It’s Official.


Clueless Joe Philbin has said “We’ll fix it” for the final time!

He has congratulated the other team for the last time.

He has been outsmarted for the last time!

He has called his last defensive time out!

He has defended himself for the last time.  He has defended Kevin Coyle, Bill Lazor, and Mike Sherman for the last time!


UPDATE 2:   I feel like a kid at Christmas who peeked at the gifts he’s about to get.   You have be patient and wait for the gift to be given to you before you celebrate, but at least you’re pretty sure it’s coming.  

Of course, since Stephen Ross waited so long to give us this gift, it’s like receiving an old Atari console while the Jets and Bills got a PS4 and an Xbox.


Some promising rumors about Philbin being gone and Dan Campbell taking over.   Wil keep you posted.  However, nothing is definite yet until filed with the NFL (not yet) and the Dolphins themselves announce it (not yet)


Let’s hope (again) that Dolphins Truth is wrong.  We rarely are, but this time we are begging to be wrong.

Stephen Ross has no meetings scheduled with Clueless Joe Philbin, nor are any press conferences scheduled.

In other words, no big announcements are pending, e.g., the announcement of a certain firing that we’re all waiting for.

However, other media sources are stating that Dan Campbell, a tight end coach that no one ever heard of, will take over and that Philby is gone.   Let’s hope so. I’ve also spoken to someone who says that Campbell is merely replacing Bill Lazor as play caller, while Lazor interim will keep the OC title.

I don’t know who is telling Ross to keep Joe Philbin on the payroll, but whoever it is, he does not have the Dolphins’ interests first and foremost.

Actually, I expect WORSE than a non-firing.   I expect an endorsement.  Again.  Like Ross has done time and time again, I think today he will tell us all to shut up and reiterate that Coach Joe is his man, through thick and thin.  Seriously.

The only man in NFL history to give Joe Philbin a head coaching job.
The only man in NFL history to give Joe Philbin a head coaching job.

I mean, who else watches his team get eliminated from the playoffs last year and then REWARD the man who got him eliminated?  On the very day Miami was erased from the playoff scenario, a jubilant Ross gave Philbin rewards.  Why?

Why reward a coach who ADMITTED he was too “queasy” to make the right decisions?

Why support a clueless old man who no one else supports?

Why spit in the faces of your players and fans by doing the opposite of what is right?

There is no logic in Ross keeping the status quo.  There is no reason to keep things the same.  But he will do so.  Sad but true.   I have my retraction ready to be printed at any moment now, but I don’t think I’ll have to use it…


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  1. They fired him!!!!!! It happened!! Holy hell I haven’t been this excited bout the team since we made the playoffs in 2008

    1. Author

      Zach, i think you are right. I am waiting for an “official” announcement, and I won’t believe it until I see the Clueless Old Man packing up his office in disgrace.
      I hope Dan Campbell fumigates the office too. NOTHING should be left behind, not even a microbe.

  2. Lets hope Tannebum is the next to go!

  3. Some of the comments on this site are crazy… That being said, I am happy he is gone and optimistic about Campbell – he has done good work with Stoneburner and previously, Charles Clay.

  4. This is the best news I’ve heard all year. Now if we can only get rid of Mr Ross…

  5. I don’t mean to be a “Debbie Downer” but I think as long as Ross still owns the team, we are looking at more future failures. Just my $.02.

  6. Author

    If only Ross made this move in December after we were eliminated from the playoffs in Week 16 or else after we got trounced by the 4-12 Jets in Week 17.
    Then right now, Dolphin Coach Rex Ryan would have us at 4-0 and Philbin would be a distant memory.

  7. All things considered, Dan Campbell makes sense. You can’t give the job to Lazor of Coyle and their zero accomplishments. Not that Campbell has coaching accomplishments, but if you “reward” Lazor or Coyle with a promotion, you’re acknowledging that they deserve a promotion. They do not.
    My secret hope is that Lazor and Campbell have a good relationship and that they’ve been secretly talking for two years about “Man, if only WE could run the show instead of Clueless Joe.”

