Kong Suh On His Time in Miami


An interesting introspection by Suh.  He takes some blame for being too stuck in his own ways.   However, the most important part to me is how he disagreed with the new coach (Adam Gase) on everything.  Gase was far too stubborn and wouldn’t listen to his players.

Maybe I’m wrong…but when an All-Pro like Suh is telling me that he can burst through Gap A, but Gase has him lined up in front of Gap B…then it’s time to listen to the All-Pro instead of stubbornly placing him where you guess the play is heading.

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  1. What? No! Gase was a tactical genius, what are you talking about? Lmao. We’ve had a lot of bad coaches between Shula and Flores but what’s confusing to me is how long it took for so many people to realize Gase was terrible.

    1. I think alot of that time (that it took to realize Gase was bad) was the false hope that maybe he would turn out good. We lived in fantasy land for a while. I know I did. Despite friends, who coach football, that would tell me that Gase does not know what he is doing, I still held onto the false belief that he would prove them wrong.

  2. Look Mike.. it’s my way or the highway!

    – Adam Gase


  3. Suh and Jay Ajayi got together to compare their Super Bowl rings. Meanwhile, Adam Gase…

  4. It’s nice to see that Suh has finally “grown up” both as a player and a man. Why couldn’t he have done it in Miami ? 🤦‍♂️

    1. Please.. The Miami Dolphins knew or should’ve known what they were getting in Ndamukong Suh. Problem is, this team was hiring anybody to turn around the putrid seasons that the fans were getting tired of and most of the time, the hires turned out be dumb, stupid, foolish, senseless, head scratching, pointless, etc, etc, etc…

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