Kickoff time, Dolphins vs Cowboys

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Time to punish Tony Romo and make him second-guess his desire to return to a 2-7 team.    He should have IR’ed himself for the year.   I REALLY don’t wanna see Jerry Jones dancing around today,..

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  1. Wtf can’t believe the game isn’t on tv this sucks

  2. Not in Naples

    I have the Jets and the Bucs to choose from

    1. You’re lucky. This game is boring!

  3. Still waiting to see the alleged holding on Jamar Taylor

  4. Jamar Taylor needs to be cut…NOW!!!!

  5. rollouts definitely help us. Dont do it enough

  6. Terrance Williams has been a no-show all season until today. Today he matches up against Jamar Taylor. Coincidence? Nope. Same story week in and week out.

  7. Jamar Taylor is a JV high school player.

  8. Why in the FUUUUUUUUCK didn’t they go for it on 4th down??? I fucking HAAAAAAAATE this fucking team! I’m fucking done! Last game I’m watching. Piece of shit franchise! Bye, guys! Enjoy your mediocre, pussy-ass team. After 40 years, I’m done!

    1. 7 consecutive seasons without a winning record is NOT mediocre!!!!!! Mediocre would be a HUGE improvement!

  9. Dam just got done surfing to see this shit, really thought they would beat the cowgirls to

  10. Tannepuke come from behind victory? FORGET IT!!!!!!!!

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