  8. Author

    Very few head coaches who get fired remain unemployed. Even Tony Sparano has done some good things after the Dolphins fired him. Todd Bowles certainly has. Scam Cameron won a Super Bowl. But Joe Philbin? The fact that Philbin is an awful coach will be proven over the next few years, when no one hires him to do anything.

  9. Interesting side note to firing Philbin – there is now a rumor that Tannehill’s confidence was shaky, and practice squad players were told to “take it easy on him”. Apparently, Ryan would chastise practice players who celebrated a pick or turnover by telling them to “enjoy your practice squad check” or “have fun with your practice squad trophy.”

    I call BS on these. Not to put it past Ryan for saying these things- I think he probably did say that, I know I would say it to if someone celebrated picking me off. It’s the timing of it. Clearly, this was a throw salt/save face move by Philbin and anyone else that may be on the chopping block.

    Hiring Campbell makes sense- he is the most “Anti-Philbin” guy on the team, meaning guy with a polar opposite personality. Also, if you promote the OC, you have to change 2 positions. This way, only one spot gets shifted, and I think everyone realizes this is only temporary anyway.

    As much as I like Dan Campbell, he strikes me as a younger, taller, Tony Sparano. I am not sure how sharp of a football mind he has. If nothing else, he won’t tolerate piss poor play like Philibin would, and that’s sorely needed on this team.

    Truth be told, Joe should have been let go after year 2- after the Martin/Incognito scandal, and after it was clear that he wasn’t head coaching material.

    -BIG J

    1. Author

      Very well said. If you have zero accomplishments after two years, you will have zero after 4.25 years. Everyone but Ross knows that.
      I didn’t hear about the practice squad rumors. I would like to see Tannehill get in the faces of his offensive line like that, instead of a bunch of nobodies.

    2. smartest comment I’ve seen on this site yet.

  10. The practice squad rumors are being reported by Fox Sports.

    Not to speak out of turn, but Philbin got 3.25 years, which is exactly 3.25 years more than he should have received….

    1. Author

      Ooops you are right. I typo’ed!
      Definitely was 3 full years and 4 games into this year

  11. I have a lot more respect for Ross now then I did when I woke up and a whole hell of a lot more then I would of if joe had still been around after the bye week.

    As for THill being shaky? Ummm the kid is still standing after getting hit and sacked a record 6,987 times in three years (that’s a little humor) so I highly doubt that a practice pick has him to rattled. More likely crappy coaching and tieing of one hand behind his back had more to do with it.

    All and all we will find out a whole lot coming soon enough starting with Coyle will he get fired to? He should imo but we will see

    Enjoy the rest of your day guys I know I will

  12. Timing of the Tannehill rumor makes it highly-suspect alone. Something like that, if it were true, would have leaked when it happened in my estimation.

  13. Philbin gone time to move on but why is Coyle skating away if anyone underachieved it’s him with the handling of the D. Perhaps Philbin pinned him down and possibly Lazor? It’s a question that I’d like to know the answer to….


  15. Nothing will change until we get a franchise QB.

    And hiring ANOTHER HC that’s never been an NFL HC before is doomed to failure.

    Saban, Cameron, Sparano, Philbin, and Campbell all new NFL HC’s. How stupid to keep doing the same thing that’s failed over and over again hoping it might work….


  16. If the reports are even somewhat true about a rift between the players and Tannehill this shows immaturity and dysfunction on the team. Is this their fault or Philbins?

    1. Author

      Philbin’s. I plan to blame him for any and all problems for the next two weeks at least!

  17. If the tannehill rumor is true I’m no longer a fan and I won’t defend him anymore. Can’t be a leader if you act like a little shit, like who says that stuff to someone on there own team? Really hope that’s not true.

