of the Herald hacks who said on the interception intended for Thomas, it wasn’t clear if it was Thomas’s or Cutler’s fault.  Are you serious?   There is not one play–not one single play–where the design is for the tight end to slowly jog straight ahead and not turn around whatsoever.  Sorry, but I refuse to blame Cutler for this mess when it is Thomas’s continued lack of production that is a key factor.  Lack of production AND lack of effort.   AND disrespecting the National Anthem.  He’s a real winner, isn’t he?


First of all, click here and take a second to read our post from SATURDAY.   We tell you about what a bust Julia Thomas has been.  This was BEFORE the Saints game.  So we’re not just harping on him now because he blew the Saints game for us.  We started much earlier.

It’s very very rare that a play in the first quarter can have so much impact, but in this case, it truly did.  Julia Thomas ran the laziest route in NFL history, and the ball got intercepted.

Julia didn’t turn around.  He didn’t look for the ball.  He didn’t try to knock it away from the tiny defender.  He loafed.

All of this after he refused to stand for our National Anthem.

The laziness of Julia took away all Dolphin momentum.  All confidence.  All everything.

I know Cutler haters will indicate that Cutler himself threw the pick, but come on.  We all saw what Thomas did.    Or didn’t do in this case.   Not even trying is even worse than not standing for the Anthem.  Disrespecting your country does not cost you games.  But laziness does.

Don’t under-estimate the effect his laziness had.  It sapped ALL energy from the team.

THIS is how a true leader handles Julia Thomas when he fucks up. I’m sure Adam Gase will pat him on the back though.

Adam Gase’s playcalling, as always, didn’t help.  (Why did he call a pass on first-and-goal anyway?)  Haack’s 30-yard punts didn’t help.  Bobby McCain playing like a j.v. middle-schooler didn’t help.  Rey Maulaluga’s out of shape self  didn’t help.  Byron Maxwell blowing out his hamstring in a routine pre-game warmup jog didn’t help.  Horrendous officiating didn’t help.  No-Nothing Stephen Ross giving away this “home” game didn’t help.

Yet despite all of those “Didn’t Helps,” the King of it All was Julia.

We pointed out Thomas’s lack of production several times this year, and today he topped it with a real gem.   Not to mention his Anthem antics while in a foreign country.



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  1. Changes have to be made, Matt Moore needs to starts next game. The offense literally couldn’t score a point against the worst defense in football.

    1. Author

      Two weeks in a row. (I know technically we scored against the Jets, bu you get the point).

      Cutler was much improved this week, but Gas’es playcalling doesn’t get anyone into a rhythm. Ever.

      1. I’ll piggyback this comment, I stated before that it is hard to tell if Cutler is more at fault than he already is because their is no game plan. Just Pass-Run-pass ( noncapitalized because the 3rd down pass call is always 5-8 yards short of the line to gain). I am not sure anyone can win with this leadership ( also noncapitalized for obvious reason). Would start Moore next week however.

    2. Nobody ever brings up Steve Ross hiring Mike. How many white coaches do you see on the Dolphins in the year 2017? HC, DC, OC AND special teams. This is diversity? I moved to Palm Beach County in 85 and the Dolphins have done so many things wrong in drafting players it is to much to list.

      1. Author

        This year’s draft isn’t productive at all yet, but it’s early. Charles Harris has done nothing. Raekwon McMillan got hurt in a practice game because his head coach made him play special teams I a meaningless exhibition. Tankersley is the next one to get his chance, as he was just named a starter.
        “HAD ENOUGH” makes such a good point about our wasted drafts

    3. Author

      @Zach, did you see how defensive Gase was about “Cutler is my starter”? It’s like he won’t even CONSIDER making a change. Depressing

      1. Yea I’m slowing losing all faith I had in gase.

  2. After those clowns kneeled for the anthem, I was rooting against them. It’s much more entertaining to root against these Dolphins. You can laugh at their dumb moves and ineptitude instead of being annoyed by it.
    Karma for Julie Thomas – just like when Stills dropped that TD pass after kneeling to lose the Seattle game a while back. Nice call on him Admin.
    If not for the garbage TD at the end of the Jets game, they would’ve been shutout two games in a row. And they should have lost the Chargers game thanks to Gase’s Philbinesque timeout at the end of that game. They should really be ranked last in the power rankings at this point.