  18. Author

    Dan Campbell already said that he wants toughness first, and then the X’s and O’s will come.
    Already smarter than Philbin. Let Suh rush the bullrush ball with toughness anyway he wishes, instead of forcing him to stand in a certain spot and demanding that he wait for a gap to open. Toughness supercedes Xs and Os.

  19. Interesting fact about the Fins this season:

    Points allowed per game: 25.2 (18th in NFL)

    Points scored per game: 16.2 (30th)

    The average NFL defense is giving up 23 points per game this season. At 18, we are basically an average defense, at least as far as points allowed goes.

    On the other side of the ball, the average NFL offense scores 24 points per game. We are well below the average. To put this in perspective, we have been outscored by both Tampa Bay and Chicago.

    While I believe that Kevin Coyle needs to be replaced, I think our offense is a bigger issue right now. Just imagine how much these numbers look if we factor in the last few games of last years??

    Bill Lazor has done very little to deserve an OC job, and less to keep it. Chip Kelly (and statistically improbable seasons by McCoy and Foles) were what led the offense in PHI. Before that, he was an OC for Virginia. Quick- name the last decent QB out of UVA??

    Dolfans- sh*Tcanning Philbin was certainly is a victory for out team, but not all the poop for wiped off the floor. There are still two steaming piles that need to be addressed as well…..

    -BIG J

    1. Author

      More to come on this, but I do agree that the offense is the main reason we’re so bad. Defense is allowing movement up and down the field, but the POINTS allowed is not horrendous.
      I do not SEE what the defense is doing wrong when I watch the scheme. It’s not obvious at a casual glances who is missing where.
      However, on offense, I DO SEE what is wrong. We use the same five blockers, and ONLY the same 5 blockers. You can literally see the defense of the opponent stacking the line and you KNOW they are coming on a blitz. But we have 4 guys lined up wide, and Lamar Miller then runs in motion. Every single time. You know what’s gonna happen next.


  20. Wow! I could hardly work today!!! had my ears pinned to my computer speakers listening to WQAM. Ross had to make the decision he should have made 2 yrs ago! Dan Campbell sounds like he will expect high level play from Everyone!!! Abt frigin time some cohones came walking in the room first!
    I feel a sense of relief that this era is closed out. Dang, it was painful! Now Ross needs to get it right this time when he hires a HC. But for now, I’m feeling like we will see a difference for the better.

  21. During Saturday’s walk-through practice in London the Miami Dolphins defense took offense to derogatory comments quarterback Ryan Tannehill made to the scout team defenders and eventually stopped practicing during the dry run for Sunday’s game.

    Multiple sources say Ryan Tannehill had committed a couple turnovers early in Saturday’s walk-through and was bothered by scout team defenders intercepting his passes.

    During an exchange with linebacker Chris McCain, who picked off a poorly thrown pass from Tannehill, the team’s starting quarterback told the defenders “enjoy your practice squad paychecks,” a source said.

    An altercation ensured, and after the coaches got things under control, the Dolphins defenders aggressively went after more of Tannehill’s passes, disrupting the offense’s rhythm.

    When the defenders were told to stop running full speed during the walk-through work the defense stopped running all together during Tannehill’s snaps.

  22. I think that everyone but Grimes, Landry, Matthews, Miller and Pouncy should be questionable and over the next two weeks figure out who the starters are because no one else has EARNED a start.

    (Maybe I left a guy or two out but you get my point)

  23. OK…. my Tannehill comments will come at the end as I just learned of this petty crap.

    I’ve now watched Dan Campbell’s press conference and his interview on the Finishers 3 times and here are my thoughts:

    1) Players will respect him moren than Philbin. This team needs a coach that can connect with them and not pussyfoot around. It was a wise choice since he’d been there 6 years prior to the Philbin regime. It shows that staying power has pull. If they hired someone from the outside or someone like Lazor the transition would definitely be more difficult.