    1. Author

      I am not some right-winger nutjob American patriot. I just think standing for the Anthem is a simple, respectful thing to do.
      When you spend all week thinking about how you’re going to pose yourself into kneeling for the camera, that means you’re not thinking about football.
      Oh, and did you hear? The protest worked!! Trump saw Julia Thomas kneel down and he just resigned from office. Yep! The 3 Dolphins changed the world by their actions. it proves that kneeling and creating distractions really works.

      1. These idiots don’t even know what they’re protesting. There should be a protest about how much money these guys are paid for playing a game.

        1. You are right. If they protested the murders in their own communities as strongly as they protest Trump, actual people might benefit. But they are not interested in helping people, just making the news and increasing their popularity.

      2. “Oh, but the protest isn’t about the anthem though so people shouldn’t be offended” – dipshit football players and their apologists 2017

        Me- so please tell me why the fuck we are protesting during the national anthem and not before or after the game?

        1. Author

          And it stings twice as much because Julia Thomas, Michael Thomas, and Kenny Stills all played like pigs today

  3. Author

    I will be VERY curious to see how other writers and the media portray this loss. I’m sure they will spread the blame around the offense, but don’t be fooled. It was on Thomas.
    And I’ve called him out for 3 straight weeks while other writers claim what a great trade he was.
    I just read the Herald’s initial writeup, and no mention of Thomas’ continued lack of production.

    1. Don’t forget, the media didn’t even mention Gase’s boneheaded timeout in the Chargers game.

      1. Author

        To be fair, the media questioned him about it. But his answer was assinine, and no one ever tried a follow up question to challenge him. He’s a cocky young punk who THINKS he is the smartest man in the room.
        But Todd Bowles and now Sean Peyton schooled him. Chargers too, if not for the kicker missing.

  4. The Dolphins are trying for the number 1 overall pick so they can use it on an offensive lineman.

  5. I literally came here because I had a post saying essentially the same things about Julia Thomas and Kenny Stills deleted at the Phinsider.
    I was told “no politics allowed”. Well shouldn’t it be allowed when we are discussing the actions of football players on game day? I didn’t make the POS’s kneel! They brought politics to football but I can’t discuss it and their performances, or lack thereof ?

    1. Author

      LOL, Mike. I was banned from the Phinsiders 4 years ago because I said Joe Philbin was “clueless.” I didn’t curse or anything. Phinsiders do not support thoughtful critiques.

      1. The Phinsider is just another liberal safe space. Sure they talk Dolphins football……with their man buns, skinny jeans and vegan diets. Football fan lite over there anymore.

    2. Pretty sure that most of the players that have started kneeling now are knelling because 45 called them POS’s who should be fired for exercising their right to protest but said KKK and Neo-Nazis were very fine people who had every right to protest and only resorted to violence because of meddlers(counter-ptotesters). Just because Fox News is good at changing the narrative doesn’t mean I won’t call it out when I see it being done.

      1. As someone local to Cville, I can tell you Trumps words were taken out of context. Not hard to do when you consider he is an idiot.
        But yes, some people that were there were not racist and were there to protest for free speech and/or conserving confederate history.
        Likewise, Extreme leftist showed up spitting, throwing bricks and using pepper spray on people who were peacefully assembled. There were good and bad characters on both sides. Trump just didn’t express that well.

  6. I’ve never been so frustrated watching the Dolphins in my life. This is 2007 all over again. Jay cutler is Trent green and Adam gase is cam Cameron

    1. Author

      It’s hard to dispute your Gase-Cameron comparison. I want to say you’re exaggerrating, but numbers do not lie. Gase’s system simply does not work.

  7. I hate to say it, but I think I miss Joe Philbin.

    1. I think you are joking, but in a way, it is true!! If Tanny simply got the surgery last December when he should have, then he’d be ready to go right now.
      Instead, he tried to be the only man in history to ignore an ACL and just hope it magically went away.

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