    2) Is he young? Yes. Is he lacking experience beyond being a TE coach? Yes. But at 39 he’s benefitted from priceless experiences in working with/being coached by Parcells & Payton. What I loved about his responses is that he is NONE of them yet has held on to the things that will help prepare him for this responsibility.

    3) Without getting specific, he clearly knows what this team was not getting that they needed. My bet is that he coached his TE’s just like he will coach this team. He probably knew that it wasn’t his place to challenge the “culture” of the whole team but I damn well bet he did with his TE’s. The big question now is how he will broaden his approach past the TE’s.

    4) You won’t hear Campbell talk about looking at tape and being all diplomatic during post game interviews. He’ll say it how it is and show emotion, which this team needs. Philbin was a wet fish philosopher who rarely spoke specifics. This team of grown men need their manhood challenged as opposed to Ben Stein coaching.

    5) How will Campbell fare against the likes of Belichik, Rex Ryan, & Todd Bowles? If he sticks around the players will need more than challenging. We have yet to build a culture and look at the culture/system of the Pats & Packers. That all starts at the top. Maybe it will take a coach like Campbell to establish a culture that rises to the top.

    6) Our schedule from here on out is daunting. We could have easily (on paper) have gone 5-0 right out of the gate. We squandered that big time.

    7) Hackers & lightweights will be filtered away. That goes for players & coaches. Every single guy on the 53 man roster/practice squad needs to be of the same mindset. For some guys like Misi who have been around a while might be put on notice. I’m more interested in how Campbell will challenge his coaches more than players.

    8) Players need to speak in the same tone as the coach. How many of you are sick of post game conferences sound like a politically correct Congress? When heat Tannehill, Suh, and some others all I hear is BLAH BLAH BLAH. Lots of gobbly gook, no emotion, and nothing meaningful.

    Now this Tannehill thing…. IF what happened at the walkthough is true then he needs to GROW UP. He does have. Little bit of pretty boy in him. BUT…. he is the best QB we’ve had since Marino and had been on the beatdown all year. He can do things with his feet and make many throws that none have been able to do for the Dolphins in decades. Enough crying for Matt Moore, Tim Tebow, or the next franchise QB, which we’ll never get with a neverending 8-8 record. We have a talented QB entering his prime with lots of new toys to play with. What he needs are 2 nasty guards and a reliable LT to give him some time & protection.

    If Campbell is true to his words & ends up sticking around next year all our focus in the Draft ought to be on the OL, LB, DB . That’s where we need help BADLY.

    1. Author

      Great post Brian.
      I said the same thing THIS year as far as OL, LB, DB . That’s where we need help BADLY.
      Just no reason on earth to waste a Number One pick on a wide receiver. Ridiculous choice.

  24. Management also gave Tannehill a new contract. The same Tannehill that stunk up the joint at the end of 2013, and 2014 with playoffs on the line, the same Tannehill that stinks at the beginning of 2015. He has no accuracy deep, and takes way too long to go thru the progression. If I have time to scream at my TV, “just throw the damn ball” that is way too long. Watching him miss wide open receivers deep by 5 yards for the fourth year, is pathetic, that he was paid big quarterback money is a travesty, that should be addressed by dismissal of those responsible.

  25. Tannehill’s QB rating of 77 ranks 28th against 4 of the weaker teams in the league.

  26. I want Matt Moore for QB the rest of the year.

  27. Tanny stunks up things at the end of 2014? Thanks for showing how little football you actually watch. Tanny had a his best game of the season week 16 in a win vs. Minnesota in a game the defense did everything to give away. Remember the 35 points Minnesota scored. He also had a good game specifically in the first half in week 17 against the Jets even with Wallace on the bench. Hartline was destroying the Jets secondary. The game was lost in the 2nd half because the offensive line which was missing Albert of course and also lost Juwuan James to a stinger in that game, totally fell apart in the second half and got Tannehill sacked 5 times. What games are you watching Mike? Obviously not Dolphins games. Keep posting and exposing how much of a troll you are. Thanks!

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